Can White walkers speak? [duplicate]

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In Game of Thrones, Can white walkers speak? I haven't read the books but don't see evidence to the affirmative in the TV series.

If not, I'm interested in any communication theories.

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YES - They can speak.

For the TV series, a language was invented called Skroth.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly during Season 2, Executive Producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss stated that "Skroth" is indeed the official name of the language used by the White Walkers. According to the interview, the inhuman (and unpronounceable) sounds of Skroth, "ice-cracking chatter", were created by Sound Designer Peter Brown.

The language they speak in the books is not named:

The novel A Song of Ice and Fire clearly states that "the Others" ("White Walkers" in the TV series) speak a language with the voice "like the cracking of ice on a winter lake", but the name of the language is not given.

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Does the White Walker King speak?

Genius! The Game of Thrones showrunners just explained the genius reason why the Night King never talks. David Benioff and Dan Weiss explained how they crafted the most feared character in the GoT universe\u2014except for Cersei Lannister, that is.

What are White Walkers weaknesses?

The only known weaknesses of White Walkers are weapons made of dragonglass or valyrian steel. Upon being stabbed by dragonglass, a White Walker's body will begin to freeze into ice from the point at which it was stabbed, causing the Walker great pain.

What is the difference between White Walkers and White Walkers?

The DifferenceWights are a product of White Walkers, and they're essentially undead pawns that the White Walkers use to fight their battles. As we learn in season seven, if you kill a certain White Walker, you also kill the wights it created \u2014 which is why Jon is so hellbent on going after the Night King.

Are all White Walkers the same?

In the show, the White Walkers are led by a character named the Night King. He is also a White Walker, just a special kind, given he was the first one ever made. White Walkers can be killed with either dragonglass or Valyrian steel, and maybe even dragonfire. But regular fire or steel does not harm them.

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