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What was the first movie entirely shot from a first person POV?

The movie Hardcore Henry claims to be the "the world’s first fully first-person action movie", that is, it is entirely shot from the protagonists first pe

Why does Stan Lee make a cameo in The Princess Diaries 2?

Transcription: Why did Stan Lee make a cameo in The Princess Diaries 2? Was this foreshadowing Disney buying Marvel? Is Princess Mia going to be an Avenge

Why do some opening credits alternate the name of the starring role?

I was watching a Living Single marathon and noticed how the opening credits alternated the starring role; first Queen Latifah was the star, then Kim Coles was t

How come Harry didn't recognize the Half-Blood Prince's handwriting?

I just wondered: in the sixth movie, how come Harry (and Ron, and Hermione) didn't recognize Snape's handwriting in his Potions book, effectively finding out th

What is the meaning of Jacob's line, "What about you?"

When Ben confronts Jacob in the Lost season 5 finale, he asks Jacob, What was it that was so wrong with me? What about me? To which Jacob simply replies,

How was Flash able to reverse the colour of Reverse-Flash's costume?

In Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Flash had only Reverse-Flash's ring/costume. So after he gets back his power, he uses this costume and does some kind

Why did R2-D2 have to download plans for the Death Star, if Vader thought that the crew intercepted them?

At the beginning of A New Hope, Vader accuses the crew of the Tantive IV of intercepting secret Imperial Plans, which I'm guessing are the Death Star plans. If

What happens to complex movie set decorations?

I can imagine that movies with large budget should generate a lot of set decorations. I have seen those go to theme parks like Universal of Orlando, however, th

Ending of Venus in Fur movie

What happened in Venus in Fur? Is the lady character the real goddess Venus?

Who did Finnick marry in the final Hunger Games movie?

Bare with me on this one; I am watching the final Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay, Part 2, and trying to understand based on my less than crisp memory of the pri

Was Matt Dillon the first choice for Carl?

For the movie 'You, Me, and Dupree', was Matt Dillon the first choice to play Carl? Reason I ask: Owen Wilson as Dupree and Kate Hudson as Molly make the movi

How did Dr. Brand decelerate when reaching Edmunds' Planet?

At the end of Interstellar all fuel from main engines of the Landers and Rangers was used to escape Gargantua's (the black hole) gravity well. They accelerated

Hitman falls in love, woman likely not target, maybe met in blind date [closed]

First post, hopfully I have enough info: I believe I saw this moving on Neflix, but not sure. Most likely the movie US-American, although po

Movie about a man in Germany who is in legal trouble [closed]

I want to find a movie I partially and uninterestedly watched some years ago. For some reason I've been thinking compulsively about it in the

Did EXOTICA use sign language?

In Atom Egoyan's under-rated 1994 film EXOTICA, many scenes take place in an adult dance club. Towards the beginning of the film, the character Christina (Mia K

How did Monica Geller maintain her "skinny" weight after losing all that weight? [closed]

Monica in Friends lost around 110 lbs but I don't know how she maintained her weight after that. We have seen her working out in season 1 and

Why are screeners released in DVD format instead of Blu-ray?

A screener (SCR) is an advance screening of a film or television series sent to critics, awards voters, video stores (for their manager and employees), a

Why did she kill the donkey?

In the opening scene of "The Lobster" there is this woman driving in the countryside. She stops somewhere in the middle of a pasture and then she shoots a donk

Who was ruling Duloc after end of Shrek?

At the end of movie Shrek, Lord Farquaad is eaten by dragon. But the whole movie is also about his attempts to become King of Duloc and surrounding areas. At t

Why did Freya suddenly get so agitated during her speech?

Nearing the climax of The Huntsman: Winter's War, when Freya is holding a speech in front of her Huntsmen right before Eric tries to assassinate her, she sudden

Where do the timelines of X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days of Future Past lie exactly?

In X-Men: The Last Stand, we saw that Wolverine kills Jean Grey and Scott Summers was killed. Later, In The Wolverine, Logan recovers from his past. However, in

Who actually lives in Tomorrowland?

This is going to be pretty much all spoilers, but here we go. The premise of Tomorrowland is that some of the world's brightest minds have found another dimens

Is Supergirl from Earth-1 or Earth-2?

I am a bit confused with the The Flash/Supergirl crossover. I always thought Supergirl was Earth-1, but The Flash rescued her and implied that she was Earth-2.

Who became president? Leslie or Ben?

In the final episode of Parks and Recreation, we are fast-forwarded to 2048, to see Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry/Barry's funeral. We are shown Leslie and Ben, surrou

What's wrong with fitting room two?

In Kingsman: The Secret Service the following line is used by his superior when the new recruit is about to get his first bespoke fitted suit: One does not

How come Anakin Skywalker is too old to train in Jedi way and Luke gets a free pass?

In Star Wars movies, it is said that Anakin Skywalker is way older than the age he is supposed to start training, however strangely enough Luke gets his trainin

When a TV commercial shows for a split second then cuts off, what is happening?

I see this from time to time during commercial breaks: all of a sudden, a commercial will play for a split second, no more than 2 or 3 seconds but then get cut

Is the Supergirl/Flash crossover understandable enough without watching the whole first season of Supergirl?

I know everything from Arrowverse but I am not following Supergirl. Only checked it's leaked pilot. Do I need to see the whole Supergirl till the crossover or i

Lou Diamond Phillips' first movie? [closed]

I realize IMDb shows Lou Diamond Phillips' first movie as Time Bomb (1984), but I distinctly remember watching a Christian movie at church as

When did Sirius Black give Harry the mirror that he has during his stay in the Forest of Dean?

In Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1, Aberforth Dumbledore watches Harry and the group through a mirror when the trio are searching for horcruxes. In