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What was the significance of the Russian cultural backdrop in "The Deer Hunter"?

The Deer Hunter begins with an hour long act in which there is a young couple getting married in an elaborate Russian Orthodox ceremony and reception rolled int

Horror movie about prisoners encountering Christian cannibals [closed]

It is about a few prisoners that are transported in a small van in to the country side, they managed to let the van stop and kill the cops wit

Why does America's Got Talent have so many executive producers?

I was watching America's Got Talent last night, and during the opening credits was struck by the number of executive producers listed. It seems to grow longer

Why did the ending change in the Fight Club adaptation?

Recently finishing up the book Fight Club after being a fan of the movie for so long. While the movie retains most of the dialogue and several tones of the boo

When/Why did American television change from primarily episodic to primarily serialized?

My recollection of the prime-time television I watched growing up -- the 70s and 80s plus whatever were on at the time -- are almost invariabl

Who is the man in the credit scene in The Amazing Spider-Man?

In The Amazing Spider-Man, in the post credit scene Dr. Curt Connors is in a jail cell and he was talking with someone, but his face was never shown in the movi

Why wasn't Tobey Maguire in The Amazing Spider-Man?

In the Spider-Man franchise, Tobey Maguire is an outstanding performer as a Spider-Man and also reprised his role in the sequels Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3. He

Maximus fighting the masked champion in the arena with tigers

When Maximus is knocked to the ground he lands a shot through his opponent's foot with an axe. His opponent then seems to be spitting blood (hard to tell due t

In Spider-Man 2 Why does Parker lose his powers?

This has always bothered me. In the comics and cartoons Spider-Man started to lose his powers because his mutation started changing him. In the movie it seemed

What happened to Peter's parents?

In The Amazing Spider-man, Peter's parents leave him with his aunt and uncle at the start of the film. They're never heard from again. Where did they go, what

Is Geeta transgender?

In the 2011 Tamil movie Kanchana, the main character Kanchana is shown to be transgender but after watching the movie, I am not able to understand whether Geeta

Why Reboot Spider-Man?

I can understand the reboot of the Batman Series but I couldn't understand why Hulk was rebooted. And now why do we have to reboot Spider-Man, too? Is it they

Why was Immortals so dark?

I watched Immortals and the whole movie seemed so dark and gloomy. I mean, the visuals are more black and yellow based than normal movies. No sun, no birds, no

Did Vincent Vega shoot Marvin on purpose?

In a very popular scene from the movie Pulp Fiction, Jules Winfield (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) are discussing about Jules' will to ret

Was Alfred Hitchcock a feminist?

Many of Alfred Hitchcock's films contain a strong female lead. From Grace Kelly's Lisa in Rear Window to Ingrid Bergman's Alicia Huberman in Notorious, these ac

Toy Story 3 in Spanish

What do they do on the Spanish version of Toy Story 3 when Buzz is set to Spanish mode? Anyone out there who has seen the Spanish version?

Domino One (2005), does it exist?

I was looking at IMDB's listing for Domino One (2005). It is very strange. No one seems to know much about it. Does anyone have any information about it? Why is

Why didn't Vincent and Jules kill Marvin?

In Pulp Fiction, Vincent and Jules killed all the guys at Brett's apartment for stealing the briefcase from Marsellus Wallace but not Marvin. Why didn't Vincen

What is the meaning of the penguin in Fight Club?

When the Narrator goes into his cave he encounters a penguin that says, "Slide." What is the meaning of sliding, and why is there a penguin?

Verifying Contents of the Book in "The Book of Eli"?

In the Movie, "The Book of Eli", after getting the book in his hands, why did he (the town's mayor or whatever) not ask Eli for the key on the spot to verify th

Spider-man's webshooters

Did Peter Parker invent the web-goo himself, or is it implied that he stole the formula from Oscorp? I'm a bit hazy on this.

Why was Curt Connors in the sewer?

After first injecting himself at Oscorp, Curt created his own lab in the sewer system later in the movie. If he was the head of the lab at Oscorp, couldn't he h

What is the significance of 3DD in Pirahana 3DD?

What is the significance of 3DD in the movie title Piranha 3DD. Is this the lack of new title or any other meaning inside it. Is there any official word on it?

Is there a special significance to the cat in The Closer?

When Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson moves into a new house in season one (two?), she discovers a cat that has been living in the home already, whom she names

Why was the mummy afraid of cats

In the 1999 film The Mummy. Why was the mummy afraid of cats? I know that they were the guardians of the underworld etc. But what could the house cat that Co

What really happened in Memento?

So I watched Memento, and I felt like I understood the story pretty well, however, some things don't make so much sense to me. As far as I know: Leonard, the m

What inspired Elaine's dance moves?

In one of the most memorable jokes from Seinfeld, Elaine dances at a company party in "The Little Kicks" (S8E4), and again briefly in "The Slicer" (S9E7).Video

How come the old audio tracks are mostly preserved while the film is not?

I've been watching the First Doctor serials with William Hartnell, and many of the episodes had to be reconstructed because much of the original material was lo

Why does Jerry Seinfeld not change his character's name

In the series Seinfeld, why does Jerry not change his character's name?

Why is "Based on a True Story" used?

I have had little to no interest in a movie that claims it is "Based On a True Story" since Fargo. It's well known that it was a lie that Fargo was based on a t