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Why is the 4:3 aspect ratio coming back?

Nowadays, especially in indie movies, the 4:3 ratio seems to be coming back. What are the reasons for that? Maybe nostalgia?

Are the home video releases of the Harry Potter films in the original aspect ratio?

After discovering a prominent fan restoration project, I'm thoroughly confused what the original aspect ratio is. Is the picture on DVD and blu-ray matted out a

Why was Gretel & Hansel released in the 1.55:1 aspect ratio?

Why was the movie Gretel & Hansel released in the 1.55:1 aspect ratio? It is not the IMAX or regular cinema aspect ration, not even the aspect ratio of 35 m

Why am I seeing double pillarboxes on some TV channels?

For awhile now, I've noticed some subchannels showing the 4:3 content with an extra set of pillarboxes. My TV puts light gray bars up when it sees 4:3 content.

2.4:1 aspect ratio [closed]

Blu-ray Disc film releases may use only 800 lines of the 1920×1080 resolution, resulting in an even 2.4:1 aspect ratio https://en.wikip

How to find the aspect ratio at which the movie was shot?

When looking for Baahubali 2015, I found an unplesant thing: the movie is around in several aspect ratios (16:9, 2.35), but obviously one is more cropped than t