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How was Flash able to reverse the colour of Reverse-Flash's costume?

In Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Flash had only Reverse-Flash's ring/costume. So after he gets back his power, he uses this costume and does some kind

Why did Freya suddenly get so agitated during her speech?

Nearing the climax of The Huntsman: Winter's War, when Freya is holding a speech in front of her Huntsmen right before Eric tries to assassinate her, she sudden

Who became president? Leslie or Ben?

In the final episode of Parks and Recreation, we are fast-forwarded to 2048, to see Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry/Barry's funeral. We are shown Leslie and Ben, surrou

What happens with Zach's disabled father? Where did he stay in the end?

In the film Shelter (2007), Zach's father is shown with some kind of disability but he was never shown again in the film. Even Wikipedia mentions his disabled f

How old is Dottie Smith?

Because she appears childlike in the film, I was curious how old Dottie Smith is in Killer Joe?

Why didn't Non use Superman to do his bidding?

In BvS we see people thinking what a threat Superman is to earth. But in Supergirl's S01E19 we see he falls under Myriad's sway. So why doesn't Non use him to d

Is Director Vance actually another person?

In the 6th season of NCIS, we come across an episode (Knockout), where Tyler Owens, a boxer and a friend of Director Vance, is found dead. Vance starts leading

Why is the name 'Batman' avoided in the Dawn of Justice?

Strangely the name 'Batman' is almost never mentioned in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (except in the title). The characters use other names such as 'The d

If Firefly's Mal Reynolds is a sergeant why does Zoe call him "Sir"?

Mal Reynolds was a sergeant at the time of the the Battle of Serenity Valley. Why does Zoe call him "Sir" (even during the battle) when any self respecting TV

Why was Anubis always shown in 'animal form'?

All of the Gods of Egypt have a normal human appearance (beside that they are slightly taller). They can change forms to the animal-form which fits them most. B

Why did Michael Corleone fail where his father succeeded?

The two parallel arches in the Godfather trilogy follow the stories of Vito and Michael Corleone, the main motivation for both of them being to protect their fa

Why couldn't the black smoke fly away from the island?

Towards the end of the show Lost, we observe the Black Smoke Monster taking form of a human being in the face of John Locke. It is later revealed that his ultim

What condition did Walter Mitty have?

I am watching "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty". The eponymous main character suffers from frequent vivid hallucinations that occur frequently to him throughou

What happened to other characters from previous movies of Jurassic Park in Jurassic World

In Jurassic World, there are no references to characters from previous Jurassic Park movies, except Dr. Wu and John Hammond. There is no reference to characters

Why does the old woman in the film The Survivalist die?

In The Survivalist, why does the old woman in the film poison herself and die?

How old is grandma in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2?

The Grandma, played by Bess Meisler in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is lovable comic relief for the movie. But when the neighbours in movie were wondering how old

Why doesn't the Flash have lightning fast reactions?

This has bothered me for a while now in The Flash. Barry can run faster than anyone or anything and while running, he almost never bumps into anything. You woul

Where was Rhonda's/AF709's off switch?

In the TV series My Living Doll, Julie Newmar played robot AF709 (supposedly the origin of the name 'Seven of Nine'). I know that she had an OFF switch, but w

Why doesn't Gibbs lock his house?

In NCIS, Gibbs never locks his house. I've always thought that it's a fun quirk, but has there ever been an explanation of his thought process behind it?

How does Sheldon go to hospital even when he used to decline to go there?

We all know that Sheldon is very careful about germs and does not go around the sick people. That is why he declines to go to hospital. In the episode "The Enga