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What happened at the end of Annihilation?

In Annihilation, Kane comes back as an alien from the Shimmer. We see this in the video, and he admits it in the end. Regarding Lena, she destroys the Shimmer a

Why was the film Annihilation pulled out of theaters?

Director Alex Garland’s second film, Annihilation—following Ex Machina—was released in North American theaters in February 2018 and it flopped

Is Annihilation an original movie, a sequel or a remake?

I have the clear feeling and the vague memory I've seen Annihilation before or at least some scenes in other(s) movie(s) years ago. Scenes I think I already se

How did Josie convert?

In Annihilation (2018), there is a scene after the final bear attack where Lena and Josie are talking while sitting outside the house. If you look at Josie's ar

What was the purpose behind showing nearly identical camera shots of the two houses in Annihilation?

In Annihilation (2018), the main character, Lena, lives in a house outside of the area known as "the shimmer" which the groups are sent to investigate. However,

What do these skeletons represent?

In the movie Annihilation, Lena walks past a formation of human skeletons, which look like totems of some sort, before entering the lighthouse. I am wondering