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How does Baby listen to Doc's plan if he has his headphones on?

In Baby Driver, The music that he listens to can be heard in the vicinity so it is safe to say that he is not putting his headphones on for show. How does he re

A 90's Sci-Fi movie about a town repeatedly attacked by a monster and then forgetting [closed]

I believe it is either a mid-90's or possibly later, US 'Sci-Fi original movie'. I am fairly certain I watched it on the Sci-Fi channel, thoug

Blue makeup at the hostess party

In the scene where Karen attends a hostess party for the first time, one of the women applies some kind of makeup to another woman's face that looks like blue f

What is the longest aired episode of a TV series?

It has been rumored that every episode of Season 8 of Game Of Thrones could be ninety minutes long - making each episode comparable with the running time of ful

Why is Rick and Morty's dimension called "C-137"?

Rick and Morty is a show with multiple universes. They say that they come from "dimension C-137". Is there a special meaning to this name?

What was the prior relationship between Q and Guinan?

In the episode Q Who, Guinan and Q encounter each other for the first time in the series, and it is obvious they already know each other. Q warns Picard to get

Did Digory already know about the wardrobe?

Its been quite long since I last watched the Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe. A question popped into my head that does Digory know

What did the titular "fish called Wanda" represent in John Cleese's classical comedy?

Despite being a full-fledged comedy, the 1988 film "A Fish Called Wanda" has received Oscar nominations in the screenplay and director's category, and has won K

Do the characters on Mystery Science Theater 3000 know that they are on a TV show?

I saw a behind-the-scenes special of Mystery Science Theater 3000 where Joel Hogsdon said that the original premise of the show was that Joel was running a "pir

Was the hotel shut down in the last episode of "Fawlty Towers"?

Throughout the series, it was implied that the titular "Fawlty Towers" hotel had been of poor quality / reputation. Customers, especially the Upper-class, had b

Who put the key in the box, and how did they get it?

In Stoker the protagonist receives a pair of shoes every year for her birthday. She always believed them to be from her Dad. But the last birthday the dad is de

How did the hour-long drama, half-hour animation and comedy format arise?

It makes sense for TV channels to broadcast with their schedules divided into half-hour chunks, so that (including ads where applicable) 30, 60 and 90-minute ep

Why were these people cheering the arrival of the Juggernaut?

In Alien: Covenant (2017) we see a flashback of David arriving at the Engineer's homeworld.     This seems to be a special event for the people li

Movie about robots from mid to early 2000's [duplicate]

There is a movie that I watched when I was very young (I'm talking around mid-early 2000's), though I can not remember it. But here is what I

How did Joshua locate his sons bodies at Gallipoli?

We see in the The Water Diviner that Joshua has set out to find his sons that went to WW1 (Arthur and the other two I can't remember their names). After his wif

What were Goodkat's motives in saving Max's life in "Lucky Number Slevin"?

Throughout the movie, Goodkat's motives are unexplained and seemingly arbitrary. He saves what appears to be a random boy's life for no apparent reason, helps

Why does Sanderson talks to Paul as if they've met before?

In The Rum Diary (2011), Paul has to take an interview from the Mayor who will arrive at the Airport, But the Mayor's plane got cancelled. So Paul met Sanderson

How is Themiscyra populated?

Do they have to reproduce to maintain a population from when Zeus created it and present day? If so, who are the fathers?

What favor did Chenault done to Paul?

In The Rum Diary (2011), Paul providing shelter to Chenault who left his boyfriend Sanderson. Paul came to Chenault who is sleeping on his bed. Cheanult: I

How is the term "God" meant in the DC universe?

In Wonder Woman movie, the term "God" is used for Zeus & Ares. But in the Batman V Superman movie, someone writes "False God" on the statue of Superman.

Why is the movie titled "The Rum Diary"?

This movie is about writer who is working at a Puerto Rican newspaper in the 1960s, who also failed to reveal some information about his boss to public. Why is

Was Cliff Robertson a Real Ventriloquist?

In the Twilight Zone episode The Dummy, there's a scene where "Jerry and Willie" (Robertson's character and the titular ventriloquist dummy) are performing and

How was helicopter scene filmed in Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)?

Followup from Aviation.SE In Escape to Witch Mountain (1975), around 1h 19m, there is scene with helicopter (Hughes MD500) in inverted flight which lands upsid

How old are the characters in the Cars movies?

In one scene of the first movie, Sally recalls as far back as 40 years earlier, when things were different. Although we don't see her in the flashback all other

Why was Ares contradictory to common Mythology?

In Wonder Woman, especially during the fight with Ares there were a few things that stuck out as strange. Ares was able to wield and use lightning, commonly kn

Is Pennywise the clown imaginary?

Is Pennywise the clown imaginary? The reason, I ask is in the movie a young boy named Georgie hits his head before his paper boat goes down into the sewers and

Does Aaron Cross intentionally trap a wolf, or does he just improvise?

Does Aaron Cross intentionally trap a wolf and put the detector into its mouth, or does he just improvise when the wolves happen to surround him?

Does Paterson adopt a backup strategy?

In Jim Jarmusch's 2016 Paterson, I didn't see this resolved. I thought of course you need backups of your data. Except the film doesn't seem to say that.

Identify B-grade Sci-Fi 1970-1995: alien animal with long tail connected to researcher via cable, hallucinations, then bloodbath [closed]

I've seen part of a movie on a local cable network in the 90's. Movie was cut in the middle due to technical issues and I never was able to se

What is the origin of the name "Caf-Pow"?

Throughout the seasons of NCIS, the characters (mainly Abby) drink a coffee named Caf-Pow: Being from outside US, at first I thought it's a known/existing br