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What did Walter do that would make Gus want to kill him?

I don't understand what Walter did wrong so Gus wanted to kill him. Yes, I got the idea that Walter's behavior was unreliable and Pinkman was easily manipulated

What is up with Jesse and kids?

Jesse from Breaking Bad had trouble with his parents (his parents looked kind and caring towards him, seemed like he screwed big time to annoy them) but he had

Did Walter White's poor choices lead to his downfall?

Walter and Skyler were about to get divorced. But Skyler being calculating and manipulative knew that without money she would not be able to survive, so reconci

Jesse's real bad luck!

Why Jesse always coincidentally comes in contact with those people who are related to drug business or drug addicts. Even Jane who seemed like a real nice girl

Did Gus Fring really intended to replace Walter White with Gale when he asked Gale if he could cook Walter's formula Or was this Walter's fear?

Gus Fring initially hired Walter for 3 months for his service, which he later extended it to 1 year. Of course, he wanted Gale to learn Walter's formula and rep

What caused Jesse Pinkman to go spiralling down after killing somebody?

In Breaking Bad S01, Jesse and Walter were fresh in criminal world and had never killed anyone, so it was quite understandable that both of them would chose to

Did Walter’s cancer really relapse at the end of Breaking Bad — or is it possibly his lie, to justify his behavior?

When Walter first got cancer at the beginning of Breaking Bad, we see medical evidence, and also have no reason to question this being true. Same when the cance

Would Hank have been able to let Walter Jr. off for attempting to buy alcohol so easily?

I can’t help but notice the scene in season 2, where Walter Jr. attempts to buy alcohol. His friends ask him to approach a man, outside of a gas station a

Why was Breaking Bad's (and other shows) "Intro" so short?

The intro to Breaking Bad is very short - how was this negotiated? Usually, and especially for more popular shows (in the later seasons), shows have relatively

Did Vince Gilligan or other major Breaking Bad participants acknowledge the Wire as an inspiration? Did any Wire people comment on Breaking Bad?

The two shows are often compared, and it's easy to see why. They have some common themes. They're both about the drug trade. They both deal with failing institu

Why does Jesse try to burn down Walt's house despite the tox screen revealing no ricin poisoning [duplicate]

In Breaking Bad, Brock is poisoned by some substance contained in the lily of the valley, as the detectives admit to Jesse as they release him

Is it really so cold in Albuquerque?

While watching the series I was wondering if it's really so cold in New Mexico that all the main characters almost all the time wear long sleeves. I checked the

How did they film the scene that showed Leonel Salamanca's amputated legs in S03E08?

In Breaking Bad S03E08 I see you, Leonel Salamanca, portrayed by Daniel Moncada, is shown sitting up, with amputated legs, on a hospital bed. The image is clea

Breaking Bad Czech references?

In Breaking Bad there seems to be a disproportionate number of references to all things Czech. In one episode Saul refers to "Thai and Czech women", in another

Why would Walter leave that book in the bathroom?

He was so careful about everything, why would he leave the book in the bathroom? Was it anything more than the writers just not knowing how to make Hank figure

How did Tuco know where to pick up Jesse?

In episode "Seven thirty seven" (S02E01) of Breaking Bad, while talking to Skyler who is taking a bath, Walt gets a phone call from Jesse which he dismisses due

Why does Gus drive a 10 year old Volvo?

In Breaking Bad, Gustavo Fring drives a 10 year old Volvo. Why? I get the whole narrative about him being in some sort of ultra disguise but ... the man's publ

Why did Skyler mess up her desk at Beneke's in season 2?

One evening in Breaking Bad season 2, as Ted is about to leave from work, he stops by in front of Skyler's office to say goodbye. Ted appears to be attracted to

Why didn't Walt use a sniper rifle to assassinate Gus in S4E12?

Rewatching the episode, the rooftop spot seems like the perfect place to set it up. Walt could have used it himself or just hired somebody. Why not?

What did Walt mean to tell Jesse

In Breaking Bad, Season 2, later on after giving the 480K to Jesse, Walt goes round to his house once more and finds Jesse high, asleep next to Jane, then witne