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When sending the picture, how did Jesse know Walt put his money in a black barrel?

In the last season of Breaking Bad, Jesse has an idea on how to fool Walt and find where he hides his money, to help out Hank catches him. Jesse sends a picture

In Breaking Bad season one, A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal, why don't they roll the barrels?

In S1:E7 of Breaking Bad, Walter and Jesse steal a barrel of methylamine. When they take them from the warehouse, they choose to carry the barrel between the tw

How could you explain that Hank Schrader did know about altercation between Mike Ehrmantraut and Tuco?

In Breaking Bad season 2 episode 2, Hank lists criminal records of Tuco but does not tell about the altercation between Mike and Tuco on the season 2 of Better

Why did Walt kill the drug dealers?

In Breaking Bad, Season 3 Episode 12 (Half Measures), Jesse is incensed with the rival drug dealers for using children (in particular Tomás) to do their

What happened to Victor's car?

In Breaking Bad S04E01, Box Cutter- What happened to Victor's car? He left it at the crime scene, when he jumped in Jesse's car. Doubtful that anyone drove him,

Why was Walt so careless in this situation?

Why was Walt not concerned about getting dirt in the methylamine? Throughout Breaking Bad we are shown how pedantic Walt is with contamination. But in the trai

Why does Saul Goodman have to go into hiding?

I haven't quite catched the reason why Saul Goodman has to go into hiding at the end of Breaking Bad. He has commited crimes, yes, but I don't know how somebod

Why did Walt have to teach high school chemistry?

We are given some explanation as to why Walt quit Gray Matter and thereby forfeited his opportunity to make billions (tl; dw --- personal issues with the co-fou

Why does Zootopia have an intentional Breaking Bad reference?

When Judy is looking up on the case she finds, along with Nick, that there's a laboratory in a vehicle which processes a blue chemical to be sold in the market.

When Walter and Jesse get stranded in the desert, could they have made the walk?

In Breaking Bad S02E09, Walt and Jesse go to the desert to cook meth and they drive approximately 15 miles/24 km down a dirt road. Midways cooking, they realize

Breaking Bad S4E10 "Salud" Walter Jr's jacket [closed]

At the beginning of episode 10 of season 4 Walter Jr was shown a surprise birthday present. He was wearing an orange jacket. Is it an Apertur

What does it actually mean to "break bad"?

What does "breaking bad" actually mean, and in which context has the creator used the term for the title of the TV series Breaking Bad (2008-2013).

How did the emergency vehicles get there so quickly?

In the very first episode of Breaking Bad (S1E1 Pilot), Walt and Jesse drive the RV out into the middle of nowhere, New Mexico. They are many miles from civiliz

What was Jack's motivation in Felina?

Somewhat related to Why does Jack let Walt go?; why does Jack want to kill Walt in the last episode of Breaking Bad? Walt shows up under the pretense of wanting

Why Jesse did not kill Gus in Salud episode?

Mike was injured, and Gus was unconscious. It was a perfect chance to kill them both. I thought Jesse wanted to kill Gus, so why he didn't do it then?

What did exactly happen to Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad?

I've watched the super hit TV series Breaking Bad and I have a question regarding one of the important characters in this series, Saul Goodman. How did this la

How did they film the final shootout scene from Felina?

The final shootout scene in the last episode of Breaking Bad is quite impressive. Since watching it, I've wondered how it was filmed. When stepped through fra

How did Walter White poison that character?

I've seen Breaking Bad complete series 2-3 times, but I never found out how Walter White was able to poison Brock. I mean did he himself directly feed the Vall

Why does Mike call Jimmy "Saul"?

In Breaking Bad, Mike clearly calls Jimmy by his alternate name "Saul" multiple times. In Better Call Saul, we see that their paths are crossed quite considerab

What did Walter do that would make Gus want to kill him?

I don't understand what Walter did wrong so Gus wanted to kill him. Yes, I got the idea that Walter's behavior was unreliable and Pinkman was easily manipulated