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What is the Russians' goal in Stranger Things S3?

In Season 3 of Stranger Things, the Russians are in Hawkins to open the portal again and broadcasting a signal with a hidden message. Why are they opening

Why did Reese go to Hell?

It's confusing, why did Reese go to hell in Lucifer S03E07, while he did good? It's not like he killed somebody: he was trying to expose Lucifer about being the

What's the meaning of Dustin nickname in season 3?

At the end of Stranger Things' season 3, we saw that Dustin has a new nickname: Dusty-bun. Also, we saw that he calls his girlfriend as Suzie-poo As I'm

Spider-Man's resilience inconsistency

I was looking through some questions on this SE and I came across the following one asked a couple of years ago: Spider-Man's resilience Now this all makes se

Is Ragnar's posture in "Vikings" due to a character injury or his actor recovering from one?

I'm watching the Vikings season where Ragnar creates an alliance with King, Ecbert,. But it started quite a while back, Ragnar seems to lean whenever he stands,

Does Curb's Jason Alexander know Seinfeld's George Costanza is based on Larry David?

In S07E03 of Curb, we hear Jason Alexander saying the following about his character George on Seinfeld: [Jason Alexander:] The character is unlovable. He

Why was queen Victoria upset when she found out that Abdul was married?

The movie "Victoria and Abdul" shows the history of a unique friendship between the most powerful queen of the British Empire and a lowly Muslim servant from In

Is Neil's Dad Kevin from the TV Show "Inbetweeners" Gay or not?

In the TV Show The Inbetweeners, there is a recurring theme as to whether or not Neil's Dad Kevin is actually gay but it's never revealed whether he is gay or n

Who is the woman Tak is with at the very beginning of Ep1

At the very beginning of first episode of Altered Carbon, Takeshi Kovacs is in his birth body on Harlan's World. There is a woman with him and I've never figur

Is there an implied affection for Annie by Jeff in The Walk (2015)?

In the movie The Walk, there is a scene where Jeff is searching for a word to describe the wire-walking that Phillippe is about to attempt. He searches for the

Why did Keith Mars refer to Veronica as Felicia?

In S04E01 "Spring Break Forever" of Veronica Mars, while Keith & Veronica are having their usual father-daughter banter, he call her out as "Bye Felicia".

Tony eating the lemon: provocative or innocent?

While eating during the meeting with Sosa and Omar, Tony ends the meeting by eating the lemon in the finger bowl, then Omar properly uses the finger bowl by dip

Who is Starlight supposed to be a reference to?

In the Amazon Prime show; The Boys, it's very obvious who a few of the super heroes are representative of. Homelander is representative of Superman, Queen Maev

Could the sick child in this scene be Fredo and the illness the reason for his slowness?

In The Godfather Part II, at some point during the events in Vito's past, his child was sick. In the book, there is no implication that Fredo is of below averag

Is Cherie (Frenchie's girlfriend?) in "The Boys" blind?

After they capture Translucent and Billy Butcher takes Hughie to Frenchie's place, season 1, early in episode 2, Frenchie's girlfriend Cherie feels Hughie's fa

Why did Cox dislike Pfarrer since the beginning?

In Burn After Reading, as soon as the audience is introduced to Pfarrer, Cox starts having an uncomfortable back-and-forth with him, to the extent that it becom

Why does Kido honor Frank in Man in the High Castle?

This refers to The Man in the High Castle S3/Ep9 "Baku". When Kido takes Frank to his place of execution, he chooses a location--a former Japanese internment c

Why didn't they call Captain Marvel for the unsnap?

Spoilers ahead for those that didn't watch Avengers Endgame. I was reading this question and that got me thinking: why didn't Captain Marvel put the gauntlet o

Why was Sean's father different in the portrait?

In Before I Wake, the Hobson family had Jessie Hobson, Mark Hobson and their dead son Sean. But in the portrait there was some other guy: But there was no me

Does Uncle Ben exist in the MCU?

Uncle Ben, the man who raised Peter from birth with his wife May, and who taught Peter the lesson that inspires him to be a hero, who is the base for the iconic