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Hitchcock, Stewart and Grant

The 1958 film Vertigo was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starred Jimmy Stewart. Here and there I encounter the suggestion that upon the release of Vertigo, Hi

How did Hitchcock enforce the "no late admission" policy for Psycho?

According to Wikipedia, Alfred Hitchcock mandated that movie theaters could not allow late viewers to come into Psycho after it began. The most controversia

Psycho (1960) Sandwich Scene [closed]

When most people think of Psycho they think of the shower scene. Admittedly it is one of the all scariest scenes in the history of movies. Tod

Why was Thornhill/Kaplan's bid of $2000 considered outrageous?

I admit that I'm a "genuine idiot" who has never been to a real auction and doesn't know all the conventions. In North by Northwest, Thornhill/Kaplan tries to d