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Is Supergirl from Earth-1 or Earth-2?

I am a bit confused with the The Flash/Supergirl crossover. I always thought Supergirl was Earth-1, but The Flash rescued her and implied that she was Earth-2.

Is the Supergirl/Flash crossover understandable enough without watching the whole first season of Supergirl?

I know everything from Arrowverse but I am not following Supergirl. Only checked it's leaked pilot. Do I need to see the whole Supergirl till the crossover or i

Why didn't Non use Superman to do his bidding?

In BvS we see people thinking what a threat Superman is to earth. But in Supergirl's S01E19 we see he falls under Myriad's sway. So why doesn't Non use him to d

What is the device Barry (The Flash) has on his chest in the Supergirl crossover? [duplicate]

I watched the crossover between Supergirl and The Flash and as probably all of you also did, noticed a device we hadn't really seen before on

Why did Flash completely avoid mentioning Supergirl?

In Flash S02E18 "Versus Zoom", Flash accidentally passes through a blue portal during his speed test and after his return he asks how much time has passed. It's

Why doesn't the Flash have lightning fast reactions?

This has bothered me for a while now in The Flash. Barry can run faster than anyone or anything and while running, he almost never bumps into anything. You woul

Why didn't Zoom killing his time remnant affect his present self?

I just finished watching latest episode of The Flash - Versus Zoom and got little confused what a "Timeline Remnant" actually means. In this episode we learn ab

Different Wally West? [closed]

I read in this article that Wally West is the 3rd Flash. I also read that his father is named Rudolph. This got me confused. As someone who ha

How does the Flash have powers on Arrow S04E19?

Flash didn't have powers on The Flash S02E19, but has powers at the end of Arrow S04E19 just one day later. How is that possible? The answer is probably a plot

Why doesn't anyone find out the masked man's identity in The Flash

As far as we know, no one (except Zoom) knows the identity of the masked man, even if many characters spent time in the prison with him. He can't talk, agreed

How is the voice not distorted when Barry is running at super-speeds?

I am not a physicist, however, when Barry is running/flashing, he gets to talk to the team back in HQ - How? When he talks back to them, I have a feeling, his

Can Reverse Flash time travel?

In the 1st season of The Flash we see that Thawne is faster than Flash. Then why did he need Barry to time travel to his to open the portal, why didn't he run f

How Supergirl managed to get her ear pierced?

Supergirl is effectively invulnerable (her cousin is known to have to use his heat vision to shave; presumably she does too for legs etc). But her ears are pier

Where does Sara's meeting in LoT S01E16 fall in Arrow timeline?

In Legend of Tomorrow S01E16, Sara goes to the Arrowcave and meets her dad and got the information about the death of her sister and after some chit-chat she le

When do Ronnie and Stein split apart in The Flash?

In episode 13 of The Flash season 1, Firestorm, the combined form of Ronnie & Professor Stein, explodes when Caitlin and Barry try to help him. He was never

Why does the Supergirl TV series go out of its way to not say "Superman"?

After watching the pilot of Supergirl, it seemed strange to me that they seem to be going out of their way to not say "Superman" or "Clark Kent". In the opening

Explanation for character actions in Arrow S03E17?

I don't understand the motivations or actions in Arrow season 3 episode 17. First Ray Palmer literally grilled Arsenal (Roy) and I already thought he's dead,

In the first season finale of the Flash, how did they know their plan would work the way it did?

(Spoiler alert for anybody who's even more behind in the show than I am.) So I recently watched the first season of The Flash, and during the season finale...

Why did Eobard Thawne react the way he did to Jay Garrick's helmet?

In the Season 1 finale, Eobard Thawne opens up a portal to return home, and Jay Garrick's helmet comes through. Eobard Thawne looks at it and says "That's my cu

Do the DC speedsters need to accelerate and are not fast from the start like Quicksilver in the movies?

Why doesn't Flash in the new show "The Flash" simply dodge attacks like Quicksilver did in the movies by speeding up and even changing trajectories of bullets?