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Why was the "Green" removed from "Green Arrow"?

Why was the new TV version of Green Arrow, simply called Arrow? Have the studios given any reasoning behind that decision?

How true is the plot of 'Arrow' to the comic with regards to his origins and background?

While I've read a few of the Green Arrow comics, I honestly don't remember much of it, including anything about Oliver Queen's origins. Does he even have an ori

Why didn't Oliver Queen rescue Walter sooner than he did?

In the television series "Arrow", how come Oliver Queen doesn't rescue Walter sooner than he did?

What did Oliver Queen say to the Russian guard in S02E06?

In the most recent episode of Arrow (season 2, episode 6), what did Oliver Queen say to the Russian guard (in Russian)? The scene is about 18 minutes into the e

Why didn't Oliver wear the mask?

In the season 1 finale of Arrow, when Oliver suits up for fighting Malcolm Merlyn in his office Oliver didn't put up the green color/mask around his eyes. Is t

Query about business discussion in "City of Angels" episode of Arrow

I'm fully aware this might be pushing the boundaries of what is an acceptable question, given that it's about an economics issue rather than the show itself, bu

Why is killing Slade Wilson so hard for Oliver?

I have been wondering, why can't Oliver kill Slade Wilson (aka. Deathstroke) and be done with it? I know the producers don't want that, but what has Slade got a

How is the voice not distorted when Barry is running at super-speeds?

I am not a physicist, however, when Barry is running/flashing, he gets to talk to the team back in HQ - How? When he talks back to them, I have a feeling, his

Where do the recaps/flashbacks of Felicity Smoak come from in S01E04?

At the beginning of every episode of The Flash, there are some recap shots. For episode 4, those consist of some shots of Felicity Smoak asking about Barry and

Was Arrow's change in moral alignment motivated by his audience?

The 1st season of Arrow had me (who is largely unacquainted with its literary source material) draw quite some comparisons to Bruce Wayne and his background, ex

Was Felicity Smoak always planned to be a main character in Arrow?

According to the trivia section of this article "Emily Bett Rickards was originally only intended to appear as Felicity in 'Lone Gunmen'." The wording doesn'

Why does Sin call Roy "Abercombie"?

In the TV show Arrow, why does Sin call Roy "Abercombie"? Is it because the red hoodie he wears is the brand Abercrombie & Fitch? Wikipedia says the actor (

Was Moira Queen's knowledge about Arrow's identity foreshadowed earlier?

During the Arrow episode "Seeing Red" (S02E20) Moira Queen tells her son Oliver that she knows about him being Arrow, which came as quite a surprise to Ollie, b

Where does Barry Allen live?

Has it been established where Barry Allen lives? Most of the time we see him off duty, he's either in his empty lab at CCPD or at Star Labs. Does he have an ap

What city is used for cityscape shots in The Flash?

The shows Arrow and The Flash take place in Starling City and nearby(?) Central City. My understanding (assumption) is that both shows are filmed in Vancouver,

Why does Arrow have so much Microsoft product placement?

Numerous times have I seen a Microsoft tablet running windows 8 and Bing search engine is used by Diggs to search the internet. Did Microsoft have a product pl

Why does the drink affect him?

In The Flash S1E11 Dr. Harrison Wells is seen in his apartment just having arrived from S.T.A.R. Labs, and he pours out a drink for himself, sips it and seems s

Time loop paradox in The Flash

In season 1, episode 15 (Out of Time), we see a time loop in the end. Assuming the timeline when the episode started to be x, in the end, we get to timeline x+1

Was it Barry's reflection or himself after the time jump?

It's regarding the last episode of Season 1 of 'The Flash' TV series. "Fast Enough" . When Barry aka 'The Flash' was running to the morgue he saw his reflectio

Why didn't young Barry disappear?

In The Flash S01E15 episode "Fallout" we saw Barry see himself while running. At the end of the episode we saw that Barry accidentally makes a time jump and goe