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Are there any more instances of MCU characters crossing over into Non Marvel Entertainment properties?

So according to the Marvel Multiverse (the different universes the various Marvel franchises operate their characters within), the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MC

Television crossover episodes between networks?

It can be somewhat common among spinoff series or when cross promotion is desired, for characters from one series to appear in episodes of another series. This

Closing credits for Brave: subtle nods towards Tangled and Frozen?

The Frozen Theory is fascinating, and very interesting, but this question is not about that. Anyway, in the Brave end credits there seems to be quite a few six

What is the biggest crossover universe in TV?

Franchise movies have crossed over for over a hundred years, however despite the long and serialised nature of TV, they're still relatively uncommon besides spi

Are ghosts real in the "Bones" tv show?

TLDR: Are ghosts actually real in Bones and is there any Word of God evidence to support this? Does that mean Teddy was really there, and not just a hallucinati

Is there any way in which to use cross-over characters from other TV series?

I am writing a pilot for a TV Series, and wondered if it may be legally possible to write in a character from another (relative) series? This isn't it, but for

Is Supergirl from Earth-1 or Earth-2?

I am a bit confused with the The Flash/Supergirl crossover. I always thought Supergirl was Earth-1, but The Flash rescued her and implied that she was Earth-2.

Biggest single episode TV crossover

After watching episodes of TV where characters from Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Law & Order: SVU all interact with each other in a single episode I was cur

Was Jeremy Clarkson's P45 pitch broadcast within a Dragons' Den episode? [closed]

In season 19, episode 1 of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson pitched a small car, the P45, in front of the cast of Dragons' Den. This segment appeared

Which episodes of Flash cross over with Arrow?

Being part of a shared continuity, episodes of Arrow and Flash seem to cross over regularly. But not following Flash makes it difficult for me to even know if I

What sequence of cross overs to follow Flash s04e08 to Flash s04e09? [duplicate]

I was trying to watch s04e08 of The Flash and I realised that the storyline was based on something that began from another CW show. I've seen

Can I watch the Sleepy Hollow crossover episode with Bones without having watched the rest of Sleepy Hollow?

I have watched every episode of Bones, and apparently one of them was a crossover episode with Sleepy Hollow where the story was continued in Sleepy Hollow. I w

How to be ready for the ongoing crisis?

In Arrowverse, they are doing the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. I heard it's connected to a lot of shows from Arrowverse and out of Arrowverse. So I wan

What are the different universes mentioned in Crisis on Infinite Earth?

In Supergirl Season 5 Episode 9, which is the first episode of Crisis on Infinite Earths, we see different Earths in which I can recognize Titans and the differ

Every Character and show referenced in Crisis On Infinite Earth?

The CW crossover for this year is called Crisis on Infinite Earths and most of the CW shows and characters are seen or said as a reference by someone. So I am

All the casualties of the Gas attack on Superman Return universe hinted in crisis

In Batwoman S01E09 aka Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two, we see that Superman Return version of Clark had a big loss in a gas attack (supposedly by Joker):

Why have Doom Patrol and Titans been broken up into separate continuities?

Doom Patrol and Titans used to share the same continuity. Beast Boy was part of both teams, and there was even a Titans episode acting as a backdoor pilot for D

Do any crossover episodes of narrative shows on streaming services exist?

Crossover episodes have long-been a staple of network TV that seemed to peak in the 1990s (Golden Girls and Empty Nest on NBC in the ‘90s, CSI crossovers

Crossover episodes that have title cards for both series? [closed]

Usually a crossover episode is clearly a Series A episode with a plot that includes visiting Series B characters. Are there any cases where a