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What are the biggest differences between the American system of movie ratings and European systems?

In the USA the MPAA rates movies according to the appropriate audiences on a scale of G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17. Only the last two impose any constraint on who c

How do low-budget films go about movie ratings when they want to distribute globally?

Imagine a low-budget production that will be running on multiple festivals and cinemas around the world. After the theatrical tour they'll start home distributi

How long before a film's release will it receive its certificate or rating?

As per the title, I've been researching a film which is released in about 4 weeks but doesn't seem to have received it's rating/certificate from the BBFC yet. (

Why was seventeen chosen to be the age allowed to see an R-rated movie instead of sixteen or eighteen?

I've been curious about this for a while, though I really haven't found any kind of an explanation as to whether the choice of 17 as the allowed age for R-rated

How is John Wick 3 a 15 certificate?

In the UK John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum is rated 15, in the US I believe it is R. Can someone explain this to me? This is one of the most horrifically viol

Who enforces MPAA rating adherence?

Let's say one opens a new movie theater in New York City that is accessible to the public. Are there any laws in New York state or the US in general that would

Do movie soundtracks video clips follow the movie's age rating?

I am aware of Are content rating criteria applied to music videos?, but I am asking specifically about soundtrack videoclips that associate with a movie. If th

Is it true that indexed movies in Germany are not actually banned?

When I'm doing some research on a controversial movie, it's not that infrequent to see that it is put on an index in Germany. Does it means that it is illegal t

Who showed content warnings (you know after ratings bumpers) first, HBO or Cinemax?

In 1994, I know both did. I'm just curious. I always like watching taped promo breaks from people that are posted on Youtube. So I'm wondering who was the first

How did "adult" themed shows get on CITV?

Back in the 90s there were some shows on Children's ITV (CITV) that had some fairly adult themes. Round the Bend was quite notorious, with many of the jokes dou

Why do some "unrated" films have an MPAA seal in the end credits?

At the end of some released "unrated" films, there is an MPAA seal of approval for strange reasons. This seal is usually issued after the film has been rated. H

The remake of The Blob in the 1980s -- was an explicit child death rare prior to the 80s? [closed]

I remember seeing this movie where the Blob kills a child and thinking how unusual that was. Is it possible that indeed on-screen deaths of ch