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Was Nolan Sorrento supposed to look like a nemesis from a 1980's movie?

In Ready Player One, the actor Ben Mendelsohn plays Nolan Sorrento, an authority figure who is out of touch with what's important to the "gunters" who play in t

Why did Mike leave?

I don't think Mike's character should have vanished like what the creator showed in Suits. While it is true that Meghan Markle is now Duchess of Sussex and prob

Actor-director partnership

Which is the longest actor-director partnership? I'm talking about movies where a given director works with the same actor/actress in a leading role. Johnny De

Why didn't Zawe Ashton stay on Sherlock as Sally Donovan?

Sally Donovan was portrayed by Vinette Robinson throughout the series except for the unaired pilot (s1e0). Why didn't Zawe Ashton remain on Sherlock? Looking

Why do the lead characters use different names?

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a film of Quentin Tarantino. It weaves "multiple storylines in a tribute to the final moments of Hollywood's golden age." In

Where did Brooklyn Nine-Nine get Boyle's lookalike?

The character Bill (played by Winston Story) really does have an uncanny resemblance to Charles Boyle (played by Joe Lo Truglio). I know that the Brooklyn Nine-

Cast and production of “Air Devils” (1932)

I am looking for information about the cast and production of 1932 American film Air Devils. It's mentioned in Stephen Pendo's Aviation in the Cinema (Scarecro

How does a new TV series ensures that its actors will be available for the future? [closed]

As I understand it, a new TV series sometimes goes like this: A pilot episode is produced, the network airs it or test-runs it, and the ne

Who voices the character "Finger" in The Fifth Element?

In The Fifth Element, the main character Korben Dallas talks on the phone with someone named Finger - an old military friend who also happens to be Korben's bos

What rules govern how TV show opening credits are structured?

I've always been curious what decides if a credit is in the opening or closing credits. It seems loosely that cast (in order of today's "big name" significance

Why the prevalence of Tilda Swinton?

The 2018 version of Suspiria has Tilda Swinton not only play Madame Blanc, but also Mother Markos and, more prominently, Dr. Klemperer. Now while Mother Markos

Why was Sean's father different in the portrait?

In Before I Wake, the Hobson family had Jessie Hobson, Mark Hobson and their dead son Sean. But in the portrait there was some other guy: But there was no me

Why did John Goodman say he was sandbagged by being cast as Fred Flintstone?

In the video John Goodman Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ at about 06:42 actor John Goodman says: Yeah they kinda sandbagged me. Stephen Spielberg

Was Lauryn McClain's character always supposed to end up like this?

When Step Up: High Water started, Lauryn McClain as Janelle Baker seems like the main lead of the show and things were revolving around her but with time she go

Why was the actor for Ned on Ghost Whisperer replaced?

In season 3 of Ghost Whisperer, the character Ned (Son of Melinda's co-worker Delia Banks, originally played by Tyler Patrick Jones was replaced by Christoph Sa

Why was Edward Norton's name not featured in the cast of Alita Battle Angel?

We can clearly see the Edward Norton plays Nova in Alita Battle Angel, but his name was not featured in the end credits of the movie. I checked IMDb as well w

Was Wayne Brady considered a guest star on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

The show Whose Line Is It Anyway? had a run which aired for 8 seasons from 1999-2008. Each episode had 4 comedians doing improv. Two of them were always Collin

Did any of the contestants on Masterchef not get a callback after the tasting but get on the show?

Just curious I’ve been reading all sorts of mixed things where some of the people that auditioned say they didn’t get called after the tasting to &l

Were the upside-down airplane passengers played by extras or by stunt people?

Typically in movies, most of the passengers on an airplane are played by extras. A few will be cast or costumed to be a "type", and some may have lines and get

Was Penelope always supposed to be short-lived on the show?

In Legacies, even being a side character Penelope stand out pretty well and #posie was a famous yuri ship among fans but her arc ended sooner than anyone expect