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Why did Babe Ruth want Henry Aaron's baseball card?

In the movie The Sandlot (1993) there is a scene where Benni Rodriquez has a dream where Babe Ruth comes to him to give him a pep talk on being a legend. At a

What was the coded message that Happy Hogan sent to Nick Fury?

During the final fight, Happy Hogan calls Nick Fury to warn him about Mysterio's real plan. Happy says a something about going through Tony's old stuff. And Nic

Why does Vaseegaran use the word "dot" for "agree"?

In the Indian movie 2.0, Vaseegaran uses the word "dot" for agreeing to things. Why does he use the word "dot" for "agree"?

What is Kubra talking about at the end of S03E08?

Near the end of Orange is the New Black S03E08 Kubra says When a fucker gets so lazy he no longer bothers to buy burners to make calls on, that is too fucki

What did Robert California from "The Office" say to Nellie in his voice mail?

So in Season 8 - Episode 23 "Turf War", Robert had a drunk night. He apparently sent an "inappropriate" voicemail to Nellie as she says: Nellie: I got your

What is Eric Bana saying in Chinese in this scene?

In Funny People, Eric Bana's character can speak Chinese (Mandarin). In this scene, he says something to his children in Chinese, but I don't know what he says

What were the cheat mechanics Mike was talking about in the movie Rounders?

When Mike is explaining how Worm has become an artist with his cheating abilities(during the first scene were he plays poker with him), he lists off a bunch of

Why detective Mills keeps telling a woman to "eat"?

In this movie Se7en, detective Mills kicks open John Doe's door against detective Somerset's decision: Somerset repetitively tells Mills they need a legal reas

In "Jacob's Ladder", what is the significance of Jacob mistaking left and right sides of his body?

While I didn't have a problem deciphering most of the allusions and allegorical scenes in the movie Jacob's Ladder, this one still bugs me. Several times throu

What does "a good player" mean in the movie Training day?

In the movie Training day, during Jake and Alonzo's initial meeting with Roger the following dialogue occurs: ROGER: Where you grew up? JAKE: North Hollywood.

Is there an implied affection for Annie by Jeff in The Walk (2015)?

In the movie The Walk, there is a scene where Jeff is searching for a word to describe the wire-walking that Phillippe is about to attempt. He searches for the

Why did Keith Mars refer to Veronica as Felicia?

In S04E01 "Spring Break Forever" of Veronica Mars, while Keith & Veronica are having their usual father-daughter banter, he call her out as "Bye Felicia".

What is the meaning of "Cold Cut King of Long Island"?

In American Hustle Irving said his friend Ed Malone is Cold Cut King of Long Island. What does that mean?

Why is audio so often out of sync when the actors are filmed from behind?

I've noticed that in almost every TV show or movie I've ever seen, the audio does not sync up with the actor's jaw/mouth movements when the actor is being filme

Did silent film actors actually say their lines or did they simply improvise “dialogue” while being filmed?

Been watching some old Buster Keaton films. And—as is the case with silent films—there are title cards that convey setting, place and even show a fe

Why does Brigitte Mohnhaupt deliberately destroy the execution myth and how accurate is her closing dialogue?

At the very end of The Baader Meinhof Complex, after the efforts for pressing the RAF leaders free have failed and they thus commited suicide in Stammheim priso

In Friends S1E7, what did Joey say in a low, twisted voice? [duplicate]

In Friends S1E7, "The one with the blackout", Chandler was locked in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre. A conversation between him and Joey

What is a "Genuine Geraldo interviewee"?

Here is the scene in Con-Air: Guard Falzon says: Well, welcome aboard. My, my; as I look around I see a lot of celebritie

Do the Chris Nolan Batman movies have a unique Gotham accent?

I cannot place American accents particularly well, so this is not intuitive to me based on watching the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. Do the cast use a part

Why does Anniyan read "Sarvadharmaan parityajya" before killing?

Anniyan (2005) is a Tamil movie which was dubbed into Telugu as Aparichitudu and Aparichit in Hindi. It is based on split personality. Vikram plays three charac