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Is knowing Cars 2 required to fully enjoy Cars 3?

I have a DVD with the first Disney/Pixar Cars movie. My nearly 3 years old son watches it all over again. We did not see Cars 2. I'd like to take him to cinema

What techniques did animators follow to show the age of Lightning Mcqueen?

In Cars 3, Lightning Mcqueen is depicted as a veteran race car who tries to prove he is still the best racer in the world. He is old when compared to many chara

Would McQueen decision have been possible at the end of Cars 3 [closed]

In the final race in Cars 3, McQueen switches places with Cruz on the premise that it's the number and not a car that is registered for the ra

Are cars really allowed to join the race in the middle?

In the climax scenes of Cars 3 , there is a wreck on the race car track. There's a dialogue between two cars. Well, the green light is on and the pit road

Why doesn't McQueen get souped up in Cars 3?

In Cars 3, Jackson Storm clearly has much more raw horsepower(~800 HP instead of Lightning's 650 HP), a more efficient body and suspension, and just better all-