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Was Odin the reason Thanos never collected the stones personally?

Once Odin died in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Thanos personally started collecting the stones. Does that mean he was no match for Odin? Or was it just right t

How was Thanos able to defeat Hulk in Infinity War without using any stone?

In the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War we saw that Hulk started beating up Thanos easily but suddenly Thanos overpowers him. Probably, the only way that wou

How could Thanos bleed red during a fight with Iron Man? Color of his blood is purple

Incident 1: During Gamora's fight with Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War the color of Thanos' blood was purple. Incident 2: Tony Stark made Thanos bleed. "All

Thor, God of Thunder, is easily imprisoned by Ebony Maw in Infinity War. Why is this?

In the final scenes of Thor: Ragnarok, exactly one movie prior, we see Thor fully realize his God of Thunder might against Hela. It's not quite enough (huh?) a

When Thanos asked for Tesseract why didn't Loki just lie?

In the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War Thanos asked for the Tesseract and when Thor said it was destroyed on Asgard, why didn't Loki just lie and agree with

Why does Thanos want everybody to meet back at Titan?

After getting the Space Stone in Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos again sends his minions to retrieve stones (that course of action in the past failed) and meet b

Is Nebula actually Thanos’ daughter or another adopted daughter like Gamora?

Nebula looks like she's same colors as Thanos but so much of her is different. Is she an actual daughter of Thanos? If so, can she wield the infinity gauntle

Why does Thanos leave Thor alive?

Being Odin’s son, Thanos probably had some kind of trepidation about Thor. Whether Thanos did have it about Thor or not, way why does he leave Thor alive

Are Tony's glasses made up of nano particles?

In the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War Tony Stark's glasses suddenly vanished. Were they made of nano particles which dissolved and became part of his sui

Why would Gamora go to Knowhere assuming Thanos would be there?

Thor, after getting rescued from the ship explosion in Avengers: Infinity War, informs the Guardians that Thanos is after all the Infinity Stones. He also sta

Is Thanos the *only* survivor of the collapse of Titan? [duplicate]

Is Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War the only survivor of the collapse of Titan? Where are his fellow Titans? Do the comics shed some ligh

Why isn't Tony Stark's F.R.I.D.A.Y available offline?

In Avengers: Infinity War, it is observed that after following Dr. Strange being abducted by Ebony Maw into a spaceship, Tony Stark receives a phone call f

How did Cull Obsidian's hand grow back in the battle of Wakanda?

In the fight scene near the Sanctum Santorum in Avengers: Infinity War Cull Obsidian's hand got cut off by a closing portal, but in the battle of Wakanda it was

Does Thanos just instinctively know how to use the Infinity Stones or was he preparing beforehand?

Dr. Strange needed the book of spells to learn how to manipulate the Eye of Agamotto and control the time stone. How does Thanos know how to use the reality S

Did Thanos' plan include the planets he visited before?

Before Thanos acquires all the Infinity Stones in Avengers: Infinity War, he had already been going around to many planets, killing off half the population: Dr

What happens to Bucky's arm at the end of Infinity War?

Bucky (Winter Soldier) has a metal arm (possibly made from vibranium?) but it's an attachment to his body as far as I understand. Why, when Thanos destroys half

Shouldn’t Stark losing communication on the spaceship severely limit the suit?

I remember from the first Avengers film, when Stark guides the nuke through the wormhole, his suit shuts down (lack of cellular communication possibly?). Fast

Is Thanos actually good? [closed]

I know it seems crazy, but anyway I'll ask. In the middle of Infinity war, Thanos beats Guardians and teleports with Gamora. After that, they

Why does the Mind Stone still affect Vision after Shuri spent all that time separating it?

In Avengers: Infinity War Shuri was tasked with separating the mind stone from Vision, and was doing it during the Wakanda battle with Proxima Midnight, Cull Ob

Could the black order disappear when Thanos snaps his fingers? [closed]

Of course, all members of the black order are dead when Thanos snaps his fingers in Avengers: Infinity War. But could it be possible that if t