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How old is Halsey?

In Paramount+/Showtime show Halo, based (but not canon) to Microsoft's videogame Halo, Catherine Halsey is played by Natasha McElhone. It showds several scenes

Why would the characters in Inception reveal what their totems are?

In Inception, many of the main characters reveal what their totems are (not necessarily how they work) to their associates. For example, Ariadne is shown to hav

Who killed the assassin?

The hitman who killed the judges in The Pelican Brief has gotten himself close to Julia Roberts's character and is about to do her in when someone shoots him in

How much do female mainstream porn stars earn per scene? [closed]

How much do female mainstream porn stars earn approximately per scene? I have heard rumors that, depending on the type of film, they can get p

Zoom actor in while background out? How is this effect called and made?

I don't have a youtube link (I think "The shining" has such a scene), but you all probably know this effect, the actor is zoomed in by the camera while the back

Did Star Trek: Picard get new writers for Season 2?

The tone, substance, and quality of the second season of Star Trek: Picard seem vastly different than season one. I understand that there are people out there w

How did Tarantino choose the song "Little Green Bag" for Reservoir Dogs?

Today I watched the retro-meta-iconic power walk scene in Reservoir Dogs again, which features the song "Little Green Bag". This song by the Dutch George Baker

How are Star Trek medical devices attached to the neck?

In Star Trek Voyager, it happens a few times that a medical device is attached to the neck. For example, in S03E02 "Flashback" at 8:28, the doctor attaches a de

Was this line from 24 scripted?

In S4 E9 around 22:46 (streaming), Jack is speaking with Tony about how Dina and Behrooz Araz do not show up on any watch lists. At that moment, Erin Driscoll c

How did Mysterio (Quentin Beck) know about the multiverse?

In Spider Man: Far From Home, Mysterio talks to Peter about the multiverse. Although it's a lie, he clearly mentions the universe 616, which is the main marvel

When did Stabler meet Benson's Son, Noah

I have just finished watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 23x20 and the episode ends with Benson and Noah celebrating Mother's Day I was surprised to

Who tore out the pages of the logbook, and why?

George Smiley finds pages related to 20th November from the log book missing: Who tore out the pages of logbook, and why?

Were these two characters able to reconcile?

In Burn Notice, Fiona’s sister Claire was killed after an argument they had. Were they at least able to reconcile before the latter died?

Was he wearing a nose prosthetic in Multiverse of Madness? [closed]

In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, a certain well-known comic character (not saying who here because the film's still new and he

Did Michael Che really negotiate "four N words" for the 2018/19 season of SNL? He was not free to use the word whenever he saw fit?

At 00:59 in the 2018 SNL clip Weekend Update: Really!?! with Seth Meyers, Colin Jost and Michael Che - SNL Michael Che begins a joke with: You know, I negotiat

At the beginning of The Green Knight what is the significance of the burning building

The Green Knight opens up with a shot with a building burning in the background. It is not referenced anywhere in the film. What is the significance of this?

Was Don Draper’s secret planned at the time of the pilot?

In Mad Men, Don Draper has a troubled past: he grew up very poor, enlisted in the Korean War, and stole the name and identity of an officer he served under.

Who is the father in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

Spoilers Ahead! In the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Wanda mentions that she is a happy mom in so many other universes to those same two ch

What exactly happened in the restaurant in "All The Old Knives"?

In the 2022 Amazon Prime movie "All The Old Knives" Henry and Celia are talking in a restaurant. What exactly did Henry say which confirmed he was the mole so

Does anything happen in the Agent Carter series that impacts/references anything in the MCU?

Thanks to Netflix's glitch a few weeks back, I thought the first season of Agent Carter (2015-16) was only 3 episodes long, and Season 2 skipped episodes. Is it

How did Kim Wexler know? (S06E02)

In Better Call Saul S06E02, Jimmy fails to bribe the Kettleman's. Then Kim Wexler starts calling the IRS and is about to expose the Kettleman's for tax fraud (A

How does J3 know about the pregnancy if George didn't know?

In Archive, J3 starts remembering the pregnancy near the end but presumably George didn't know about his daughter. Any other clues to this?

Why are Olga and Helga in blue?

In the Hey Arnold! episode Olga Comes Home, we see that Helga and Olga are depicted in blue in a scene towards the end of the episode. Why is that?

Why did the servants arrive only after Grace died?

In The Others (2001), if Mrs. Miller, Mr. Tuffle, and Lydia were already dead a long time ago, why did they come back to the house only after Grace and her chil

What does "missed the wedge" mean?

In Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy, Smiley silently barged into the house and meets Ricki, who gave him information about Irina: Smiley: Hello, Ricki. You've missed

Did Anthony Corleone play the same song as was played during the wedding scene of Apollonia and Michael?

I have watched both The Godfather and The Godfather part 2 many times but I am watching the third for the first time. I saw when Anthony played a "Authentic Sic

Did Harry Osborne know that his dad was the Green Goblin?

At the end of Spider-Man 2, Harry Osborne discovers his father's Green Goblin lair. When I saw the movie, I understood that scene to be the moment when Harry fi

Where was the Blake's 7 episode "Rumours of Death" filmed?

I've not been able to identify the stately home that features as "Residence 1" in the Blake's 7 episode "Rumours of Death". I think it should be quite recognisa

How and why did Vivaldi's Spring Allegro become synonymous with "high class" in movies?

Vivaldi has been used a lot in film, and the Four Seasons is probably his most famous and popular work. Often, in films, you will hear the first party of Vivald

Why was the Diffy family surprised that Lloyd knows Keely's name?

In the series finale episode of Phil of the Future (S02E22), Keely enters while the Diffy family is having dinner. Lloyd greets Keely 'Hey, Keely' everyone seem