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Why is Alex Kirkman disappointed in Tom Kirkman for what happened to the Syrian refugees?

In Designated Survivor (2016 - present), President Tom Kirkman makes a deal with the governors to receive support from them in exchange for refusing a plane of

Did Hannah Wells' have a 'story'?

Please see last line in a conservation in Designated Survivor S01E09 (emphasis mine): Foerstel: It's nice to see you, Agent Wells. It's been a while. H

Why wasn't the line of succession for cabinet members followed after they died?

Designated Survivor is based on the idea that the entire US government was killed in a terrorist attack, save for the "designated survivor", Tom Kirkman, who wa

Can a president really leave the White House with barely any security?

In Designated Survivor (episode2 I think), President Kirkman asks the Secret Service about wearing the bullet-proof vest. His answer was "The 2 ways a president

Why did the Secret Service confiscate all cell-phones/devices?

In the pilot-episode (S01E01) of "Designated Survivor"; just after the explosion, Tom Kirkman's Secret Service agent tells him to get off the phone immediately

Fundamentalist Christian got a blood transfusion?

From S02E10 of Designated Survivor: Baby Grace made it through surgery, and she's well. And none of her mother's beliefs were compromised. I'm not too clear o

Designated Survivor Vice President

Did I miss anything? Did President Kirkman ever nominate a new Vice President to replace Peter MacLeish? I don't recall anything being said about that.