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What did Hannibal try once?

I'm confused about a conversation in Pacific Rim beween Newt and Hannibal Chow. It's previous established that eyes can become bloodshot and damaged when a dri

"I like your outfit. Affordable?" How is this an insult?

In the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Scott's ex says to Scott's current girlfrend: I like your outfit. Affordable? This came across as an insult but

What did the last text say at the end of The Fosters S01E13

In the episode "Things Unsaid" (S01E13) of The Fosters, Cole replied to Brandon's text from Callie's phone. But the episode cut off before I could read what the

Why do some movies include only one instance of the f word?

While rewatching Mr and Mrs Smith, there is only one instance where the f-word is used. There are several other movies (I can't recall any other at the moment)

What do we call the scene in which actors are talking with their mouth closed?

I know it is a long word other than humming. There is a name for the action of talking with your mouth closed in movies.

Is the Marcus Aurelius quote in Black Sails a rewrite?

This is perhaps not the best place for this Q, but I'm not able to find any site more suitable. (Have looked at English Language and Usage, Writers and the like

Boats in Philadelphia Story

Why do Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant spend so much time talking about boats in The Philadelphia Story? I understand that the True Love, their yacht, is a met

"Whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you stranger" - what does it mean?

During The Dark Knight the Joker says: Whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you stranger I believe the original phrase is "What doesn't kill you, makes

Looking for movie with quote "People who sit at home and watch sitcoms... those people are dead" [closed]

I saw a movie around 2000 (which would've been made within 5 years or so of this year) where I heard the line "People who sit at home and watc

How did Ben Richards Know Sub Zero's name in The Running Man

How did Ben Richards know Subzero's name in The Running Man Hey Killian, here is subzero, now, plain zero. I can't imagine they had TV in prison, and he n

What is the "prayer" being said when Elsa was being crowned?

During Elsa's crowning in Frozen, specifically when she's holding the royal scepter and orb, the priest is chanting in a foreign language (which I presume is

What line was cut after "nobody's perfect" from Some Like It Hot?

The famous last lines of Some Like It Hot are Jerry (removing wig): I'm a man! Osgood: Well, nobody's perfect! However, if you watch Jack Lemmon (Je

Is "Life Is Beautiful" dubbed in English?

I'm Italian. In a discussion with some international friends, they mentioned that they have seen Life Is Beautiful in English, and I guessed it was dubbed. The

Meaning of "I filled a river, and now all thoughts are sacred and pure" in Kung Fu Hustle

In the movie, just before the street musicians block Sing and Bone's view of a pretty lady walking down the street, Bone sounds like he says "I filled a river,

Did Stephen really get what he wanted?

After Stephen got shot by Diamond Dog's men right in front of his Brother Bloom he reveals to him that it was only fake blood and he pulled of the ultimate con.

Does After Earth's sci-fi jargon have any basis in reality or is it complete gibberish?

One of the most quoted lines from After Earth is: Graviton buildup could be a precursor to mass expansion. This phrase is not only very memorable, but it'

Does anyone know which movie has a clever retort about "Good Day / Good morning"? [closed]

I have read many books and watched many movies, and I just thought of a specific retort that a character made, possibly in the Harry Potter mo

What does Indy say to the villagers in "Temple of Doom"?

There's a scene in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" where Harrison Ford and Kate Capshaw receive food from an impoverished group of Indians. (This is afte

Why say "it rhymes with Grape"?

There is a scene in 21 Jumpstreet where Dave Franco' character Eric says "do you know what they'll do to me in prison it rhymes with grape" and it made me curio

Why was a '78 Caddy a controversial choice?

I watched Brothers Bloom over the weekend. As Stephen and Bang Bang took Bloom to New Jersey to the Ludicrous Mansion in order to show Bloom the next/last big c