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Why does Buster not join in the family chicken dance?

Throughout the series Arrested Development, the various adult members of Michael's family all perform variations of the chicken dance to annoy Michael. At one p

Where is the Bluth Company model home located?

In Arrested Development, which is set in Orange County, CA, the model home is shown visibly in a undeveloped area. This area specifically a residential developm

Who is the person checking into rehab as Lindsay?

In S3E12 of Arrested Development ("Exit Strategy"), Lindsay and Lucille tell Michael they're checking into rehab, while they actually go to a spa instead. In th

Is Maeby adopted?

In season one episode 12 - "Martha Complex" - Tobias mentions that he and Lindsay were unable to conceive, yet they have a daughter - Maeby. Since Tobias and Li

How do the 'frozen goods' survive the banana stand fire?

In the season two episode "Spring Breakout" it is discovered that there were 250ccs of "frozen goods" stored in the freezer at the Blueth banana stand dating ba

"In the next episode..." plot points don't appear in the next episode?

At the end of each episode of Arrested Development, there is always a segment which is introduced by the narrator as "in the next episode of Arrested Developmen

Heartfire Quotes in Arrested Development

In Arrested Development Season 4, Heartfire is sometimes subtitled while she is not facing the screen. Is there any list of her dialog that I may read?

How did Tobias end up as a registered sex offender?

In the Season 4 episode of Arrested Development, Tobias is caught by a To Catch A Predator style show when he thinks he's going to meet Maeby at home. It's not

Why is Brian Doyle Murray a coward?

In the Arrested Development episode "Missing Kitty" (S01E16) Tobias, during his in-prison research for the role of "Frightened Inmate #2", is having difficultie

How do the writers of a show make so many incredible hidden references across episodes and seasons of a show like Arrested Development?

It seems like every time I rewatch Arrested Development, I catch some new reference to a future or past episode. There are so many gags (some quite complex) tha

Meaning of these signs in "Switch Hitter"

When Tobias is spreading the name "Funke" around the water cooler, some strange signs are posted in the break room of the production company. Given the nature

Who was the Arrested Development Character in Avengers: Infinity War?

So while watching the credits to Avengers: Infinity War I noticed a special thanks to 20th century fox for An Arrested Development Character but I did not see a

Why does Lucille Bluth's family call her "Gangie"?

In Arrested Development, Maeby and George Michael refer to Lucille as "Gangie". The other family members do this too, but usually only when speaking about her

Is there a connection between Mallory Archer and Lucille Bluth?

While checking my emails I got one from EB Games showcasing iconic mums from gamea and pop culture to celebrate Mother's Day, characters like Leia Organa, Aunt