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What is the parallel of Day of the Dead with Stranger things?

Stranger Things has a habit of foreshadowing the future in the form of games. In season one it was Dungeons & Dragons and in season 2 it was Dragon's Lair,

Is there an implied affection for Annie by Jeff in The Walk (2015)?

In the movie The Walk, there is a scene where Jeff is searching for a word to describe the wire-walking that Phillippe is about to attempt. He searches for the

Can the future not be changed in That's So Raven/Raven's Home?

I recently started watching Raven's Home and I have already seen That's So Raven before. One pattern I noticed is Raven and Booker can both get future vision an

Why the prevalence of Tilda Swinton?

The 2018 version of Suspiria has Tilda Swinton not only play Madame Blanc, but also Mother Markos and, more prominently, Dr. Klemperer. Now while Mother Markos

Why does Brigitte Mohnhaupt deliberately destroy the execution myth and how accurate is her closing dialogue?

At the very end of The Baader Meinhof Complex, after the efforts for pressing the RAF leaders free have failed and they thus commited suicide in Stammheim priso

Why didn’t the Charles Manson character appear in Spahn Ranch? [closed]

In the real life version of the Charles Manson murders, Manson gave orders to his cult gang to execute everyone under the house where a music

What does Masjävlar mean?

I have watched the movie Masjävlar and I wonder what this title means. I have checked Google Translate but to no result. What does it and the movie refer t

What does "He sets the rules in opposition" mean?

Towards the end of Devil's Advocate, John Milton makes a long speech to Kevin. In part of this he gives Kevin an "inside information" into God and quotes: H

Why did John Milton bother the guy in the subway train?

When John and Kevin are riding the subway train John intentionally "gets the attention" of a very hostile commuter. In the shot prior to John pulling the face a

Is "I'm no puppeteer, Kevin" a lie?

Throughout the Devil's Advocate there are many different glimpses into John Milton's power. Despite this John tells Kevin that he's "no puppeteer", at least reg

Are the supernatural events real, illusions or a state of a character's mind at the time?

There are a number of supernatural events that happen as the plot of The Devil's Advocate unfolds, all of which center around John Milton's power. Some example

In "The Blues Brothers", what is the significance of the food order?

In The Blues Brothers, Jake orders four whole fried chickens and Elwood orders dry white toast. My best guess on why Jake orders the chicken is a reference to

What is the significance of the dog and butterflies in Paprika?

Before and after dreams in Paprika, a dog sitting next to a kennel appears, and there are also recurring images of butterflies. Are there any good theories as

What is the meaning behind these three Apocalypse Now quotes?

I just watched Apocalypse Now for the first time, and didn't understand some of the quotes narrated by Capt. Willard they are as follows: It was no accident

Is there a racial aspect to Max Cady's crusade?

During the 1991 version of Cape Fear Max Cady repeatedly insults his opponents as "white", as if to make a distinction between them and himself. This always con

What's the significance of the trucks in these scenes?

In the episode Bleak City from Preacher (Season 4 episode 5) there are 2 scenes that caught my eye: When Jesse is driving out of the parking lot a truck comes

Why did one pirate die when another broke off a stalactite?

Towards the end of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides when Jack, Blackbeard, and other pirates are walking through the cave, one of the pirates breaks

What is the relevance of the algae dripping liquid?

Close to the end of the movie Aniara, there is a specific shot of maybe a few seconds that clearly have been added intentionally, but I'm not sure I understand

What is the symbolism of the changes of the bride's attire in Ready or Not?

In the 2019 film, Ready or Not, we meet the bride Grace. She goes from being adorned as the typical beautiful bride to tearing the bottom of her dress off,

What is the theme of Garden State?

I've watched Garden State and could not really grasp the central idea of the movie. I couldn't get what the movie was about. Please guide me.