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What year does Cable come from?

It's far enough in the future that he can travel through time, but not too far because Rusty's still alive to kill Cable's family

Where does Deadpool fall in the X-Men timeline?

When did the events of Deadpool take place in the X-Men timeline? Surely Deadpool takes place in a quite recent time era as compared to First Class and it's se

Who are Nick Fury and Maria Hill working for?

During the post credit scene of Infinity War, Nick Fury and Maria Hill avoid a crash when a car nearly hits their vehicle - there's no driver of that car (presu

Why did Starlord's body start to disintegrate while holding an infinity stone?

Given Starlord is of celestial origin, why did he start to disintegrate when holding an infinity stone in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1?

What was meant by Groot saying 'We are Groot'?

At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1, Groot says 'We are Groot' rather than the usual 'I am Groot'. What did Groot mean by this?

Why is Disney's Aladdin so poor despite company of the genie?

We all have enjoyed Disney's Aladdin cartoon series in our childhood. But I have this question unanswered since childhood about why Aladdin is so poor despite

Why was there no Stan Lee cameo in Deadpool 2?

Stan Lee didn't appear in Deadpool 2. Is there a public reason for this? He did appear in the first installment, so Deadpool being Deadpool probably isn't it.

Why did Virgil Sollozzo try to fool Micheal by making him think they were going to Jersey?

In The Godfather part 1 where Micheal sets up a meeting with Virgil Sollozzo and the police officer just after the attempted murder on Vito Corleone, when they

Who or what killed the camp of people in so little time?

In the Walking Dead S4E07, Phillip (who now goes by Brian) Is on a supply hunt with the camp people that got him and Brian's step daughter out of the walker pit

Where was Victor Zsasz during Gotham season 1 finale?

From my understanding, he was a personal bodyguard of Falcone. In the last episode of season 1, first Falcone got hospitalised because of attack on him with roc

Why would a Terminator need to see debug information in his vision?

I recently saw The Terminator (1984) again and I still think it is a great movie. However, during the movie I was always thinking "Why does the terminator have

How does Tony Stark control his nano suit?

In the Avengers: Infinity War movie Iron Man does battle with Thanos. We see Tony fighting hand-to-hand, and Iron Man is morphing his suit in real time. Creati

How fast is Bifrost?

Firstly, I have no idea how far Asgard is away from Earth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor, and other characters have used Bifrost as an express elevator

Breaking Bad Czech references?

In Breaking Bad there seems to be a disproportionate number of references to all things Czech. In one episode Saul refers to "Thai and Czech women", in another

Why does Marty put a golf ball in his glove?

In True Detective S01E07 41:07 you can see Marty Hart put a golf ball in his golfing glove as he talks to sheriff Geraci. At this point Geraci is a suspect. So

How did this character get so big in Deadpool 2?

In the X-Men 3: The Last Stand, the character Juggernaut is shown as the same height as a typical human. In Deadpool 2, which makes a lot of references to X-

What did Andolov mean when he told a story to Axelrod about Christmas market in Moscow?

At the end of Billions, Season 3, Episode 9, Grigor Andolov (John Malkovich) tells a story to Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) about the Christmas market in Moscow.

Which oligarch did Axelrod describe when he told the story to Andolov?

In episode 9 of season 3 of Billions Axelrod tells the story of a Russian oligarch who liked hunting. Was he describing a real person? And if so, who was it?

What were all the eleven reasons Hannah had for not committing suicide?

In 13 Reasons Why season 2, Olivia shows Clay a list of reasons which Hannah thinks are worth to live for and Clay was mentioned twice and she mentioned her par

Why did this actor play a cameo role in Deadpool 2?

In Deadpool 2, there is a brief moment (couple of seconds) where we see X-Men trying to hide from Deadpool when he is in the mansion. However, in this scene w

Why is water so scarce in "The Expanse"?

In the series It's all about struggling to find water. I guess I missed an explanation somewhere. It's just bugging me that with those advanced techs and ice

What is the role of Tokyo in the heist?

In the series "La Casa De Papel" a.k.a. "Money Heist" what is the role of Tokyo in the heist? Every heist-man has a role except her - Denver also doesn't have

How did Hela know that the Gauntlet was a fake?

So in Thor: Ragnarok, we see Hela mentioning that the Gauntlet in Odin's treasure room is a fake. How did she know that it was a fake, considering the fact tha

What are all the mistakes in this Specsavers ad?

In this recent ad for Specsavers that was shown on Australian TV, at the start they say there is 15 mistakes in it. so far all I can see are: The Hammer seems

Where was Thanos before the events of Avengers: Infinity War?

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos is depicted collecting 5 of the 6 Infinity Stones relatively breezily (as an easy day's work where only for a moment do the Av

How does Deadpool's healing factor work?

In the first Deadpool movie, his hand was cut off from his body, later we see that his hand started growing on it's own at accelerated speed. In second movie hi

Why didn't this ship defend itself in The Expanse S03E05?

After watching S03E05, we can see Admiral Nguyen firing a nuclear missile and completly destroy the Jimenez ship, also from UNN. What I was wondering is why d

What does "a nickel on the dime" mean?

In The Greatest Showman there's a song set in a bar where PT and Philip are negotiating whether or not Philip will join the show, and there is a lyric I don't u

Significance of Clay Jensen's journey of getting his tattoo completed?

In 13 Reasons Why season 2, Clay Jensen tries to get a semicolon tattoo with Skye but he fainted before it could even get completed and he got only comma. But a

What were all the references in Deadpool 2?

Like Deadpool 1, Deadpool 2 was also full of easter eggs and references. Since we did 'What were all the references in Deadpool?' I thought we should do it for