Are there any "Hollywood-style" movies made in Iran?

Are there any "Hollywood-style" movies made in Iran? - Black and Silver Camera on Brown Wooden Table

I have watched a lot of Iranian movies and I love them but they are similar in style (realistic long shots and slow cuts) and content (e.g. struggle of the society reflecting in children or seemingly mundane events). I doubt if all Iranians solely love this kind of movies. Japan, Korea, China, India, and Thailand have their commercial films besides independent art films going around in film festival circuit.

Is there a commercial movie industry in Iran making action or comedy films?

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You are in doubt if all Iranians solely love this kind of movies - you are right. From talks with Iranians some years ago, I know they like Hollywood films and the films were available via DVD.

Wikipedia offers more information about Commercial cinema in Iran

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Are there any "Hollywood-style" movies made in Iran? - Man Holding Clapper Board
Are there any "Hollywood-style" movies made in Iran? - Man Holding Remote Control

Is there any film industry in Iran?

Iranian art films have garnered international fame and now enjoy a global following. Iranian films are usually written and spoken in the Persian language. Iranian cinema has had many ups and downs....Cinema of IranNo. of screens596 (2018)\u2022 Per capita0.7 per 100,000 (2018)Produced feature films (2017)Total2006 more rows

Are Hollywood movies allowed in Iran?

Iran has banned American and other films that promote Western culture in a move to combat what the Islamic government calls attempts to damage and humiliate eastern traditions and culture.

Does Iran make good movies?

If there is any country that regularly produces cinema that is both thought-provoking and beautiful, it is Iran. From old masters to newer auteurs, the films are considered a class apart.

Which countries make Hollywood movies?

Modern film industry
  • United States.
  • France.
  • China.
  • India.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Poland.
  • Nigeria.
  • Egypt.

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There are no such movies in Iran because of:

  1. The Iranian cinema is a very poor industry.
  2. Modern devices are very expensive and you cannot them find in Iran.
  3. Government has lots of attention and is sensitive about what would be made. So they make lots of sponsorship before a movie goes to start.
  4. The is no connection between Iranian movie companies and the other companies outside Iran.

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