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What happend to Walt's Aztek at the end of Breaking Bad season 4?

I think one of the lesser praised characters in Breaking Bad was the Aztek walt drove the first 4 seasons. It seemed like a very purposeful bit of 'casting'.

What is the meaning of the "fly scene" in Breaking Bad?

One of the Breaking Bad episodes involves a scene with a fly. Walter is obsessed by a fly in the lab and tries to kill it in order to keep the room clean. I wa

How much time has passed in Breaking Bad?

Unlike some shows that generally keep similar pace with real life—where a season is a year—Breaking Bad doesn't seem to. Currently (part-way though

Why is Walter Jr. being called "Flynn"?

Why is "Junior" in Breaking Bad all of a sudden now called Flynn? I thought he was dubbed Junior as he is also Walter White (Jr.). Is Flynn a middle name or s

The last scene of the Breaking Bad mid-season 5 finale

Hank's epiphany in the last scene of the Breaking Bad mid-season 5 finale spawns a flashback from season 3 (I think) where he and Walt talk about a book that Ga

What is the meaning of the Four Corners scene?

In Breaking Bad season 4 episode 6 Cornered, at one point, we see Skyler go the the border of four states and flip a coin. Upon seeing the coin land in one qua

Why does Walt want to retain Jessie as his partner?

In Breaking Bad series 3, Gus organises a whole high-tech lab so Walt can make large volumes of his high quality crystal meth. The lab comes with a competent an

What's with Puerto Rico and Marie?

In Episode 3 of Breaking Bad Season 4 ("Open House"), Marie is wandering around a house looking at spoons. The realtor spots her and then the following conversa

Question about Walter and the cigarette in Season 4 of Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad, what was Walter's reason for changing the poison cigarette with a mild substance and making Jesse's girlfriend's kid get sick? I think it is a

Why does Skyler put down a towel underneath her feet in Ted's house?

In Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 05 - Mas, there is a scene in Ted's house, in the bathroom, where Skyler puts down a towel under her feet. In earlier episode T

Where did this guy's body go?

In the Breaking Bad episode "...And the bag's in the river" (episode 3 of the first season): Walt kills Krazy 8 But we're not shown what happens to the b

Why does Gus walk away from his car?

In Breaking Bad S04E12 End Times, at the end Gus walks towards his car at the hospital parking with his two bodyguards, with Walt watching from an adjacent roof

Why does Walt sell the Aztek for a mere $50?

In Breaking Bad episode Fifty-One (Season 5, Episode 4) Walt takes out a lease on a pair of cars for himself and Junior and sells the Pontiac Aztek for $50. I

Why choose an Aztek?

In Breaking Bad, one of the iconic items is Walt's original car, the Pontiac Aztek. It is featured a lot in the series and can be argued as a slight companion

Why is the connection between Hank and Marie and the colour purple?

In Breaking Bad, it is seen in a mass sense that Marie has the entire home decorated in as much purple as possible: What is the significance with this colour

Why exactly did Walt leave Gray Matter?

Early on in Breaking Bad, it is revealed that Walt and Gretchen had a history together with Elliot in the construction of their company "Gray Matter". Howeve

Why did Victor die?

In Breaking Bad season 4 episode 1 "Box cutter", Gus kills Victor. Why does he do this? What does he gain from it other than scaring Walt and Jessie? Or is maki

Why did Walt destroy the Meth Lab?

At the end of Breaking Bad season 4, Walt destroyed super Meth Lab of Gus. Walt already killed Gus, so what's the necessity of destroying the Meth Lab. It broug

How did they film the gun spinning scene?

In "End Times" (Season 4 Episode 12) of Breaking Bad, there is a scene of Walt sitting near the pool. He places his gun on a table and spins it. The gun ends up

Why don't they show subtitles for the Spanish dialogue?

I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad and I am currently watching season 3. One thing that I have noticed is that there are several scenes where characters speak in