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Did Lalo do this to the innocent couple in S6E01?

In S06E01, we see Lalo going to a couple's home after the events of last season. It seems the couple knows Lalo and offered him coffee and talks with him about

Did Nacho have sincere hatred for Lalo or was he dissembling?

It never seemed like Nacho's hatred in Better Call Saul, as expressed in his final scene for Lalo, was very well motivated -- sure, Lalo is a Salamanca and an e

Kim says Saul could be a rat -- is that consistent with her character?

In Season 6, E3, Kim and Jimmy are discussing Lalo's death and she suggests that Jimmy could choose to be a rat -- at that point she sounds very much like a cri

How are the Sith Inquisitors named?

There are a few Sith Inquisitors introduced in the TV show Obi-Wan Kenobi, two of whom are named the Third Sister and the Fifth Brother. During a verbal confron

How realistic is Maverick's career progression in "Top Gun: Maverick"?

Maverick's military rank is a recurring theme during the movie. Was this supposed to be satirical/funny or is it telling us something about the character? How r