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How is Noele's reply related to Craig's question?

In Its Kind of a Funny Story, How is Noele reply related to Craig's question? Craig: You guys wear uniforms? Noele: I Knew it. Noele's reply is compl

What did the Bishop mean by his "last remittance"?

In the scene with Bishop Lilliman from V for Vendetta, the Bishop says to his assistant: It wasn't labor that I was speaking of, but rather my final remitta

Why does Negan keep saying he needs to shave?

In The Walking Dead Season 6 finale when Negan sees Abraham he says: I gotta shave this shit. Later in S07E04 he mentions it again when he is watching the

What does Rick mean when he says "When it comes to women, you're a true democrat"?

In the movie Casablanca (my all-time fave), Rick (Humphrey Bogart) remarks to Captain Renault (the Prefect of Police) during one scene: "When it comes to women,

Why was there a line in "Fifty Shades Darker" from the movie "Working Girl"?

In Fifty Shades Darker, Anastasia (played by Dakota Johnson) gets a promotion and becomes "the boss". Another assistant in the office, who used to be her peer,

How was Sally Field's Oscar acceptance speech like dialogue from "Norma Rae"?

According to Wikipedia: Then came a second Oscar for her starring role in the 1984 drama Places in the Heart. Field's gushing acceptance speech is well re

What did Tarzan say to Cheeta when Cheeta did a good job?

I am a native Korean speaker and I grew up watching the famous series "Tarzan", which was broadcast on TV with Korean dubbing. At times Cheeta did something cle

Why don't they talk in "The Red Turtle"

The Red Turtle has no dialogue, unlike the usual Studio Ghibli films which are replete with it. What is the cinematic reasoning for a film with no dialogue? Cro

Is the "Patience will untie it" rhyme a reference to something?

In The Flash Season 3, there are a couple of episodes (such as 3x06 "Shade" and 3x11 "Dead or Alive") where H.R. and later Cisco have said a rhyme that goes lik

Explain meaning of this quote in Black Hawk Down

Before the Battle of Mogadishu, during a dinner scene, Steele comes up to Hoot and asks him what's going on. Hoot replies: "Oh, just some aerial target practic

Did the Joker say that the villains probably work for Google?

English is not my native language, therefore the question. Did The Joker in The Lego Batman Movie say to the pilot that some of the villains probably work for G

What is Mackenzie mimimg at Jim Harper at the near ending ot the season 1 premiere?

I just watched the season 1 premiere of The Newsroom and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what Mackenzie is mouthing to Jim Harper? What are her exact wo

Game Over, Man...Game Over! - What's the source?

Game Over, Man...Game Over! These iconic words were uttered by the late, great Bill Paxton in Aliens. BUT..they aren't the original script So...wher

Why does Catherine reply like this to Clark's question?

In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Clark asksCatherine about Eddie. Clark: Where's Eddie? He usually eats these goddamn things. Catherine: Oh, n

What did Logan try to say at this event?

I couldn't make out what the exact words were in the following scene from Logan and would like to ask if anybody can explain it to me. After burying Profes

The greatest trick that he ever pulled was making you believe that he is you

What does this line from Revolver mean? The greatest trick that he ever pulled was making you believe that he is you

Why does Ace say "You've got to give them the key to everything that's yours?"

Ace Rothstein: [voice-over] When you love someone, you've gotta trust them. There's no other way. You've got to give them the key to everything that's yo

Why does Archer say "Balls" whenever someone says "Benoit"?

In series 2 of Archer in the episode where they go to Monaco, there is a hotel manager called Benoit. Whenever Benoit says his own name, or someone else says it

Explanation of the way to make up your sins quote in Mean Streets

Mean Streets (1973) includes this quote Charlie: You don't make up for your sins in church. You do it in the streets. You do it at home. The rest is bulls

What is the meaning of "There is no spoon"?

In The Matrix, what is the meaning of "There is no spoon"? Below is the full quote from Spoon Boy to Neo: Do not try and bend the spoon, that's impossible.