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What about the virus in 12 Monkeys?

Near the end of 12 Monkeys, the terrorist mad man OPENED one of the vials of virus at the screening, so wouldn't that have initiated the collapse of society any

Why does Kathryn feel that she's already met Cole in 1990?

In the movie 12 Monkeys, in 1990, when Kathryn is meeting Cole for the first time in her life, she says: James, where did you grow up? I have the strangest

Is Cole sent to the past to cause the global pandemic in 12 Monkeys?

Is Cole in 12 Monkeys actually sent to the past to cause the global pandemic? After a few plot twists, 12 Monkeys ends with Peters starting a world tour to spre

What is the "trap" or "gimmick" Brad Pitt is talking about in 12 Monkeys?

In a December 2019 interview in the New York Times, Brad Pitt says this about "12 Monkeys": I nailed the first half of “12 Monkeys.” I got the seco

What does the woman from the future mean when she says she's "in insurance"?

At the end of 12 Monkeys, the doctor spreading the virus gets on a plane and sits next to a woman we know (or can assume) is from the future. She tells the doct