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Why do some Kree have white skin?

This seems bizarre to me. All the Kree we've seen thus far (MCU based) were blue skinned... Ronan the Accuser being the most famous What do Kree people look l

Was Stan Lee's cameo in Captain Marvel computer generated?

About half-way through Captain Marvel we see a cameo of the late Stan Lee. Was this scene computer generated, or was it real?

How did S.H.I.E.L.D lose ownership of this item?

At the end of Captain America: The First Avenger we see Howard Stark's team recover the Tesseract from the ocean floor. in Captain Marvel we learn that the po

What species are Mar Vell and Yon Rogg? [duplicate]

In the MCU when we see the Kree they have blue skin and blue blood, such as Yon Rogg's team and Ronan the Accuser. However when we see Yon R

Why does Fury blame Thor?

In The Avengers Fury explains that the reason why S.H.I.E.L.D was making weapons with the Tesseract was because of Thor's fight with The Destroyer and the sudde

What happened to Captain Marvel's cat?

Captain Marvel's cat, Goose, is a Flerken, and maybe one of the deadliest aliens the MCU’s ever seen. What happened to Goose after the events of Captain M

Why did Fury lose his eye this way?

In Captain Marvel we see that the cat hurts Nick Fury, but they were both on the same team. Was this an accident or did the cat think it is funny?

Why did everyone call the organization S.H.I.E.L.D in Captain Marvel?

There was a fun running gag in Iron Man (2008) where Agent Coulson keeps calling his organization the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics

When does the second Captain Marvel post-credits scene take place?

In the second post-credit scene of Captain Marvel, we see Goose throwing up the Tesseract on Fury's desk When does this happen in the MARVEL timeline? (S

Why did they name the movie "Captain Marvel"?

Why did they choose the title to be "Captain Marvel"? Firstly Carol Danvers was a pilot. And Captain is a rank in the Army. I understand the title "Captain Am

Why can't Skrulls heal?

In Captain Marvel, Skrulls have the ability to completely replicate an entire being's DNA structure. In the movie there were many times when a Skrull got injure

What is a Flerken?

What exactly is a Flerken in Captain Marvel? How does it swallow things much bigger than itself? Where do they originate from? Do they show up anywhere else in

How do Skrulls create clothing?

As mentioned in Captain Marvel and here, Skrulls have the ability to copy anyone's DNA structure and replicate it in their bodies. In the movie we see that they

“What is given, can be taken away” says Yonn Rogg

Given that Carol Danvers is infused with the energy from the Tesseract or Space Stone in Captain Marvel, why does Yonn Rogg claim that her powers can be taken a

Where does Goose even come from, was he Danvers’ pet before the incident?

Goose the cat from Captain Marvel is odd to me... He's really a Flerken, a weird alien that looks like a cat, so why would Danvers have an alien pet? Maybe M

What does C-53 signify?

In Captain Marvel, the Kree refer to Earth as planet C-53. Does this number signify anything or is it a randomized number assigned to Earth?

Why is Carol unable to understand English?

After Carol Danvers (still going as Vers) crashes into the Blockbuster, she meets a security guard who has trouble understanding her so she asks to herself if h

How did Vers confirm that Nick Fury was human?

Early in the Captain Marvel movie, Carol Danvers (going by the name ‘Vers’) crashes to earth and fights off a Skrull attack, thus convincing the you

Is Carol Danvers called Captain Marvel in universe

So I'll start by saying Brie Larson's Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel and we should all call her that. My question is though is the title diegetic? Can we expe

What is the history of the Tesseract in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, taking into account the events of 'Captain Marvel'?

The 'Captain Marvel' movie is set in the 1990s, injecting into the continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). A key plot point is the use of the Tessera