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What were the words used by Frasier and Niles Crane as a synonym for conundrum?

In one of the episodes of Frasier (I cannot recall the exact episode number) the brothers are describing a difficult situation, using different words. I believe

Why does a character talk to the back of another character?

This seems to be commonplace in action TV series in movies: our hero talks to the villain, there is some exposition and instead of facing each other as civilise

What does the quote "Hasta lasagna" mean in Mission Impossible I?

Around min 10 into the movie, Jack Harmon tells Ethan not to chew the explosive gum by saying: "Hasta lasagna don't get any on ya" What does this mean? Why does

Why is the dialogue in Game of Thrones more "modern"?

The Song of Ice and Fire series has medieval-sounding dialogue throughout. I don't have the books on hand for direct quotations, but phrases like "I would wager

What exactly does "heda" mean?

In the 100 TV series, we hear word "heda" or "one heda" a lot from grounders. It would make sense to mean something like leader but I've came across threads arg

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger intentionally strengthen his accent in older movies?

There are plenty of soundboard apps with Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous movie quotes that make him sound really Austrian and sort of funny. Considering how much

Why does Captain America chuckle when Spider-Man tells him which borough he's from?

This is a conversation between Captain America and Spider-Man from the movie Captain America: Civil War: Captain America: You got heart, kid, where are you

How is the voice not distorted when Barry is running at super-speeds?

I am not a physicist, however, when Barry is running/flashing, he gets to talk to the team back in HQ - How? When he talks back to them, I have a feeling, his

Why does Eugene from the Walking Dead speak in this manner?

Why does Eugene Porter from the Walking Dead speak like he is constantly reporting to an army superior?

What does Sam Lombardo mean by "Never let the sun go down on an argument"?

In the threesome scene in Wild Things (1998), Sam Lombardo says these words: Never let the sun go down on an argument. What does he mean by this expressio

How was "Hodor" adapted in other languages

Spoilers for episode 5 of season 6 "The Door". At the end of the episode we got to see how Wylis became Hodor and why all he can say is "Hodor". If you've w

Did the line about Krishna get altered in X-Men: Apocalypse?

In the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer, we hear the following line being spoken by Apocalypse: I've been called many things in many lifetimes- Ra, Krishna, Yahweh

Was the War Boy language ever codified?

In Mad Max: Fury Road, Immortan Joe's War Boys seem to have their own english derivative language. It's a very pidgin slang form of modern english, that has dev

How are talking scenes in movies/shows filmed? [duplicate]

So, I've been curious about this (since taking a class dealing with filming and editing I've been taking more notice of good/bad shots and jus

What is the meaning of this expression used in Gamer?

I just heard this line in Gamer (2009): Stop menstruating and just tell me whether we f***ing have it? what does it really mean?

What did Ramsay actually mean?

In episode 9 of season 6 of Game of Thrones When Ramsay was in the captivity of the Stark's, he said to Sansa that Sansa is a part of him. What did he actual

Is there a significance to Iowa references in House M.D.?

I realize this may be a reach, but I noticed something odd in season 1 of House: In episode 15, there was a mention of Des Moines (Iowa). House: You’re w

What does Chio mean in S3E03?

In Hannibal S03E03 Chio, an Asian woman, says to Will: I need to press the trigger 3 pounds. I'm pressing 2. What does she mean? That she is currently pre

Why does James Bond prefer to call Max Denbigh "C"?

At the beginning of Spectre James Bond first meets Max Denbigh, the head of the new Joint Security Service that's supposed to merge MI5 and MI6 into one. He cho

What is the second prostitute saying in Vietnamese in Full Metal Jacket?

Is the prostitute in Full Metal Jacket talking in Vietnamese because I can't catch what she is saying? It sounds like random mumbling and not Vietnamese. I was