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How does Baby listen to Doc's plan if he has his headphones on?

In Baby Driver, The music that he listens to can be heard in the vicinity so it is safe to say that he is not putting his headphones on for show. How does he re

Did Digory already know about the wardrobe?

Its been quite long since I last watched the Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe. A question popped into my head that does Digory know

What were Goodkat's motives in saving Max's life in "Lucky Number Slevin"?

Throughout the movie, Goodkat's motives are unexplained and seemingly arbitrary. He saves what appears to be a random boy's life for no apparent reason, helps

How old are the characters in the Cars movies?

In one scene of the first movie, Sally recalls as far back as 40 years earlier, when things were different. Although we don't see her in the flashback all other

Why was Ares contradictory to common Mythology?

In Wonder Woman, especially during the fight with Ares there were a few things that stuck out as strange. Ares was able to wield and use lightning, commonly kn

Is Pennywise the clown imaginary?

Is Pennywise the clown imaginary? The reason, I ask is in the movie a young boy named Georgie hits his head before his paper boat goes down into the sewers and

Why did Max leave the Citadel at the end of Mad Max Fury Road?

I guess Fury Road was a story of redemption, not only for Furiosa, but for every other character in search of hope and salvation, including Max himself. That b

Tony's Private life in Spider-Man: Homecoming

I really don't know how to do this in terms of spoilers, but here goes... After watching the end of Homecoming, it appears that Tony and Pepper are very

Is Captain America back with Iron Man and the Avengers?

In Spider-Man: Homecoming while Happy (Jon Favreau) is loading the plane at Avengers Tower he mentions a "prototype of Cap's new shield". Does that mean Captai

Is there any other historical character in hell other than this character in Preacher?

In Preacher S02E03, due to the repeated breaking down of equipment, Eugene can leave his cell and encounters Hitler in the hallway. In the next episode he also

How did Gibbs become a pirate?

At the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean : Curse of the Black Pearl, it shows Mr. Gibbs being a sailor on Norrington's ship as a member of his crew. It is l

What happened to Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) after Transformers 3?

Do we know anything about what happened to Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf character) after Transformers 3 or did they just cross Shia off the list and he is never t

Why was Xavier losing control of his powers?

Throughout Logan we see that Charles does not have the same control of his powers as he did in previous movies. He has these seizures that keeps everyone paral

How does Adrian Toomes hide his earnings from the IRS?

I may need some help on how to word this question, but essentially I want to know what Toomes' cover was for his career. Early in the film, we learn his latest

Why is Frigga (queen of Asgard) not taken to healing room?

In the first part of Thor, when Volstagg returns injured from Jotunheim, Odin, the king of Asgard orders to send him to healing room. Which portrays that Asgard

Who cursed the Aztec gold coins?

In conversation between him and Elizabeth, Captain Barbossa says these words, You don't know what this is, do you? It's a pirate medallion. This is Aztec gold.

Which menial tasks is Samwell Tarly executing in the Citadel? [closed]

I know he is at the Citadel to become a Maester, and of course to study how to kill White Walkers. But he is cleaning other's shits? Are they

Spider-Man's resilience

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, a few scenes where Peter gets beaten with little to no harm really bothered me. The Vulture makes a concrete roof fall on his he

Significance of Peter Parker's ringtone

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter's phone rings throughout the movie in a couple scenes (ex: Weapon selling scene). The ringtone is very "loud" (it's not just a

What is up with Jesse and kids?

Jesse from Breaking Bad had trouble with his parents (his parents looked kind and caring towards him, seemed like he screwed big time to annoy them) but he had