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Will movies look better on a professional monitor? [closed]

I often watch movies on an ordinary, consumer grade computer monitor. Alternatively, there are "TV" type monitors that I assume are more or le

Has there been a breakthrough in film technology for television?

I've been binge watching Season 2 of The Crown and Godless, both on Netflix, via an fourth gen Apple TV and a very average Vizio 50" 1080p LCD television. I'

What OS / GUI / program is used for the computer in the movie Eraser (1996)? [closed]

When Lee Cullen (played by Vanessa Williams) sneakily goes into the "Vault" of Cyrez, a large weapons manufacturing corporation, to copy some

Why were/are TV series shot in 24fps?

This question is mainly about pre-2000 TV series created for CRT TVs, but a lot of it still applies for HD-TV content. So TVs have been 60Hz/59.94Hz(NTSC) ever

Why are many movies still filmed using the "scope" aspect ratio (2.39:1) despite film no longer being widely-used?

Question: Today, in the cinema industry, pretty much all theaters use digital projectors for exhibition. D-Cinema standard calls for the 2K chips (most widely

How necessary is a rotating shutter?

In this explanation, a rotating shutter is shown and used to show each frame of a film three times. It's not exactly explained how this is accomplished with the

How exactly were the Alfred Hitchcock Presents/Hour episodes broadcast originally in the USA?

I know for sure that they were shot on film, but that's where my facts stop. I'm wondering how they technically ended up in the television sets of the watchers