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In Black Swan how much seduction is real?

In the film Black Swan there are a number of scenes where Nina and Thomas Leroy have a more than professional relationship. Are these real or are they part of

Are there different versions of Aronovsky's Black Swan?

I recently watched Black Swan on TV. I've seen the movie in the theatre as well. I was surprised to discover that the nail skin peel scene wasn't in the TV broa

What type of mental illness does Nina suffer from?

What type of mental illness does Nina suffer from? It looks like she has schizophrenia. Her mother also appears to be unwell or just extremely overbearing.

Who is the third girl in “Black Swan”?

In the 2010 movie Black Swan, Nina and Lily are the two main characters, but a couple of times in the movie, a third girl pops up out of nowhere. I cannot find

Does Nina die in the final scene of Black Swan?

Assuming the final scene of Black Swan is not a hallucination, Nina injured herself some significant time earlier in her dressing room and danced two entire se

How much of Nina's mother's emotional manipulation was real?

In Black Swan, my impression was that Nina's psychosis occurred in part due to both the pressure she put on herself to be "perfect," as well as the creepy relat

Why does Lily remove her panties in Black Swan?

Finally watching Black Swan and this early scene puzzled me. While Lily taking off her knickers isn't completely bizarre, she does it around someone she's never

Beth's death in Black Swan

In Black Swan, when Nina visits the previous main dancer, Beth, in hospital, she stabs her face with the nail file, but then Nina sees herself in her. And when