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Why do some Atlanteans need water breathing suits?

In the new Aquaman movie there are a number of scenes where Atlanteans are seen on land wearing suits filled with water so they can breathe​. In some of t

Why are we shown the book "The Dunwich Horror" in the opening scenes of Aquaman?

In the opening scenes of the movie Aquaman, we are shown his father's apartment. On his coffee table is the H.P. Lovecraft book The Dunwich Horror. The camera

What's the matter with Captain Boomerang's pink unicorn?

When preparing for their first mission, the Suicide Squad are given access to their personal belongings. Among the various weapons and custom outfits, there's a

Was Flash's message in Batman vs Superman for the event occured in Justice League?

Ok, so there were a lot of questions regarding Bruce's 'knightmare'/ visions and The Flash's message in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice most of which are ans

Why did Mera use Aquaman as source of water?

In the film Aquaman (2018), in order to unlock the holographic message in the cylinder, Mera used Aquaman as the source of water. Why did she not use her ow

Why Shazam when there is already Superman?

I am asking this question based on the trailers of the film. As from the trailers, we know that Shazam is pretty much like Superman in terms of superpowers. He

Is Billy Batson the first (only) Shazam?

Just a passing fan, but couldn't find the answer out on the internet. Was there a Shazam prior to Billy Batson? Did anyone come after Billy Batson, (in comics o

Is this Steppenwolf with mother boxes in Dawn of Justice?

I found this picture online in here. I want to confirm the authenticity that these are real mother boxes and if so how come Steppenwolf is already in possessi

Will Billy Batson grow up to look like Shazam?

In Shazam the child Billy Batson is able to transform into the eponymous hero that is an adult-like character in looks (face + body). But do we know if Shazam'

Shazam's physical and mental powers, based on the Gods

When Billy Batson is gifted the powers of Shazam, the Wizard claims Yes. I give you the power. And with it all my strength. Solomon's wisdom. The power of Herc

Why can Shazam fly?

When Billy Batson is gifted the powers of Shazam, the Wizard claims Yes. I give you the power. And with it all my strength. Solomon's wisdom. The power of H

Seven sins, seven Wizards, seven symbols, seven times repeated, but six super-heroes

Throughout Shazam!, we see many references to the number 7. Wizard: My job is to protect you the seven worlds of the seven main sins. Sivana: That se

Do Shazam and Man of Steel exist in same universe?

In the mid-credit scene, we see Shazam invites Superman to his school in the lunch break. From previous knowledge, we know that Shazam has been a part of the J

How do Billy and his friends go to the Rock of Eternity at the end?

Before Billy Batson gets his powers, there are two ways to reach the Rock of Eternity, as seen in the movie. Being summoned by the ancient wizard Shazam Using

How did Billy become eligible to gain Shazam's powers?

When the ancient wizard Shazam summons children to test them and find a champion, he judges them based on their will to resist the temptations of the Deadly Sin

Can Shazam retain full strength even after sharing it with many people?

After sharing powers with his friends Shazam (Billy Batson) still seemed to have all his powers in the movie. Was this the case? Does this mean he can share his

Does each character focus on one super-power?

In Shazam! (2019), Billy shares his powers with his siblings. It seems like each sibling gets a unique ability: Freddy - Flight Darla - Speed Pedro - Strength

Do they retain their powers permanently?

At the end of the movie, Shazam (Billy Batson) shares his powers with his friends after which he breaks the staff? So my question is Will they retain the pow

Why does this character die?

In Shazam! (2019), the oldest wizard apparently has the powers of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. Despite having these, why does he die?

How can "Shazam" say his name without changing?

I haven't seen the movie, but I remember the old Captain Marvel, and when other kids called him "Shazam" I corrected them. I would point out how silly it would