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"Fland Canyon" and Maude

I was watching an episode of The Simpsons yesterday - "Fland Canyon" - and it entailed Homer trying to get Maggie to sleep by telling a story of the family's ho

Why and to which extent was The Night Manager recut for international release?

While The Night Manager was released on its original TV channels BBC One (UK) and AMC (US) as 6 60-minute episodes, it has been repacketed in other countries (a

How does the Flash have powers on Arrow S04E19?

Flash didn't have powers on The Flash S02E19, but has powers at the end of Arrow S04E19 just one day later. How is that possible? The answer is probably a plot

How does Animatrix fit into the Matrix movies world?

I've seen The Matrix when it first came out and now I wish to watch all the Matrix movies together in order of relevance including the Animatrix anime. Does A

Is the Reimagined Battlestar a reboot or a sequel to the Original Battlestar?

The Reimagined Battlestar started as a remake, or reboot (no real difference) to the original Battlestar Galactica. Due to changes in audience expectations, it

How can Professor X walk and use his powers?

After the bullet accident in X Men First Class, Charles Xavier (Prof. X) was only able to walk if he injected the serum that Beast created: (Days of Future Pa

How long did it take the space marines in Aliens to reach planet LV-426?

In the beginning of the 1986 movie Aliens, people lose contact with terraformers on planet LV-426. It is decided that a unit of space marines, along with Ellen

Why is Kirk's middle initial wrong in series 1 episode 3 of Star Trek?

In the third episode of the original series of Star Trek, "Where No Man Has Gone Before", a powerful psychic makes a grave for Kirk as part of an elaborate atte

What is the significance of the piece of leather Manco wears around his right wrist?

Manco, a.k.a. the Man With No Name, wears this for pretty much the entirety of For a Few Dollars More. The one exception I could find was when he was snooping a

How does the USS Franklin fit in the pre-Kelvin Timeline?

In Star Trek Beyond, we are introduced to the USS Franklin (NX-326). Where does this NX registry, Starship class ship fall in the pre-Kelvin timeline, as compar

Was the Starfleet officer connected to the later series?

In Star Trek Beyond, we are briefly introduced to a high-ranking Starfleet officer, Commodore Paris. In the original timeline, Voyager had Admiral Owen Paris, a

What happened to the Federation Universal Translator Technology?

In Star Trek Beyond, an alien is recovered drifting towards the Yorktown. Her language isn't understandable, so they put her in a large round device, take a whi

Why is there a marked grave?

At the end of Buffy the Vampire season five, which was also the ending of the WB run of the series, Buffy dies. The episode concludes with a shot of t

Why did the plot instantly skip from the monster's escape to the townspeople's defense preparations?

The next scene after the monster escapes from the castle in Young Frankenstein does instantly show the townspeople preparing for him (the scene with Helga's gra

Why did the marks think they recognized Hardison in s4e16 "The Gold Job"

In season 4 episode 16 of Leverage, the scoobies are attempting to con a brother and sister owners of a scamy Cash for Gold business. During the later half of

Longest Continuous Plotline Across a Series of Films

After watching the thirteen films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I've been wondering if there is a longer running series of films that maps out a continuous

Differences between reboot, remake, reimagining - is my understanding correct?

I know that reboot is a term often used by the media to mean a comeback of a franchise from scratch, but is my understanding correct of the terms: Reboot: To s

What happened to the humans?

In Underworld Blood Wars, there is barely any humans. At all. Yet just a short time before, humans had nearly exterminated both Vampire and Lycans alike, wit

Why didn't Author, Author reference A Measure of a Man?

The Voyager episode "Author, Author" is basically a shameless ripoff homage to the TNG era episode of "Measure of a Man". In that, an android known as Data has

Is there a canon explanation for certain holodeck differences between Star Trek shows?

Namely, I noticed that in Star Trek: The Next Generation, holographic characters and objects can actually travel a little distance/last for a few moments outsid