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Was Solomon Northup poisoned?

In 12 Years a slave, Solomon Northup is rendered unconscious before he is abducted. He is seen drinking wine with his meal beforehand, and his captors are insi

How did they film Patsey being whipped?

A Sequence in 12 Years A Slave shows Patsey, a plantation worker, being tied to a pole and whipped. The shot is horrifying, and shows her flesh being torn an

Why did the overseer leave Solomon to hang?

In 12 Years a Slave, While Tibeats (Paul Dano), with two other men, tries to hang Solomon (Chiwetel Ejiofor) as revenge and the overseer of the plantation comes

What was Ford's Debt?

In 12 Years a Slave there are a couple of references to Master Ford's debt but it's very vague. Is it as simple as he owes money to someone? If that's the case

What was Mr Bass afraid of?

In 12 Years a Slave it's the conversation with Brad Pitt's character Mr Bass which eventually leads to Solomon's release. During the talk Bass says that he's af

What was in the letter to Epp's wife?

Midway through the movie "12 Years A Slave", Epp's wife asks Solomon to deliver a letter to the grocery store and made certain that Solomon could not read, lead

Why Mr. Ford was afraid that Tibeats would kill Platt?

Why can't Mr Ford just prohibit Tibeats from killing Platt in 12 Years a Slave? He does have the power to do that since Tibeats works for Mr Ford. And Platt was