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How is the relationship between the reader and the story affected by movies that are released prior to the completion of a book series?

The Harry Potter movies are clearly intended for people who have been reading the books but unlike situations where a single movie is made from a single book, t

Why did the girl try to kill herself in the 2009 Sherlock Holmes film?

In the beginning of Sherlock Holmes (2009), Lord Blackwood attempts to kill a young woman during some sort of dark ritual and is thwarted just in time by Holmes

To what extent were the actors in Wedding Crashers improvising?

Some comedians / actors are given creative freedom to improvise at times when producing a new film. Is there any evidence that Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson impro

Evaluating characters by means of description

In his Star Wars Episode 1 review/analysis, Mike Stoklasa used a certain challenge as a device to illustrate how poorly thought out the characters were: De

Was the original "Pink Panther" movie intended to be a comedy?

I'm a big fan of the Pink Panther movies (the ones with Peter Sellers, not new ones with Steve Martin). But after watching The Life and Death of Peter Sellers,

What does the ending of The Tree of Life mean?

At the end of the movie, adult Jack (Sean Penn) wanders through a wasteland, goes through a doorway and ends up on a beach. There he shares the screen with his

Did the FBI know about the mole in the police department and did they interfere with the investigation?

Frank Costello the mob boss, one of the main antagonists in The Departed, is revealed to be a protected FBI informant. Assuming that this is indeed the case, do

Why the stoic acting style in 2001 Space Odyssey?

One of the things that I have always found striking about 2001 A Space Odyssey is the almost mechanical acting of the human characters, especially the radio ope

Why was Prowse chosen to play Darth Vader?

Everybody knows that David Prowse played Darth Vader in the old Star Wars episodes. He was a weightlifting champion and a bodybuilder. Does anybody know who an

Is there any definitive evidence that Teddy was or was not crazy?

The ending of the film Shutter Island is purposely ambiguous, with two different interpretations: Teddy was crazy, and the whole movie was part of a role-play

How does the son (R.L.) die?

In the beginning of the movie 'Tree of Life', Mrs. O'Brien (Jessica Chastain) receives a telegram (or was it a regular piece of mail?) notifying her that her so

Why does the dinosaur let the wounded dinosaur live?

Yes, we are all fascinated (or abhorred) by the inclusion of a few CGI dinosaurs in Terrence Malick's 'Tree of Life'. Personally, I enjoyed the dinosaurs thorou

What was the alternative world in Sucker Punch?

In the movie Sucker Punch, while Baby Doll dances, the movie cuts over to scenes of her and the other girls in a different world. Is this world supposed to be

Did Existenz influence Inception?

The movie eXistenZ, which stars Jude Law, shares the concept of layered realities with the movie Inception. Was the movie Inception influenced by Existenz's con

What weighs toward the decision to ignore the gravity change?

Melancholia is a realistic "what-if" science fiction, set in roughly the time we live in. The whole plot is centered around the concept of a planet approaching

Are there any "Hollywood-style" movies made in Iran?

I have watched a lot of Iranian movies and I love them but they are similar in style (realistic long shots and slow cuts) and content (e.g. struggle of the soci

Why is the ending to the film adaptation of "Hannibal" completely different from the novel?

At the end of the movie, Hannibal escapes and leaves Clarice behind. However, the book ends with Hannibal drugging Clarice and the two of them running off toget

Did Hayao Miyazaki make any movie without an environmental theme?

All the movies I know so far from Miyazaki all have interaction between people and the natural environment as one of their themes. Did he make any movies withou

Did Kurosawa make so many Shakespeare-adaptations to avoid censorship?

Shortly after World War II the Americans did observe and censor the newly made movies in Japan. Did Kurosawa make that many Shakespeare-adaptations in that time

Where did the speaking-disease come from?

In the movie Pontypool, the people have a disease that is transferred by hearing the mumbling of an infected person and thinking about it. Where did the disease

Are there specific plot inconsistencies in The Matrix Trilogy?

Lots of people reject both Matrix sequels, but do they have a good solid reason? Personally, I watched all three with the same level of wonde

Why did Hel get cut from the American version of Metropolis?

In the American cut of Metropolis the mentioning of Hel is completely removed from the movie. But it pretty much explains Dr. Rotwangs actions. Why was such an

Why did they change the location of Akira in the remake?

As described on IMDB site, the Akira remake: Set in New-Manhattan a city rebuilt with Japanese money, the story focuses on two biker friends. Further plot

What is the main theme of The Dark Knight?

According to Wikipedia, the main theme of The Dark Knight is escalation, such that each event lead to an escalation that results from the choices Batman and Jam

Outcome of relationship at the end of 'Blue Valentine'

At the end of the movie 'Blue Valentine', as 'Dean' walked away from the home and sending their daughter back to 'Cindy' mean that they separate (divorce or som

What changes were made to the Star Wars Blu-ray and what effect did they have on the plot?

The recently released Blu-ray edition of Star Wars has a few changes made personally by George Lucas. The most striking is Darth Vader's "No!" in episode VI. Wh

Captain Miller's thought process in Private Ryan "School Teacher" scene?

As Captain Miller says to "gear up" after releasing the hostage, one of the subordinates refuses. What I am trying to understand is what the movie was trying to

Is there any evidence of "Big Twist" movies having poor post-cinema sales?

I have watched many movies such as Sixth Sense, where there is a major twist that if known prior to watching the movie can potentially spoil the enjoyment of vi

What has the greatest chance of being in Marcellus Wallace's briefcase?

In Pulp Fiction, there is a briefcase which has contents that are kept very secret. What item is most likely to be in the briefcase?

Why don't Marty's parents ever mention how similar he looks to the Marty of 1955?

Although Marty is only in 1955 for one week, he plays a pivotal role in getting his parents together. He even briefly dates his mother. So, considering he plays