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Is Apocalypse Now, an anti-War film or a pro-War film?

Apocalypse Now ends with Col. Kurtz's words "The Horror, the horror". Capt. Willard is also seen saying during the end of the movie They will make me Major

What do the characters that accompany Willard in Apocalypse Now represent in relation to the morality and insanity?

What do the characters on the boat (Lance, Clean, Chief and Chef) represent in Apocalypse Now and how do they relate to the metaphor involving insanity? Any ans

What was the significance of Kurtz joining airborne

In Apocalypse now what was the relevance of Kurtz wanting to join airborne. I understood that it was surprising because of his age but why would it prevent him

What did Colonel Kurtz mean by his story of a snail on a razor?

I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. This is my dream; this is my nightmare. Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor,

The cow in Apocalypse Now

First time seeing Apocalypse Now and I am intrigued by how Francis Ford Coppola could make a movie that looks so real. One of my main concerns is this: Was th

Why didn't they just use the air strikes in the first place?

I just saw Apocalypse Now for the first time and it was great. One question I have is about the airstrikes the captain told Chef to call for if he's not back in

What does the French Plantation Scene mean in Apocalypse Now?

From what I understand from the movie, Captain Willard's journey up the Nung River to the heart of darkness is a metaphor for a human's descent into madness and

Why does Kurtz allow Willard to walk around free?

During the ending of Apocalypse Now Kurtz knows that Willard is there to kill him. Why does he let him walk around free?

Why did Chief Phillips try to kill Willard?

Nearing the end of Apocalypse Now a spear pierces Chief Phillips's body and Captain Willard tries to ease his fall, but the fatally wounded soldier seems to att

What is the meaning behind these three Apocalypse Now quotes?

I just watched Apocalypse Now for the first time, and didn't understand some of the quotes narrated by Capt. Willard they are as follows: It was no accident

Did Francis Ford Coppola appear in Apocalypse Now?

There's a scene I remember from seeing this movie a long time ago- Willard touches down on the ground and a bearded man in civilian garb and a cameraman with ca