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Why is the name 'Batman' avoided in the Dawn of Justice?

Strangely the name 'Batman' is almost never mentioned in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (except in the title). The characters use other names such as 'The d

Explanation of Bruce/Batman's nightmares?

In Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman/Bruce is having nightmares. I do not understand that, what are those nightmares all about? And who is this guy

Why is Mr. Keefe blaming Bruce?

In Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Wallace Keefe (employee of Wayne) - Was the person who lost his both legs while Superman fought with General Zod. Bruce

Suicide squad movie prequel? [closed]

Wasn't there a movie with characters similar to the ones in suicide squad a few years ago? It seems like a sequel, especially the harley quinn

What's with the bat branding and its consequences?

Why do the prisoners attack the guy with the bat brand in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? I'd think many of them are in there because of Batman. Why would

Who was the horned creature Luthor was seen with in Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition?

In Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition, we see when the SWAT team goes to arrest Luthor, there is a horned demon like creature who suddenly vaporizes. Does anyo

Casting choice for The Flash in the Justice League movie?

Why didn't DC Comics choose the TV "The Flash" actor Grant Gustin for the role of The Flash in the Justice Leagues movies?

Does Wallace Keefe know Lex Luthor's plan in Batman v. Superman?

I was re-watching Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice the other day, and I was thinking... Did Wallace Keefe (the former Wayne employee who was crippled when t

Since when was Metropolis just across the bay from Gotham City?

In Batman vs Superman, Metropolis is apparently just across the bay from Gotham City. Has this ever shown up in any of the comics or shows before? And if they'

What does the horse symbolise in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, after the first destruction of Zod fight, we see a horse in the ashes Similarly after the bomb last during Superman's

What is this object in Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition

In Batman v Superman, when Wonder Woman is viewing the contents of the encrypted drive, she comes across a journal entry of Dr. Silas Stone, who, according to t

Why does the nuclear bomb explode in space, in Batman v Superman?

In Batman v Superman (Ultimate Edition), the government decides to nuke Superman and Doomsday when Superman lures/takes the fight with Doomsday into space:

Is Joker a member of Suicide Squad?

Who are the members of Suicide Squad? Is Joker a member of Suicide Squad? This page isn't of much help.

Are Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne from different Universes?

It is safe to assume that Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent belong to the same Universe. In season 2 of the TV show The Flash, Barry travels to a parallel universe wh

Significance of the quote on Deadshot's neck band

In Suicide Squad, Deadshot wears a neck band with some quote. What was that full quote? And what was its significance to the character?

Why does this cameo character look like this?

In Suicide Squad a blink and you miss it cameo by the Scarlet Speedster happens near the beginning. His lightning is blue. Why is it blue? It's never blue in a

Wayne Manor in Batman v Superman

Is the burnt out Wayne Manor in Batman v Superman (based) on a real location/stately home or is it just a CGI model of a 'standard' stately home?

What happened to the Joker after Batman arrested Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad?

In Suicide Squad we see Joker's car crash, and then Batman jumps into the water, but only sees Harley. Where did Joker go? Did he just swim away? Did he use an

Where was the Batman during the "terrorist" event?

In Suicide Squad, during the main plot attack of Midway City by the demon Enchantress and her brother, where was the Batman or the Flash? Why didn't they help T

The acid scene in "Suicide Squad"

In Suicide Squad (2016), there is a scene where Harley remembers jumping in what looks like acid containers, followed by Joker. We later see them kissing t