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Hand drawings in "A Walk Among the Tombstones"

In the movie A Walk Among the Tombstones, what was the significance of the drawings by the young black boy that was helping Matt? It looked like drawings appe

Why does the Puppet Master want to merge with Major?

In Ghost in the Shell (1995), there appears to be 3 intelligent forms Type 1: a completely organic person. Example: section 9's chief Type 2: a brain from a ty

What is the meaning of children playing with sun rays in Le Meraviglie?

A couple times in the movie, two sisters play with sun rays. Is there any symbol or allegory in these scenes? This question comes from the "special" games in t

Why was Anubis always shown in 'animal form'?

All of the Gods of Egypt have a normal human appearance (beside that they are slightly taller). They can change forms to the animal-form which fits them most. B

Why couldn't the black smoke fly away from the island?

Towards the end of the show Lost, we observe the Black Smoke Monster taking form of a human being in the face of John Locke. It is later revealed that his ultim

Is there any reason why mostly technology deprived planets are pictured in the Star Wars movies?

Just watched the Force Awakens, and I noticed that once again, mainly low-tech planets are shown in the movie, which is at odds with the technology described.

Why didn't Zoom killing his time remnant affect his present self?

I just finished watching latest episode of The Flash - Versus Zoom and got little confused what a "Timeline Remnant" actually means. In this episode we learn ab

Is there any hidden significance to the song at the end o S06E09?

Just before the credits at the end of Castle S06E09 there is this scene: The look on Becketts face made me think it could hav

Why does Sherlock hate his father so much in Elementary?

I understand that Sherlock does not like his father (Morland Holmes) very much because he was a distant father as a child. But this does not seem to be a strong

What were the suits in the pack of cards used in Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows

This pack of cards is owned by the fortune teller. It includes the Two of Cups, The Fool and The Devil. When was this version of cards in common use?

Why are there no guns in Alien³?

I remember watching Aliens and being amazed with the variety of guns, war vehicles and ammunition shown. My expectation was that Alien³ would have at least

What does the title "Reservoir Dogs" mean?

Aside from speculations of the title coming from Tarantino's mispronunciation of the French film name, what meaning does Reservoir Dogs have in context of the a

Explanation of Bruce/Batman's nightmares?

In Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman/Bruce is having nightmares. I do not understand that, what are those nightmares all about? And who is this guy

Why is there nothing on the Internet about split second ads that appear to be designed that way? [duplicate]

It seems to me that recently there has been an upswing in commercials that appear to actually be meant to last for less than a tenth of a seco

Why is crossdressing so common in Looney Tunes and related WB Cartoons?

Going back to the beginning of Warner Bros cartoons, I always seen Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and other characters like Elmer and Taz crossdressing for various bit

How could Jon Snow do what he did in "Oathbreaker"?

At the end of the third episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones, after hanging the culprits who tried to kill him, Jon Snow relieved himself from the Nig

Is the Reimagined Battlestar a reboot or a sequel to the Original Battlestar?

The Reimagined Battlestar started as a remake, or reboot (no real difference) to the original Battlestar Galactica. Due to changes in audience expectations, it

What is the significance of the direwolf deaths? Is there a hidden meaning?

In Season 1 of Game of Thrones, we saw six direwolf cubs. They match exactly to the Stark children in terms of gender and the one outcast (Jon Snow and Ghost).

Symbolism of breastfeeding old woman in Black Moon

Can anybody expound on the symbolism of breastfeeding the old woman in "Black Moon" (1975)?

What was with the giant location titles?

VIENNA I really enjoyed Captain America: Civil War, but I found myself giggling uncontrollably whenever they'd put up the ENORMOUS location titles. LONDON Th