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Can Shazam retain full strength even after sharing it with many people?

After sharing powers with his friends Shazam (Billy Batson) still seemed to have all his powers in the movie. Was this the case? Does this mean he can share his

How did Billy Batson know about the Seven Sins?

In the movie Shazam! Billy Batson tells Dr. Sivanna the names of all Seven Deadly Sins. He also speaks about the appearance of Envy and other sins. How did he

How did Aquaman get his tattoos?

Simple question, how (physically) did Aquaman get his tattoos? Considering that, He is bullet proof Hardened steel can't penetrate his skin That he had his po

How is Superman able to defeat Kryptonians who are better trained and skilled than him?

During Man of Steel, Superman battles and defeats several military trained Kryptonians (eg. Zod, Faora etc) who have much more training and combat skill at thei

Why are there so many superhero movies made in recent decades?

This question is mostly concerned with live-action theatrical films. Here’s lists of Marvel and DC Comics films. I’ve made a graph of yearly distri

Why does Wonder Woman say "goodbye brother" to Ares?

When Ares reveals himself to Diana in Wonder Woman, just after she finds out that her sword is powerless against him, he says "Oh my dear child". Then, Diana t

In Superman vs Batman, Lex Luthor says, "Martha, Martha, Martha" -- was that improvised?

The line (taunting Superman, iirc) is a play on an old Brady Bunch where someone says, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" but Lex according to the movie grew up in East G

Where exactly does Birds of Prey take place in the DC Extended Universe?

I recently watched Birds of Prey and it was clear that it takes place after Suicide Squad, but when? I want to know in comparison to other DC Extended Univers

Batman is what?

In the post-credit audio-scene of Birds of Prey, Harley says Batman is and then it cuts to black. What was she supposed to say? Is it about his secret identity,

What is the significance of the toy car?

When Huntress' family is killed in Birds of Prey, one of them gives her a purple toy car, which seems to be a sign that it had a some importance to her or her f

Why did they want to send people to the Phantom Zone in Man of Steel?

The people of Krypton had to live somewhere, but as I got it from Man of Steel the Phantom Zone is just some place in space. But some character (I don't remembe

Why was Steve Trevor not Steve Trevor, and how did he become Steve Trevor?

In the new Wonder Woman 84 (2020), Diana Prince makes a wish to see Steve Trevor, her lost love. In the next scene, a stranger approaches her and says somethin

Was this predatorial villain original to the movie?

Late in Wonder Woman 84 Diana fights hand-to-hand with an animalistic human who is a main character transformed into the ultimate predator. The villain has fur

How does this artefact work in WW84?

The crystal stone in Wonder Woman 1984 grants wishes, with a twist: Diane gets Steve back, but slowly loses her powers Barbara becomes powerful, losing her "sou

What was Aquaman's motivation for killing Black Manta's father?

In Aquaman, after Black Manta's father was dead, Black Manta gets revenge on Aquaman. At times I feel like Aquaman just killed Manta's father for the sake of it

Question about Snyder cut and the motherboxes

In Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League, why was Steppenwolf surprised to discover the anti-life equation? From Diana's story early on we find out the motherbox

Whose corpse was this in the ZSJL?

In Zack Snyder's Justice League, when the league resurrects Superman, Barry comes across a corpse in the Superman spaceship. I would like to know whose corpse i

How did Darkseid or DeSaad not remember about earth when Steppenwolf mentioned the motherboxes to DeSaad?

Wonder Woman mentions in the history lesson in Zack Snyder's Justice League cut that, when Darkseid/Uxas was defeated, the 3 motherboxes were left on earth and

Is Justice League 2021 a cut or a remake?

Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021) is widely referred to as "the Snyder cut." Zack Snyder directed the 2017 Justice League, which has a similar plot and the s

Why did DeSaad say the Mother Boxes were destroyed?

At the end of Zach Snyder's Justice League, Superman and Cyborg push apart the Mother Boxes. They tumble to the ground and the evil plan is foiled. DeSaad says