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Has an actor ever played a woman, or an actress a man, in a non-comedic/horror way?

I'm looking for good and/or early example(s) of a movie in which a male actor plays a female part (or vice versa), where the gender-switch isn't used to enact c

Why did Romero cast a Black actor as the lead?

Back in the 1960s, it was not typically seen or accepted for a Black lead actor to be seen in mainstream American movies. So why did Romero cast Duane Jones as

Why was Robert Patrick never recruited again after Terminator 2?

Why was Robert Patrick never recruited again after Terminator 2? Why wasn't he recruited in Genisys?

Why are they avoiding showing Arys Oakheart's face?

Game of Thrones edited out a lot of characters/stories from books like Lady Stoneheart (which is discussed here) and even shortened the stories of a few charact

Why is the actor who plays Davos not East-Asian and the one who plays Bakuto not Japanese?

There are two characters in Iron Fist, Davos and Bakuto, who have a South-Asian or generally Mediterranean physical appearance. Strangely enough, Davos is pla

Why did Hugh Jackman leave the X-Men franchise? [duplicate]

Why is Logan is the last movie of this franchise starring Hugh Jackman? Is there any chance of him appearing in a future X-Men movie, or even

Hitchcock, Stewart and Grant

The 1958 film Vertigo was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starred Jimmy Stewart. Here and there I encounter the suggestion that upon the release of Vertigo, Hi

Why did Al Pacino drastically change his voice from clean to rasping?

As far as I know, an actor voice is something that does not change much, but I realized that Al Pacino's voice has changed a lot in a short amount of time. In

Did the makers of HIMYM cast this actress on purpose to play Karen based on this quote?

In the That '70s Show episode S05E06 Over the Hills and Far Away Eric says to Donna: You love Marquette and I've made my peace with that so we're just gonna

Why are superhero movies signed by actors in three-parts?

I wrote an answer in this question Why did the story stop after The Dark Knight Rises? Which got me wondering - why are most superhero movies taken in three p

Did Michael Shannon appear in Batman v Superman, or was it just CGI?

In "Batman vs Superman", the character Zod appears briefly as a corpse. Actor Michael Shannon - who portrayed Zod in "Man of Steel" - is credited as Zod, but in

Were black actors more prominent in the 80s than they are now?

Lately I've taken a mild interest in 80s pop culture, and from my very superficial look I was surprised to see more black actors in movies, tv shows, and commer

Any reason why so many future superstars did early work on the sitcom Roseanne?

The list of guest stars of the sitcom Roseanne includes a string of actors who would go on to be huge successes in Hollywood: George Clooney Leonardo DiCaprio B

What actor has played the greatest number of unique Marvel or DC characters in movie adaptations?

I'm fairly certain this hasn't been asked yet based on my search, but apologies if it has. I'm curious what actor has had the most unique roles as a Marvel or D

Why is Warner Bros still keeping Johnny Depp as Grindelwald even after so much controversy? [closed]

As the title states: Why hasn't Warner Bros. replaced Johnny Depp as Grindelwald? A few things to note There has been an outcry of angry fans

Were there any actual Black actors in Birth of a Nation?

It is well known that white actors in blackface played African Americans in the 1915 movie Birth of a Nation, but I have the vaguest memory that there may have

Did Duncan Jones intentionally use actors of different ethnic groups in Warcraft movie? [closed]

In the Warcraft movie, there are actors which represent the different races on earth. Such as the elf king (or ambassador), the captain of the

Does Amondi's English accent in Sense8 reflect her wealth?

Disclaimer: Spoilers within for Season 1 Episode 6 of Sense8. In Netflix's show Sense8, Capheus is charged with transporting Kenyan crime lord Silas Kabaka's d

Did Spielberg plan on having Lao Che return in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

Lao Che is a Chinese gangster in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, played by Roy Chiao. The Wikipedia section on the character has the following unsourced s

Who played Sebastian in Suddenly Last Summer?

Sebastian Venable is an important character in the film adaptation of Suddenly Last Summer, yet his face is never shown nor is the actor who portrayed him liste