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What does Kapiushon mean?

In season 6 episode 17 of Arrow. Anatoly says Kapiushon. So I’m wondering what it means because it says Kapiushon in other episodes and so I’m confu

Who is Alice referring to when she was talking to Kate?

In an episode of Batwoman, after Alice is captured and locked up in a van, Kate goes to her to reassure her that she didn't lead the Crows. Alice responds by re

Is Batwoman self contained?

The latest entry in Arrowverse universe is Batwoman, I wanted to jump into it but I am not up to date with Arrowverse shows. Like I have not seen Legends of Tom

What happened to Jessie Quick?

In season 8 episode 1 of Arrow it is seen that the Anti-monitor destroys Earth-2, where Jessie​ Quick lives. So, what happened to Jessie Quick and

How can Flash turn around return from the blackhole?

In the season 6 episode of The Flash TV series, we see that Flash enters a black hole and returns back. since it is scify I can understand him going inside and

How to be ready for the ongoing crisis?

In Arrowverse, they are doing the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. I heard it's connected to a lot of shows from Arrowverse and out of Arrowverse. So I wan

Did they reuse Titans scene for Crisis?

In Supergirl S05E09 during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, we got to know Titans exist on Earth 9 and we see Robin and Hawk looking at the sky. But unlike Burton

What are the different universes mentioned in Crisis on Infinite Earth?

In Supergirl Season 5 Episode 9, which is the first episode of Crisis on Infinite Earths, we see different Earths in which I can recognize Titans and the differ

Whom does this trophy belong to in Batman's collection during Crisis part two?

In Batwoman S01E09 (Crisis on Infinite Earths), we go to Earth 99 Gotham City where Batman is a ruthless killer and keeps trophies of his kills. We can easily i

Every Character and show referenced in Crisis On Infinite Earth?

The CW crossover for this year is called Crisis on Infinite Earths and most of the CW shows and characters are seen or said as a reference by someone. So I am

Where does Elseworlds fit into Batwoman chronology?

The character of Kate Kane, alias Batwoman was first introduced to the Arrowverse in the 2018 crossover event Elseworlds. This episode shows Kate as an establis

Was Flashpoint timeline bad enough to be reset?

I'm not sure I understand the reason for Barry to reset the Flashpoint timeline in The Flash season 3 episode 1. There were several negative changes in Flashpoi

Was there any pre Crisis buildup for setting up paragons?

In Crisis on Infinite Earths we heard about the paragons and as per Mar Novu: "Among the many misconceptions humanity holds dear is the fallacy that all bei

Why Gotham Globe became Gotham City Gazette in Crisis?

In Supergirl S05E09 aka Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One we see Batman (1989) universe with Alexander Knox (Robert Wuhl). But the newspaper they show was Got

All the casualties of the Gas attack on Superman Return universe hinted in crisis

In Batwoman S01E09 aka Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two, we see that Superman Return version of Clark had a big loss in a gas attack (supposedly by Joker):

How can this headline from Crisis on Infinite Earths be true?

This question was prompted by discussion here. In Supergirl S05E09, the first episode of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, there is a brief scene set in

Is there any significance to the Earths' numbers?

The "Crisis on Infinity Earths" event has introduced so many Earths to the Arrowverse. But do the numbers have any significance? Some obvious ones: Earth-666:

Who are these characters on Earth 2?

In Crisis on Infinite Earths part 5 of Arrowverse they reboot the whole universe and a new universe is formed. It is shown that on Earth 2 there reside Stargi

Why have Doom Patrol and Titans been broken up into separate continuities?

Doom Patrol and Titans used to share the same continuity. Beast Boy was part of both teams, and there was even a Titans episode acting as a backdoor pilot for D

What happened to John Deegan's face?

In Part 3 of the Elseworlds Crossover, after Oliver fires an arrow at John Deegan, after Reality is restored we see that Deegan's face has changed since the pre