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Which audience was targeted by "Scarecrow and Mrs. King"?

"Scarecrow and Mrs. King" told the story of a divorced mom who accidentally meets a hunky secret agent and -- unbeknownst to her family and friends -- joins the

What was Frank?

During the film Donnie Darko, Donnie occasionally talks with Frank, who we end up finding out at the end of the film is a guy that Donnie shot because he accide

How did the package save his life?

In the climax of Cast Away, Chuck (Tom Hanks) writes a note on the Fedex box which states that this package has saved his life. How exactly did that package sav

When did Margaret Ford know she was going to kill Mike?

In House of Games, the Lindsay Crouse character (psychiatrist Margaret Ford) seems to be unaware of her being the mark until the red convertible shows up unexpe

Was Alfred Hitchcock a feminist?

Many of Alfred Hitchcock's films contain a strong female lead. From Grace Kelly's Lisa in Rear Window to Ingrid Bergman's Alicia Huberman in Notorious, these ac

Why didn't Vincent and Jules kill Marvin?

In Pulp Fiction, Vincent and Jules killed all the guys at Brett's apartment for stealing the briefcase from Marsellus Wallace but not Marvin. Why didn't Vincen

Is there a special significance to the cat in The Closer?

When Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson moves into a new house in season one (two?), she discovers a cat that has been living in the home already, whom she names

Why is "Based on a True Story" used?

I have had little to no interest in a movie that claims it is "Based On a True Story" since Fargo. It's well known that it was a lie that Fargo was based on a t

Does Hattori Hanzo commit suicide in Kill Bill?

Hattori Hanzo in Kill Bill says that despite he made a blood oath to never make another sword, he would make one for the Bride because of the goal she has. Whe

Faucets in "Garden State"

Garden state is my favorite film of all time, and I watch it time after time enjoying the incredible subtleties that Zach Braff includes. However, the one deta

What is the point of the masturbation scene in Donnie Darko?

While reading this question What was Frank? it reminded me of one scene in Donnie Darko that I especially don't get how it ties into the story or why it's even

Why did Kurt Connors save Spider-Man?

Towards the end of the movie, the big fight between Spider-Man and The Lizard (Kurt Connors) happens, and Spider-Man ends up defeating The Lizard, but gets thro

Rubbing dirt on hands scene in Gladiator

In Gladiator, every time before a war scene, Maximus picks up a small quantity of dirt from around his feet and rubs it on his hands. Sometimes he smells his ha

Is it actually possible to transfer a totem?

In "Inception" it seems that Cobb takes over the use of Mal's totem (the spinning top). If the totem is a personal item that helps you keep your hold on realit

Why was Being John Malkovich based around John Malkovich?

The film Being John Malkovich is replete with unique plot ideas, the most captivating being the portal discovered by Craig Schwartz (John Cusack) taking him int

Did Batman break his no killing rule when he burned down the monastery in Batman Begins?

And if the fire didn't kill anyone, what would be the point? Destroying a headquarters won't prevent the organisation carrying out its plan.

Why does Bane protect the girl?

In the final twist of the movie, it is revealed that Talia is actually the one to have climbed out due to Bane helping her get up the hole. However, Bane's pur

Were parts of The Dark Knight Rises a commentary on the Occupy movement?

A fair amount of the second act of The Dark Knight Rises has a class warfare plotline. This is foreshadowed in the trailers with Selina Kyle's "there's a storm

Why does Bane want to destroy Gotham city?

In The Dark Knight Rises, at the end of the movie Talia said, it was her father's dream to destroy Gotham city, and I accept that any daughter who was in that s

What is the significance of the appearance of the wolf?

Near the end of Fantastic Mr. Fox, and just after the film's climax, Mr. Fox, Ash, Kristofferson and Kylie encounter a wolf. Like the scene, the wolf seemingly