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What's the purpose of Aurra Sing appearing in Star Wars Episode One?

In Star Wars Episode One, the bounty hunter Aurra Sing can be seen for a few seconds watching the pod race on Tatooine. She never reappears again in this episod

Why wasn't the poltergeist Peeves in the Harry Potter movies?

In the Harry Potter book series, Peeves is a poltergeist that roams the hallways causing trouble. He never really adds anything essential to the plot line, but

Why isn't Bruce Willis's character in the Sixth Sense self-aware?

Why doesn't Bruce Willis's character realize he is dead? If I remember correctly, the plot takes place several months after he is killed. Shouldn't there have

How do the differences between the replicants and Deckard evolve in Blade Runner?

In Blade Runner, replicant detection occurs via the subject's ability/inability to show advanced emotion. But early in the movie Deckard starts off as emotionle

Mark's development of character in Operating Systems

Mark stays near the back of his Operating Systems class. He receives a note in class that is passed to him from the front. He then storms out and answers the pr

Was Edmond Dantès Actually a Traitor?

In the movie adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo (2002), Edmond Dantès lands at Elba, kills some British soldiers and knowingly accepts a letter from

What significance does Mike Yanagita have in Fargo?

In the Coen brothers' movie Fargo (1996), the detective Marge Gunderson gets called by and meets an old schoolmate, Mike Yanagita. He tells her that he is widow

How to describe Elsa Schneider in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

Elsa is a very detailed character for the role she plays. She is secretly a Nazi Is constantly around Indiana Gets violent with Indiana but kisses him When

Shiny and new in "vehicle mode", yet battle-damage re-appears in "robot" mode

I've often wondered about this apparent inconsistency. I'm assuming it's a case of Deux ex Hollywood, but could there be a specific explanation for the fact tha

What's the relationship between Carter and Hanaway?

In the film Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol, it's clear that Agents Carter and Hanaway (Josh Holloway's character) were teammates, but I'm curious if there

Is Captain Haddock Scottish?

I just saw The Adventures of Tintin and I could see that Captain Haddock's character has a very thick Scottish accent. I don't recollect any reference made in t

Character naming in Synecdoche New York

I recently saw the movie Synecdoche New York. Among other things that intrigued me, the name of the protagonist, Caden Cotard is very interesting. From the Wik

What would Jacob Palmer's (Ryan Gosling's) accent in Crazy Stupid Love be classified as?

The movie Crazy, Stupid, Love seems to be shot primarily in California. But still Ryan Gosling has this weird accent. What would you call this accent? Is there

What evidence is there for each side of the debate over the authenticity of "Exit Through The Gift Shop"?

I recently watched "Exit Through The Gift Shop" and thought it was absolutely excellent. After the movie was over, my friend told me that a lot of people think

What is the significance of the scene with the cop near the end of The Artist?

Near the end of The Artist, George Valentin is looking at his own reflection superimposed on a tuxedo in a shop window (the scene used in the trailer) when a co

What was Lightning's motivation for recklessness?

In the movie Redtails, Lightning shows that he has a tendency to be pretty reckless. This is shown by him taking the armed train by himself or attacking the ger

Is the female "Ralph" character playing along?

In "So I Married an Axe Murderer", Harriet (Nancy Travis) cries out for "Ralph!" in her sleep, which Charlie (Mike Myers) correctly attributes to one of her "mi

From where does Detective Bobby Goren draw his wealth of knowledge?

Detective Robert Goren of Law and Order: Criminal Intent is often compared to Sherlock Holmes and draws on experience in the US Army as a criminal investigator.

Was Blaster from "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" the same character as the big farmhand from "Mad Max"?

In the movie "Mad Max", there was a large farmhand character. In the "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" movie, Max fights a masked giant in the dome. I have always im

Dolores Umbridge: Misguided or Sinister?

This is an on-going debate between my husband and I stemming from our viewing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this weekend. In OOTP, Umbridge real