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How does copyright work for pre-existing character/work?

Do film studio have to acquire rights for a public domain character or they can use them freely? I mean characters like Hercules, Thor, Social figures or fairy

What is the reason for Brunhild's suicide?

At the end of Fritz Lang's 1924 silent movie Die Nibelungen: Siegfried, when Kriemhild enters the minster, she sees that Brunhild has commited suicide at the co

Why does the president of the Federation look like a Klingon?

I always wonder why the president of the Federation in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country looks very similar to a Klingon. He has the characteristic high ha

Why does Ron Swanson work at the Parks Department?

For me, it not really clear why Ron Swanson is working at the Parks Department: Ron hates the government. Ron has a lot of money. (He mentions several times th

How did Napoleon Wilson come to his name?

As a big fan of John Carpenter's classic of urban terror Assault on Precinct 13 I always wondered (together with the rest of the characters) why Napoleon Wilson

What can someone use to give them 'Godfather cheeks'?

You know the story. Someone tells you the great news that they're expecting, and the even better news that they want you to be the Godfather. Your natural respo

Was J. Gatsby a shallow, superficial man?

My friend and I were having a discussion about The Great Gatsby and Mr. J. Gatsby in particular. My friend opines that he is a superficial man because all he ca

Association between antagonists in Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 3

I was wondering if there was any relation between the villains of the first and third movie of the franchise. In Iron Man 1, the terrorists who abduct Tony belo

Television crossover episodes between networks?

It can be somewhat common among spinoff series or when cross promotion is desired, for characters from one series to appear in episodes of another series. This

Why did James Moriarty decide to end it this way?

At the end of Sherlock S02E03 it simply doesn't make sense for me that James Moriarty killed himself. I mean, for me there is nothing greater than life, so why

Would a director revive a dead character for a sequel?

Scarface's director regretted killing Tony Montana. He didn't know that the movie would have such success; he could have used the character to create a sequel.

Why did his sister make a scary face?

I am taking about After Earth. In the scene the boy was sleeping on his hand-made raft and his dream was being shown. After hearing the conversation I think th

Why do so many Cary Grant films show him in a shower?

I notice that a great many of Cary Grant films show him in a shower, bathroom or bathhouse, with or without clothes on. Was this supposed to be some 'trademark

Significance of Gabriel Engel's name

The antagonist from Antibodies (orig.: Antikörper) carries the name Gabriel Engel. Given that "Engel" means "angel", this name is likely not just a coincid

Why does Walt go by Heisenberg?

In Breaking Bad, Walter White chooses to go by Heisenberg. I know that there has to be some significance behind both why Walt chose the name and why the writers

Role of the priest in the detention center

While Finch enquired about what happened in the detention centre in V for Vendetta, they came to realise that the priest was the highest paid staff there. But e

Is Russell Crowe in the opening scene of Beverly Hills Cop?

Just after Beverly Hills Cop starts it shows some parts of Detroit. About 1:45 in the movie appear 3 people looking at the street and it looks like one of them

Why did Deborah start a relationship with Bailey?

At the end of Once Upon a Time in America, when Noodles visits Deborah and asks her about Senator Bailey (who later turns out to be Max), she first denies to kn

How much money did Charlie Harper have?

This is quite tricky to figure out, and I am not looking for a specific number, but for a approximation. As you know, Charlie (nearly) always had a lot of mone

Background character in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

In Catching Fire, Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch and Effie are taken to the capitol. While Haymitch gives the Tributes his "forget everything you think you know about