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How do the other crew members know the xenomorph is "big", if they haven't seen it?

In Alien (1979), there seems to be an incongruity after Brett is killed. Even though noone witnesses the death and he appears to be killed in secret by the alie

Was there a deleted scene or missing footage from Goldeneye involving a car?

I noticed that in the film Goldeneye, Q takes the time to show James Bond not only a new BMW, but one that he says shows something he's proud of, SAT missiles i

What is the story behind the “made for each other” ending of Blade Runner?

The 1982 movie Blade Runner has multiple alternate endings. In the Director’s Cut and Final Cut the final scene ends with where Rick leaves his apartment

Why is the US version of the first Austin Powers film different to the international version?

There are several scenes present in the international version of Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery that aren't present in the US (and Australian) vers

How realistic is this cut scene from Godfather 2 where Klingman is assaulted in his own casino?

I always thought this could have been included in the film. It is referred to in the conversation the senator has with Michael