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Where are scenes set in newspaper printing press rooms filmed?

For newspaper films, it seems de rigeur to have a scene shot in the printing press room. "The Post" (2017) is a recent example, with extensive printing scenes i

Why did they get kidnapped / killed / tortured?

In Dark, the biggest mystery of the first season was who kidnapped/killed the children and why. Including, why they had burns across their eyes. After watching

Is Peter related to Regina in the origin world?

In S03E08 of Dark, it is revealed that: Regina is the daughter of Claudia and Bernt Doppler (from the photo above fireplace) Now, Helge Doppler used to be th

Why is "The Devil's Backbone" called that?

I have recently seen The Devil's Backbone by Guillermo Del Toro. I didn't quite understand why he chose the name of this film to be The Devil's Backbone. Can so

Why does Hollywood not use foreigners in foreigners' roles?

This is a question that bothers me for a really long time. For example, Russians in every (not literally, but you get the point) Hollywood movies/TVshows are ac

What does it mean, "coked-out MOR shit"? [closed]

In Rocketman (2019), songwriter Elton says to Reid: Elton: Why don't you sell my fucking records? Number 11 in Italy. Reid: The song doesn't

Was Frosty the snowman born on December 25 Christmas Day?

In the original movie the snow fell on the day before Christmas but it is not specified how many days it took for the children to build him. Is it assumed he w

Why does Nicky know nothing about Bourne's mission at Berlin?

The Bourne Supremacy background: Bourne assassinated Russian politician Vladimir Neski at Berlin long time ago but he couldn't remember full detail and recently

Is it possible to accept Charlotte Doppler as the daughter of Elisabeth Doppler and vice versa in the same world but in different time? [closed]

In Dark we've seen Elisabeth as Charlotte's daughter and as the story grows we've seen Charlotte as Elisabeth's daughter but from different t

What does the story mean that Amy told on the girls' night out in "The Big Bang Theory"?

In season four of The Big Bang Theory, "The 21 Second Excitation", Bernadette dared Amy to tell a dirty story. The story Amy told was not in English (gibberish,

Is this painting based on a real painting?

In Fantastic Mr. Fox, Fox stands in front of a painting with a bunch of badgers standing around (pictured behind him in this still). Is it a parody with badgers

Would Hollywood have been able to fake the moon landing of Apollo 11 in 1969?

So could Hollywood, with a 100 million dollar budget, have had the ability to produce the film of the Apollo 11 moon landing that was seen on TV in 1969 withou

Why was the flag of Iceland on Captain Ramsey's desk?

At 34:45 into Crimson Tide, Captain Ramsey (Hackman) is sitting at his desk talking to Commander Hunter (Washington). On his desk a small U.S.flag is displayed

Are the driving scenes in the Office filmed while the actors are driving?

There is this question that has answers - How do they film scenes with the actors driving in a car?. But it is really more about stunts and more aggressive driv

What is the effect used in Tron Legacy to give voices a "digital" sound?

In Tron Legacy several voices have some kind of effect applied that makes them sound "digital". For example, the voice over at the start of this video.

What does "carvers" and "cleavers" mean in a dialogue in the '6 Underground'?

In the movie 6 Underground around the 01:26:38 mark a guy shoots another guy and the following dialogue happens: His first friend: Nice shot. Guy that shot: Ca

When Santa opened the door, some of the puddle must have evaporated already, so how was Santa able to reconstruct Frosty from the puddle? [closed]

When Santa opened the door in Frosty the Snowman, some of the puddle must have evaporated already, so how was Santa able to reconstruct Frosty

Whom did Grace see instead of her daughter?

In The Others (2001), when Grace entered the room where Anne was playing wearing a wedding dress, she saw an old lady's hand and face behind the veil of the dre

Who is "her" in "capture her" refer to? [closed]

In Bad Boys For Life (2020), Marcus notices that Rita and her team has a suitcase full of weapons: Marcus: Whoa, where'd you get all the toys

Why did they not wear any mask to conceal their identity?

In the movie, The Old Guard, Charlize Theron is very cautious about having her picture taken by accident by tourists. She offers to take a picture for the touri

How/when did Claudia figure out who Regina’s father is?

Warning: Spoilers for Dark Season 3 In Season 3 of the excellent Netflix series Dark, Claudia Tiedemann tells Tronte that he is not Regina’s father, so Re

Who is the dead Heisenberg

In episode S4E04 of Breaking Bad, Hank is helping another detective when he says something about a "dead Heisenberg" which messed his investigation. So, who is

Was Mirage (Syndrome's assistant) an innocent dupe - or complicit in murdering supers in "The Incredibles"?

In The Incredibles (2004), it is clearly established that the female character Mirage willingly serves as the "main bad guy's" (Syndrome's) executive secretary

Did Murder She Wrote plan for a handsome young man in each episode?

I started re-watching Murder, She Wrote. When I started the second season, I realized that I was seeing a handsome young man in almost every episode. Sometimes

How should we interpret the ending of "Palm Springs"?

The wonderful (and well-received) 2020 Hulu movie Palm Springs ends on an ambiguous note, especially when you consider the mid-credits scene that follows. So ho

Who are the rest of the victims supposed to be?

In Breathe Season 2 aka Breathe: Into the Shadows, J wanted Avinash to kill 10 people based on the emotions of the ten heads of Ravana, which were: Anger, Lust

Are Batman's cowling eyes actually white?

The Animated Series had a seemingly legendary take on Batman. However, my main question is: Batman's cowling eye slits made it look like they are all white. As

Do US private schools ask Chinese students to get referral letters from the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association to join them? [closed]

In Ip Man 4, the principal of an American private school asks Ip Man to get references from the CCBA so his son can be considered for enrollme

Who invented the time machine in Eve's world?

In the series DARK, we are shown Claudia taking one single set of blueprints to her World and giving it to HG Tannhaus. He then uses those blueprints to make th

How can "The Hot Priest" do this in the second season of "Fleabag"?

In Phoebe Waller-Bridge's acclaimed Fleabag, the titular character often breaks the fourth wall and seemingly addresses the viewer directly. However, in the ser