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Why did Zod ask for Lois Lane to come on their spaceship?

In Man of Steel (2013), when Zod and his subordinates come to take Superman, they ask for Lois Lane too. But when they take her, they don't ask her anything. Th

What influences the power growth rate of a Kryptonian on Earth?

I'm struggling to understand how Kryptonian powers develop as they spend time on Earth. It took Clark years to discover his powers, yet when he's fighting the

What is Superman's costume doing in a 20,000 year old ship?

In the movie Man of Steel Superman somehow finds his iconic costume in the 20,000 year old ship, which looks more modern than the dress that Jor-El wore. And it

Breathing issues?

I don't quite understand the breathing issues Superman had on Zod's ship. Specifically in the context of the fact that he doesn't strictly need to breath to st

How did the final confrontation in Man of Steel get resolved?

At the end of Man of Steel, Superman breaks the neck of General Zod. My question is, how could he do that so easily? And why did none of the Kryptonians think a

How did Jor-El stand a chance against Zod?

In Man of Steel, it was made clear that Zod was born to be a great warrior, while Jor-El was the planet's foremost scientist. How then did Jor-El completely de

How does Superman accelerate when he flies in Man of Steel?

As per the storyline of Man of Steel, it is said that Superman is able to fly because of earth's low gravity. But how is he able to control the speed at which h

Why does General Zod need armor in the Man of Steel film?

As asked on Quora: General Zod seems like he's wearing substantial armor in the Man of Steel trailers. Is that something that rips off when he receives the

Why don't General Zod's people seem to age?

In the movie Man of Steel, After Krypton's explosion freed General Zod and his crew, they searched for Superman for 33 years. Shouldn't they be look 33 years ol

Is the story of 'Man of Steel' a fresh idea or is it inspired by any existing work?

The story of Man of Steel, the new Superman movie, is much different from existing live action and animated films and shows. Was it all made as a fresh idea or

Lara's pregnancy in Man of Steel

In Man of Steel; How is it that no one seems to know of Lara's Pregnancy? Did Jor El hide her away for the entire term of her pregnancy? Why was it considered

Why use titles like 'Dark Knight' and 'Man of Steel'?

In recent Christopher Nolan's related DC films, lesser known titles are selected as movie names. Such as Dark Knight for Batman and Man of Steel for Superman.

Is there really a bugle trophy in Man of Steel?

As per IMDb In Perry White's office at the Daily Planet there is a bugle trophy on top of the shelf. This is surely a reference to the Marvel Comics ne

Is this Green Lantern and Batman reference intended for a Justice League movie?

In Man of Steel, there are two references to other DC character, such as: First Christina Wren's character called Carrie Ferris in the film resemblance to Bla

Why was Clark Kent unable to hold the falling steel structure of the oil rig?

It is seen in the movie that Clark was unable to hold the steel structure of the oil rig and was plunged into the sea with it. Isn't is expected that Clark Ken

What was General Zod actually trying to achieve by initiating a military coup?

Krypton was already in the process of destruction. Kryptonians would have inevitably died with the planet. Everybody knew that, including General Zod. Then,

Why didn't Jor-el and Lara leave Krypton with their son?

I remember a brief comment by Jor-el in Man of Steel saying their fate was linked to Krypton but what does that mean? Why didn't he or Lara accompany their son?

Is Christopher Nolan no longer associated with Batman vs Superman?

The film credits about cast & crew on IMDb pages no longer show Nolan listed as executive producer. Has Nolan bowed out of the project? Or

Why does Superman scream at the end of Man of Steel?

In the final confrontation with General Zod in Man of Steel, Superman breaks Zod's neck just before Zod kills some humans in the corner of the train station wi

Man of Steel Easter Eggs

I noticed a few Easter eggs that didn't seem obvious until I re-watched my Man of Steel BluRay. The traditional whooshing sound heard as Superman does his very