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Was John Bender actually the hero in The Breakfast Club?

So I am curious John Bender is portrayed as a burn-out, soon-to-be on welfare, your future armed robber, killer, burglar, and alcoholic at first in The Breakfas

Why did Leo Higgins have a burnt nose in Muriel's Wedding?

A minor but recurring character sidles up to the Heslop family occasionally, talking about how great the patriarch Bill Heslop is. Leo Higgins (Rob Steele) had

What exactly happened to Louise's first husband in Arrival?

In Arrival, as I understood Louise's husband had abandoned her and her daughter. However, I feel like I've missed on the true reason why. We see that he is not

New Character in Vikings

On the season finale of Vikings this new character is introduced: And so far Vikings has been as accurate as a series can be about an actual historical time

Does Ruby Rhod fall under rainbow umbrella, is it even established in the film?

When I first watched The Fifth Element, Ruby Rhod appeared like a LGBT character to me and to show Androgyny signs. Does the film ever establish where he falls

Why was K-Mart's name changed from the original draft script?

In the original draft script for Resident Evil: Extinction, K-Mart's name was originally supposed to be Elizabeth Jane Case. K-Mart explains that she got her n

Who is Natalie in the movie Memento?

I don't get the scenes regarding Natalie and Leonard. How is she connected to the movie's main story and is she the one who is using Leonard to distribute drugs

What really happened to Zatanna during her fight with Felix Faust?

In Justice League Dark, Zatanna was able to cancel Felix Faust's magic to stop women from talking in his house by removing cloth from the statue. But after that

What is the joke with Rob Reiner's hat?

In This is Spinal Tap, Rob Reiner plays a documentary filmmaker named Marty DiBergi who is wearing the same hat throughout the entire film which looks like its

Why does Katherine take the blue binders to the washroom?

In Hidden Figures, why did Katherine Johnson take the blue binders with her every time she went to the washroom?

Why would Travis Bickle go on a date to an adult cinema?

In the beginning of Taxi Driver, we see Travis as an insomniac loner that falls in love with a gorgeous blonde. They hit it off, he looks confident, smooth, but

Why does Travis Bickle attempt the assassination?

In Taxi Driver, Travis Bickle ruins his relationship with the woman he likes. Then, he tries to get her back, fails, starts becoming angry, fantasizing with kil

The ending of the relationship between Travis Bickle and Betsy

In Taxi Driver, after failing to assassinate the senator, Travis Bickle goes to save the underage hooker. I understand that he is angry and furious, and ki

What illness did Madame de Tourvel actually die from?

In Dangerous Liaisons, Madame de Tourvel is actively pursued by Vicomte de Valmont. Madame de Tourvel is married, chaste and devoutly religious. Vicomte de Val

Is Beric Dondarrion a Targaryen?

Jaime Lannister said to Brienne: When I was killing him, he had not expected to die. He said this when they were in the bath and he was talking about kill

Why is Thea Queen nicknamed "Speedy" instead of Roy Harper?

Traditionally (in the comics), Roy Harper is the superhero (and sidekick/partner of the Green Arrow) known as Speedy; before assuming the alternative identity,

When did Black Canary get her "Canary Cry"? [closed]

In which episode of the Arrow does the Black Canary get her "cry"? Or was it a Flash episode? I seemed to have missed this one.

In the Pokémon anime, why do Jessie and James always wear white?

Why do they wear white and the other Team Rocket members wear black? Team Rocket, and what they wore in only the first few episodes of the Black/White series (o

Was there a purpose to Margaret Allison Hart being introduced in Season 7?

I just finished Season 7 of NCIS and according to the NCIS Wiki, Defense Attorney Margaret Allison Hart's last episode was the end of the season. The entire se

Does the Red Queen's face intentionally evoke Mickey Mouse?

When watching Alice Through The Looking Glass the thought came to my mind that the Red Queen's hair is shaped like Mickey Mouse's ears. There is even this spike