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Who is speaking over the end credits of Argo?

During the end credits of Argo a man speaks about the events of the film. Who is the speaker?

In Argo, what is the culture official asking about?

Argo has a scene where the fake film crew joins an official from the Iranian government's department of culture and art (or something like that). When the offic

What is the significance of the "Argo fuck yourself" phrase?

What was the significance of the phrase 'Argo fuck yourself'? It is first uttered by Siegel (Arkin) when asked by a reporter at the reading of the fake movie, a

How did the Iranians realize the fraud?

At the end of Argo, right after the supposed film team is allowed to board their plane, Iranian soldiers storm the house of the Canadian ambassador. They find a

Why don't the Iranian troops try more extreme measures to stop the departing plane?

At the end of Argo, why don't the Iranian soldiers shoot the wheels ofr the plane in their attempt to stop it at the end of the movie? Why don't they contact th

Was the climax scene of Argo inspired by The Last King of Scotland?

In The Last King of Scotland (2006), Nicolas Gariggan escapes from Idi Amin in flight the same way Team from Argo (2012) escapes from the cops through flight.

Real time computer check globally in Argo

Towards the end of Argo, the flight tickets that Tony tried to use at the airport were cancelled. Back in U.S., Jack is trying to reverse this situation. When

How did "Lord of Light" become "Argo"?

The movie Argo depicts the extraction of six embassy workers who were hiding in Iran during the hostage crisis that began in 1979. To get their expert into the

Husband & wife twice - coincidence?

I just re-watched Argo (2012) after not having seen it in quite a while. In the meantime, I've watched the series Halt and Catch Fire (2014–17). So I coul

Why was the Hollywood sign destroyed?

Why was the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles destroyed in the movie "Argo"? Was the sign also destroyed in real life during 1980?