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How was Deke Simmons married to Mimi Corcoran

In episode 7 of the show 11.22.63 Jake is recovering from amnesia and has the following interaction with Deke Simmons Jake: Thanks, Frank. Deke: It's Deke,

What were General Ross and Tony Stark talking about at the end of The Incredible Hulk?

At the end of the movie The Incredible Hulk, the one with Edward Norton, General Ross was sitting at a bar, drinking alone, when suddenly Tony Stark appears and

Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Mentalist connection

In The Mentalist - S05E05 - Red Dawn I noticed the portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger hanging in the CBI's office near the elevator. What is connection here b

Why do the dolls attack everyone on the LOCUS SOLUS ship?

In Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Batou infiltrates a factory-ship owned by LOCUS SOLUS, while Togusa is hacking it externally. In the end, the dolls produced

Where was the money transferred to in The Night Manager?

In The Night Manager, episode 6: Before the weapons are destroyed Jonathan Pine transfers the first payment of 300M out of the tradepass bank account and i

Why does Alice lie to Zoe?

In Luther S01E01, Alice Morgan attacks Zoe Luther. During the attack, Alice lies to Zoe that John had assaulted her and had said that Zoe was dead amongst other

Is Director Vance actually another person?

In the 6th season of NCIS, we come across an episode (Knockout), where Tyler Owens, a boxer and a friend of Director Vance, is found dead. Vance starts leading

Do the teams in The Amazing Race already know which countries they will be visiting prior to the production?

While watching The Amazing Race, it feels like that the teams don't know which country they will be visiting next and they finds out only while opening the clue

Hand drawings in "A Walk Among the Tombstones"

In the movie A Walk Among the Tombstones, what was the significance of the drawings by the young black boy that was helping Matt? It looked like drawings appe

Do film industries outside India use intervals/Intermission?

I have seen classic English movies with intervals/Intermission. Current Indian movie industries (Bollywood and others) use intervals and theaters introduce inte

Connection between Sweeney Todd and Edward Scissorhands

I have not yet seen Sweeney Todd, however, I did watch Edward Scissorhands and the poster similarity seemed striking. From what I have read about Sweeney Todd,

When movie or show script gets stolen long into filming

I remember reading something about Bryan Cranston's script getting stolen from his car at the time when he was playing Walter White of Breaking Bad. I can imagi

Help me understand the timeline of the Cohen Family, specifically, when did they marry and have Seth?

I am watching The O.C. again and I can't piece the timeline of Sandy and Kirsten's marriage. Clues: 1. They have their 20th wedding anniversary in Season 2 mea

Who was behind the bombings in Brazil?

Did I completely miss something, or did they really not explain who was behind the terrorist bombings in the film 'Brazil'? At first it's suspected to be the fe

Why does Zampa take the blame for Pierre Michel's murder?

In La French (The Connection) 2014 French film, Tany's associates are jailed after the heroin lab is busted and one of them comes up with a plan to organise Pie

Did Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman do the singing in Moulin Rouge?

In Moulin Rouge!, Was it the actors recording those songs, or vocal doubles?

What were Egon and Ray working on at the university?

We get to see Peter's negative reinforcement experiment with the flash cards in Ghostbusters, and I assume that is a study related to his degrees in psychology

Who is the actress who plays the adorable girl who welcomes Sol into the suicide/euthanasia clinic? [closed]

When Sol goes to commit assisted suicide in Soylent Green, she greets him at the door of the Euthanesia clinic and welcomes him in with the fo

Quality difference between HD video and 35mm film

I have noticed lately some of the older movies like Titanic being sold on Blu-rays in high definition (HD). As I understand, high definition implies high level

Do actors actually get to film in POV movies?

In movies where we observe from actor's point of view (POV), does the actor actually film the part where he is holding the camera?

Why is the name 'Batman' avoided in the Dawn of Justice?

Strangely the name 'Batman' is almost never mentioned in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (except in the title). The characters use other names such as 'The d

What does X mean in American History X?

In the movie title American History X, what exactly does X represent? I could think of Roman numeral X (10) or generation x, however, I don't seem to fully und

Where is Prince Charming?

Plot of fourth Shrek Forever After deals with idea that Shrek was never born and therefore Princess Fiona had to save herself. But, plot of Shrek 2 shows us th

If Firefly's Mal Reynolds is a sergeant why does Zoe call him "Sir"?

Mal Reynolds was a sergeant at the time of the the Battle of Serenity Valley. Why does Zoe call him "Sir" (even during the battle) when any self respecting TV

Ending of "Under Suspicion"

I just watched Under Suspicion (1991) and I'm not sure I've understood the outcome of the movie. Is it that Tony and Stassio's first wife screwed up everyone, f

What happened to the journal in the Butterfly Effect?

Towards the end of the Butterfly Effect, Evan accidentally kills Kayleigh, and is institutionalized, meaning he never writes most of this journals. However, he

Why is the bald man digging in the desert at the start of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier?

In the opening scene of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, there is a bald man that is digging in the desert who is then approached by Sybok. But what I don't

Has the length of action scenes changed over time?

It could just be me getting older but I feel like action movies these days have action scenes that just go on for an eternity. (I don't know w

What is this piece of land?

There is this new 3D video (also here on GoT Facebook) from the opening credits of GoT. When I point the camera to the far south, I can see a strange piece of l

Who is "we" in Franks' monologue?

Episode 10 of the 4th season of House of Cards contains a fantastic scene of Frank intimidating Catherine Durant. When referring to himself Frank initially uses