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Is the Flash really the "Fastest man alive"?

In the series The Flash on CW, at the beginning of each episode's intro Barry Allen says "I'm the fastest man alive". But in each season, there was a much faste

Significance of Joe giving cigars to the team in Flash S04E04

In Flash Season 4 Episode 3 Elongated Journey Into Night, at the end of the episode Joe tells Flash that Cecile is pregnant. And in next scene everyone is happ

Why did the Constantine TV show go out of its way to never show the titular character smoking?

In the 2014 TV show Constantine, John Constantine is a cigarette smoker, just like his comic book counterpart. However, we rarely (never?) see Constantine actua

Why the difference between the Flash from TV and Movie?

I was just sitting in my office and wondering over why there's such difference between the Flash character from TV series and Movies? The movies' flash is all

What is the order of the Crisis on Earth X episodes in the Arrowverse?

There seams to be some crossover and I'm unsure of the order of which the episodes are supposed to be watched.

Why did Joe give cigars to Team Flash? [duplicate]

In The Flash 4x04 “Elongated Journey Into Night”, there is a scene in the final act when Joe arrives at Star Labs and shows a box

What sequence of cross overs to follow Flash s04e08 to Flash s04e09? [duplicate]

I was trying to watch s04e08 of The Flash and I realised that the storyline was based on something that began from another CW show. I've seen

Why did the killer attack Kara and Alex on the bridge?

In the Supergirl Season 3 episode "Midvale", we have an extended flashback featuring a young Kara and Alex attempting to solve the murder of Kenny, one of their

What is the correct watch order of Arrowverse in 2017?

I'm trying to keep up with four shows in the Arrowverse: Supergirl, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow. In past years, the air dates of Supergirl we

More comic book accurate portrayal of Constantine

In Arrowverse Matt Ryan has played the role of demon-hunter and exorcist Constantine while in the movie it was played by Keanu Reeves. Which portrayal of Consta

How did Barry speak to Iris when he is moving fast during the trial

In the last episode of Flash S4 E10, The Trial of the Flash. In the court room when Iris tried to tell everyone that Barry is the Flash, he move fast and tell h

What is the relationship between the Human Target TV series and the Human Target appearing in Arrow season 5?

There was an appearance of Human Target on Arrow to protect the mayor Oliver Queen and there also is a TV series of the same name, are they related to each othe

Black Siren hair style change in Arrow Season 6 Episode 10

In S06E10 of Arrow, there were two scenes where black siren was shown and she had entirely different hairstyles. In one scene her hair was short and black whe

Why is this house bitchin?

In The Flash S04E01, Barry started talking in cryptic language but on thing he said looks quite weird was: This house is bitchin Which everyone noticed is

Who was this awkwardly excited girl at the wedding in Supergirl S03E08?

During the Arrowverse crossover in Supergirl S03E08, there was one girl who met Barry on his wedding but behaved way too awkwardly: She said she was excited

What happened to the second Barry in Rogue Time?

At the end of Out Of Time, Barry has to run so fast that he accidentally jumps back in time by approximately one day, and becomes the doppelganger he had seen r

Why were no metas created after the particle accelerator exposition in Flash S04E03?

I was watching The Flash Season 04. I watched Episode 03 - "Luck Be a Lady". In that in the end, Becky's powers expand out of control, reactivating the particle

In S04E10 of "The Flash" who is "Kevin" that Marlize DeVoe refers to in her court testimony?

In the TV series The Flash, S04E10 ("The Trial of The Flash") who is "Kevin" that Marlize DeVoe refers to in her court testimony? The Flash (2014) s04e10 Ep

Does the Thinker know about the power of metas he created?

In The Flash season 4, Thinker forces Barry to come out of the speed force and thus creating 12 different metas who were exposed to dark matter in the bus. Do

In the Supergirl TV series what are known powers/abilities of the Martian Manhunter?

The Martian Manhunter is one of the important members of the Justice League. He can transform into any creature and adapt to any condition. In Supergirl TV se