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Who are the look-alikes hired by Abed supposed to be?

In Community season 3 episode 12 'Contemporary Impressionists', when Troy returns to his flat and sees Abed sat down with a leg cast, he fears the worst and the

What career was Troy planning on?

One of the arcs in the TV show Community is what career Troy Barnes is going to pick. In season 1, one of the community college's plumbers tries to encourage T

How did Jeff become the Dean's favorite?

In the last few episodes of the third season of the television series Community, it is shown that the dean loves the study group and Jeff is his favorite studen

What was the inspiration for the trampoline storyline in "Aerodynamics of Gender"?

In Community season 2, episode 7, Aerodynamics of Gender, Troy discovers a place of peace with a magical trampoline. What movie/television show inspired this st

Did Troy quit the Air Conditioning Repair School?

Did Troy quit the AC Repair school at the ending of Season 3, or did he continue? It is unclear, as in Season 4 it is never mentioned. Also, at the end of Sea

Why did Troy's arm still hurt after two months?

In Community episode S03E19 Curriculum Unavailable, when the study group is talking about what a crazy year they have had, they show an incident in which Troy s

What was the plan of Chang and the City College?

In Community Season 4, Chang came back to the college with Changnesia and said his name was Kevin. But there was an evil plan with the dean of City College, whi

What's happened to Shirley in Community Season 6

So I just started watching the new Yahoo! Screen showing of Community Season 6 episode 1 and Shirley (played by Yvette Nicole Brown) is missing. The absence is

What's with Garrett glaring at the study group, and then Leonard staring at Garrett?

In Community S06E01 - "Ladders", there is a scene (at about 24 min, at the end of the actual episode) where Garrett is glaring at the study group, then Leonard

What country are the text pranksters supposed to be from?

In Community Season 6 Episode 3, some unknown schoolkids are kidding the principal into thinking he has Jeff Winger's mobile number and that he's texting him.

Why was the actor who played Kreese in Community credited as 'Someone Else'?

In Community Season 6 Episode 4 in the stage adaption of Karate Kid, the actor who plays 'Kreese' (real actor in film was Jess Allen playing Kreese in the origi

Was this episode of Community sponsored by Honda

In Season 6 Episode 7 of Community (Advanced Safety Features), the plot involves Britta agreeing to a guerilla marketing campaign and they manage to suggest to

Why does Annie say "Susan" after Abed proposes calling the group the "Stephen King's Dreamcatchers"?

In the last episode of season 6 of Community, when proposing new names for the Save Greendale Committee, Abed proposes "Stephen King's Dreamcatchers". Annie the

Is Inspector Spacetime a reference to a series that really exists?

In the series Community the characters Abed and Troy love to watch the series Inspector Spacetime. It feels like it is a reference to a series that really exis

Advanced grifting techniques

Community season 6 episode 9: Grifting 101 Jeff Winger says: How was grifting class? Did you teach some advanced techniques; only you could understand? The

What happened to Buddy (Jack Black's character) in Community?

In Season 1 Episode 13: "Investigative Journalism" of Community, Buddy manages to include himself in the study group, having been sat unnoticed in the Spanish c

How much time has passed since the beginning of the "Hot Lava" game?

In Community season 5 episode 5 "Geothermal Escapism", Abed begins a school-wide game of "Hot Lava" to commemorate Troy leaving Greendale. After Britta has lef

What should be assumed to justify the multiple timeline in the remedial chaos theory?

I had this discussion about this episode of Community some time ago. I am actually bothered by the fact that since there is a timeline where Abed catch the dice

At the start of Community S01E04 why is Pierce hiding his face?

At the start of Community S01E04, Professor Chang starts the class off by thanking people for their feedback on his teaching, before saying: "But there was

Why is the timeline in which Troy leaves the "darkest" one? What does this say about Troy?

In the Community episode "Remedial Chaos Theory", it's clear that the happiest (and principal) timeline is the one where Jeff leaves and the group can be free f