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What is the meaning of the "fly scene" in Breaking Bad?

One of the Breaking Bad episodes involves a scene with a fly. Walter is obsessed by a fly in the lab and tries to kill it in order to keep the room clean. I wa

How does Ariadne know that Saito is dead in the upper level?

When they are in the limbo, we see Ariadne asking Cobb to find and get Saito and not to lose himself before jumping from the building. However, before they ente

How did Sherlock survive the fall?

In Sherlock, BBC Series, Season 2 Episode 3 - The Reichenbach Fall, how did Sherlock survive the fall? I've read some theories online regarding this, but in thi

Sci-fi film: American teen science project brings people and dinosaurs into present [closed]

I'm hoping someone can help me identify the following film that I would have seen in the early 90's or late 80's. It is a film in the era of W

Did Batman break his no killing rule when he burned down the monastery in Batman Begins?

And if the fire didn't kill anyone, what would be the point? Destroying a headquarters won't prevent the organisation carrying out its plan.

What is the origin of the dialogue "take me instead of her/him"?

In many Hollywood horror movies the last climactic scene features the dialogue "take me instead". For example, Dark Water (2005), The Exorcist and The Ring 2.

What language were the people speaking when chanting in The Dark Knight Rises?

A number of times in the film, we hear chanting, singing (whatever it may be). At a key moment, when Bruce is ascending up and out of the prison, we learn what

Why choose that birth name for John Blake?

Near the end of The Dark Knight Rises, we learn that John Blake's birth name is Robin, and that John Blake is merely an alias. What motivated the Nolan

What happened to Bruce Wayne/Batman's knee?

Early in The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce is seen limping with a cane. Some characters allude to an injury sustained from a fight, but we never see this in The Dark

What kind of apparatus is Bane's mask?

During the course of the film, it is explained that Bane has to wear his mask in order to keep his pain level down to a bare minimum. During the final fight, w

Why does Bane protect the girl?

In the final twist of the movie, it is revealed that Talia is actually the one to have climbed out due to Bane helping her get up the hole. However, Bane's pur

Why was Gotham City moved to New York City in The Dark Knight Rises?

The Dark Knight was shot in Chicago. And so was Batman Begins. But The Dark Knight Rises is clearly shot in New York City. Why was Gotham moved to a new c

Batman Begins credit scene

I was rewatching Batman begins and watched it until the credits roll. I noticed that Liam Neeson was listed as Ducard, Ken Watanabe was listed as Ra's Al ghul.

The Ending of Dark Knight Rises

I need some assistance understanding the end of The Dark Knight Rises (2012), it doesn't seem at all plausible for me. We see Batman save Gotham City from Bane

Why doesn't Bane just detonate the bomb?

Why does Bane talk about giving Gotham to the people if he intends to blow it all up. Why doesn't he just detonate the bomb right away?

What does “Pear” mean in “The Princess and the Pear” episode of Bones?

The episode “The Princess and the Pear” of the TV series Bones is about the murder of a “princess” (actually a booth babe at a conventio

Were parts of The Dark Knight Rises a commentary on the Occupy movement?

A fair amount of the second act of The Dark Knight Rises has a class warfare plotline. This is foreshadowed in the trailers with Selina Kyle's "there's a storm

Why did Nolan want to end the Batman series?

According to numerous sources, The Dark Knight Rises will be the end of the Batman series. I think all the three Batman movies directed by Nol

Why does Bane wear the mask?

Throughout the movie, we're given different versions of the past. I am also not sure if it's ever made very clear why Bane wears his mask. So, why did Bane ha

Why does Bourne get headaches?

Jason Bourne, from The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy often experiences headaches due to something he went through to become the way he is. What exac

Why did Grandfather insist on Albert knowing Emilie's name before giving him the horse?

Towards the end of the film "War Horse," Albert is attempting to bid on the horse, Joey, before it is auctioned off by the military. Also present at the auctio

Why does Bane want to destroy Gotham city?

In The Dark Knight Rises, at the end of the movie Talia said, it was her father's dream to destroy Gotham city, and I accept that any daughter who was in that s

What is the significance of the appearance of the wolf?

Near the end of Fantastic Mr. Fox, and just after the film's climax, Mr. Fox, Ash, Kristofferson and Kylie encounter a wolf. Like the scene, the wolf seemingly

How did Bane get out of the pit/prison in The Dark Knight Rises?

In The Dark Knight Rises, till the end of the movie the audience would be think like, the kid get out from the pit was Bane. But, in the climatic scene the movi

How does Bane know that Batman is Bruce Wayne?

In The Dark Knight Rises, when Catwoman (Selina) brings Batman to Bane's place, she trapped him in Bane's place, after a short while Bane came and called Batman

How does Blake know that Bruce Wayne is Batman?

In The Dark Knight Rises at the scene when Bruce first meets Blake (where the latter goes calling at Wayne Manor), the way Blake confidently asserts to Bruce th

Why didn't the bomb cause a tsunami in Dark Knight Rises?

As far as I know, even smaller earthquakes measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale in Japan have triggered tsunamis. Was the atom bomb used in The

Is the pit in Dark Knight Rises a representation of Ra's Al Ghul's Lazarus pit?

Everyone familiar with Batman universe would be quite familiar with Ra's Al Ghul's Lazarus pit. Given the realism shown in the Batman movies by Nolan, for insta

Was Bane's dialogue spoken during filming or dubbed in during post?

In the film The Dark Knight Rises, Bane wears a mask that covers the bottom half of his face. This obscures his mouth and jaw such that it's pretty hard to tel

Why didn't they keep the brakes on when revving the Delorean to 88mph?

In the first movie, they had the Delorean rev up with the emergency brake turned on and the speedometer revved up close to the magical 88mph. What I'm wondering