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How did the time drive start up again?

The recent Agents of SHIELD episode "After, Before" focused on trying to get Yo-Yo's powers back, because her super-speed was needed so that the power core of t

What Marvel MCU and TV show cross-overs have there been?

Marvel has apparently made it clear that their TV shows are not always canon with its cinematic universe. I understand that even Agents of SHIELD, which used to

If Eric Koenig was an LMD, why was it not discovered during his post-mortem?

In Agents of SHIELD first season, Grant Ward kills Agent Eric Koenig. Later in the 7th season, we are revealed that all the Koenig's were LMDs. If that was the

Why was Grant Ward's crime not detected when he joined SHIELD Academy?

Towards the end of Agents of SHIELD season 1, we are told that Grant Ward was in Juvenile detention center for setting his house on fire, with his brother insid

How did Carl Creel heal from Obelisk by Hydra's brainwashing words?

In Agents of SHEILD season 2 episode 1, both SHIELD and HYDRA are after the original 0-8-4 known as obelisk/diviner. Carl Creel manages to take hold of Obelisk,

Why is Isabella Hartley not turned to stone instantly when she touches the obelisk?

In Agents of SHIELD season 2, both HYDRA and SHIELD are after the original 0-8-4 known as the obelisk/diviner. Throughout the season, we see that anyone who com

How did Fitz and Simmons come back in Agents of SHIELD S03E02

At the end of season 2 of Agents of SHIELD, Jemma gets taken to a different planet by the black monolith. In episode 2 of season 3, the SHIELD team arrive at an

What weapon is Black Widow using in the final battle of Avengers: Infinity War?

During a rewatch of Avengers: Infinity War I noticed Black Widow seemed to be using a staff during the final battle sequence. The design of the staff looks very