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Are the Cities In the DC Universe Allegorical?

Are the cities in DC Comics films and TV series allegorical in nature? For example: Is Gotham City considered to be an allegory of New York City/Brooklyn C

How did Superman know that Lois was falling to catch her in time?

When Lex Luthor pushed Lois Lane from the roof in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice he may not have been worried about Lois dying and taken a chance in pushing

Why didn't the last survivors of krypton go to the phantom zone to live?

Why didn't the last survivors, the council, and Kal-El's mother go to the phantom zone to at least survive or in a scout ship to find other inhabitant planets d

Why do the three boxes appear when the parademon explodes?

When Batman is fighting the parademon in the beginning of Justice League, he catches the demon with a net on the wall. The demon explodes after some screaming a

Is Aquaman (2018) before or after Justice League (2017)?

I've seen just Aquaman trailers. I saw that this is the first time Arthur Curry came to Atlantis. Arthur and Mera first met too. In Justice League, Arthur cam

What is the relationship between Steppenwolf and Darkseid in the DC Extended Universe?

In the DC comics, Steppenwolf is the uncle of Darkseid. However, their relation was not made clear in the Justice League (2017) movie. I've read many CBR articl

Why was Morgan/Ares pressurizing to negotiate peace?

In Wonder Woman, when Trevor and Diana enters the assembly hall, we hear following dialogues from Sir Patrick Morgan AKA Ares. Germany is an immensely proud na

Impact of Wonder Woman's action on the end of World War I?

In the 2017 film Wonder Woman, Diana finally kills Ares and we learn that World War I is over, but how does the killing of Ares impact World War I? Is there any

Is Wonder Woman even a Wonder Woman in DC Extended Universe?

In DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman made three appearances till now but I never noticed anybody referring to her as Wonder Woman. Did I miss something or sh

What was Wonder Woman doing during the events of Man of Steel?

Wonder Woman makes an appearance in Batman v Superman. During World War I, she is active. She may or may not have been active in events between these two events

Why did Diana's mom lead a war for freedom?

Why did Diana's mom say she lead a war for freedom in Wonder Woman? Freedom from what exactly? I thought the Amazons were created to live with man? When were th

Why did the pirate team not put on their re-breather units?

In Aquaman, When the Father/Son Pirate team thought they were going to drown, why didn't they put on their (scuba) re-breather units?

Why do some Atlanteans need water breathing suits?

In the new Aquaman movie there are a number of scenes where Atlanteans are seen on land wearing suits filled with water so they can breathe​. In some of t

Did the Sea-Monster serve king Atlan?

In the movie Aquaman, Aquaman is attacked by a sea monster who says something like: "no one has conversed with me since king Atlan" and the monster calms down,

What happened to Aquaman's suit?

The Aquaman movie happens after the events of Justice League. In Justice League we see Aquaman fighting with the others wearing some sort of a suit. Where did h

What are the rest of seven underwater kingdoms?

In Aquaman, it was said multiple times that there are seven underwater kingdoms in need to be united, and that was even used in early Aquaman posters: But i

Was the submarine attack genuine?

When King Orm (Patrick Wilson) goes to meet King Nereus (Dolph Lundgren) for the first time, they get attacked by a submarine. The submarine shoots torpedoes a

Why did Aquaman and Mera need a boat?

In Aquaman, after defeating Black Manta in Italy, Arthur and Mera use a boat to travel to the Missing Kingdom. Presumably, Mera uses her power of controlling th

How did Alfred find Martha?

In events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, after the two protagonists were done fighting each other, owing to the fact that their mothers shared the same

How did the submarine get past Atlantis's defenses?

When Mera brings Arthur (Aquaman) to Atlantis, she points out that there is only one entry/exit to the city. She adds that anyone who is stupid enough to go ove