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How is Themiscyra populated?

Do they have to reproduce to maintain a population from when Zeus created it and present day? If so, who are the fathers?

How is the term "God" meant in the DC universe?

In Wonder Woman movie, the term "God" is used for Zeus & Ares. But in the Batman V Superman movie, someone writes "False God" on the statue of Superman.

Why was Ares contradictory to common Mythology?

In Wonder Woman, especially during the fight with Ares there were a few things that stuck out as strange. Ares was able to wield and use lightning, commonly kn

Why do Superman and Batman's mothers have the same name, Martha?

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the major conflict between Superman and Batman ended after Batman got to know about Superman's mother's name: Batman: [s

Why did Lex want to kill Superman?

In Batman vs Superman Lex Luthor apparently wants to kill Superman. Initially his reasoning appears to be that the Superman is too dangerous and could turn on h

What is this creature/machine removing a baby from the treepod?

In the movie Man of Steel, Jor-El, the biological father of Kal-El AKA Superman approaches the central hub to get the Growth Codex. While he was on the way to t

Did Wonder Woman kill Ares?

In the conflict scene between Wonder Woman and Ares we are left feeling that she has defeated him. However, all we really know is that Ares is no longer around

Why was Superman able to fly with the kryptonite spear

At the end of the movie, superman picks up the Kryptonite spear and flies with it to stab doomsday. But earlier in the movie and in various other parts of the S

Justice League 'Official Trailer' vs 'Heroes Trailer'

In the later Heroes Trailer for Justice League the color and settings are different from the first released Official Trailer. Why is it like that? Are offici

Did Michael Shannon appear in Batman v Superman, or was it just CGI?

In "Batman vs Superman", the character Zod appears briefly as a corpse. Actor Michael Shannon - who portrayed Zod in "Man of Steel" - is credited as Zod, but in

What did Wonder Woman do during World War II?

In the recent Wonder Woman film, we learn that the first World War was the work of Ares, God of War/Truth. When Wonder Woman kills Ares, it takes away the desi

What actor has played the greatest number of unique Marvel or DC characters in movie adaptations?

I'm fairly certain this hasn't been asked yet based on my search, but apologies if it has. I'm curious what actor has had the most unique roles as a Marvel or D

What were all the fighters in previous Age of Heroes?

In Justice League, we got to know that Steppenwolf already tried his plan in the past; and the combined power of Amazons, Atlanteans and humans defeated them. B

Who were the other two heroes with Superman in the newspaper article who left?

In Justice League, we see a newspaper article showing three heroes who died (left to their home planets) but it was too fast that I missed catching the faces.

Is Flash pushing Wonder Women's sword is some comic book reference or a mythological analogy?

In Justice League, there is an iconic scene where the Flash helps Wonder Woman get her sword by giving it a push: However, with Zack Snyder as director, thi

Why the apparent lack of IMAX 3D releases for Justice League?

I was looking at showtimes for the movie Justice League and was only able to find it in three formats: regular 2D, IMAX 2D, and RealD 3D. I couldn't seem to fi

Why is Batman not so careful about his secret identity in the Justice League?

In the latest movie, Justice League, I observed that on at least two occasions, Batman didn't care about his secret identity. When he was beating the thug to

Are there additional hints of Green Lantern?

In narration of how Steppenwolf was stopped in Justice League, we can see Green Lantern fighting with Amazonians and other heroes. So after that is there any h

Significance of the woman on the TV being interviewed

In the 2017 movie Justice League, we see an interview take place with an older woman proclaiming that her husband was kidnapped by aliens. This didn't seem dir

Is the Batman armoury a homage to 1989's classic Batman film?

In Justice League, we see Batman has an armory ancient weapons and armour: But it reminded me about the 1989's classic Batman film, where Batman had somethin