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How is past Marty paradox explained in the Back to the Future series?

So Marty's parents are supposed to meet after his dad gets hit by his grandpa's car. The mom and dad relive the stories about it. After Marty time travels he

Shouldn’t they end up in space (because the earth moves over time)?

The earth is moving and so is the solar system, so shouldn’t they end up in space every time they travel through time?

Why did Marty McFly need to look up Doc Brown's address in 1955?

At the beginning of Back to the Future, it is clear that in 1985 Marty McFly knows where Doc Brown lives. Why then did he look up Doc Brown's address in a 1955

How was the DeLorean perceived in 1985?

The DMC DeLorean is now seen as an iconic car. Everyone knows it today because of Back to the Future, but back in 1985, how was it seen? In 1984, when Back to t

What do the red fox and scorpion tail represent in these movies? [closed]

The same red fox and scorpion tail logos appear in Back to the Future and The Monster Squad: Has anyone noticed this same image before? Is

Loop of Marties in Back to the Future 1

First of all, this is just a question based on my curiosity. It can seem pointless and illogical because of some missing piece of information, but I am asking i

Why does Marty give the colt peacemaker to Seamus at the end of Back to the Future Part 3?

Everything seems to have some sort of meaning, but the peacemaker just feels random.

Why was Pepsi free in 1985?

In Back to the Future, when Marty is stuck in the past, he visits a known diner from his timeline and asks the server about the phone booth and the address of D