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What did Penelope say to the police chief in The Brothers Bloom?

What did Penelope (Rachel Weisz) say to the police chief in The Brothers Bloom after she was caught in the castle in Prague so that he let her go? Or was this

Why was this movie called 'The Brothers Bloom'?

This has bugged me since I saw the movie. Why was the movie called 'The Brothers Bloom'? The brothers are Stephen and Bloom. We are never given their last na

Did Stephen really get what he wanted?

After Stephen got shot by Diamond Dog's men right in front of his Brother Bloom he reveals to him that it was only fake blood and he pulled of the ultimate con.

Why was a '78 Caddy a controversial choice?

I watched Brothers Bloom over the weekend. As Stephen and Bang Bang took Bloom to New Jersey to the Ludicrous Mansion in order to show Bloom the next/last big c