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Is Dredd 3D an adaptation of a specific comic storyline?

Is the new Judge Dredd movie Dredd 3D an adaptation or inspired by a specific storyline in the comics or graphic novels?

What is the significance of the iconic imagery in the ending of Dredd?

There are two things that stand out visually at the end of Dredd. When Dredd finally confronts Ma-ma in her apartment there is a display of guns and a jacket on

Did Anderson actually pass?

In the 2012 movie Dredd, rookie Anderson who is a psychic is put on an assessment mission with Dredd. At the very end of the movie, Dredd states that her assess

Rookie Anderson's initial evaluation of Dredd

During the scene chief judge introduces Dredd to rookie Anderson, this conversation ensues. Chief judge: Rookie Anderson what can you tell me about the person

Is this the inspiration for the music used in Dredd?

In the Dredd film when they show the effects of the Slo-Mo drug. There is this dramatic sound track that represents the effects of the drug. I found a YouTube

Is Judge Dredd a psychic himself?

In the very beginning of Dredd (2012), when the officer asks Anderson about the person who's with her, she begins to describe Dredd and her head tilts and she s

Why doesn't the building blow up at the end?

Ma-Ma has this thing attached to herself which will detonate the bombs if her heartbeat stops. Well she does die in the end and yet the bombs don't go off. Did

Was it actually an average day?

At the end of the wonderfully made "Dredd" the title character when asked about the situation says it was a routine day. Which is such a great line, and I'm not

The experience of the slo-mo drug, slowed down time vs reality & Ma-Ma's death

Dredd was an interesting concept, but I was wondering how real time correlates to the slo-mo experience. If we take the final falling death of Ma-Ma for exampl

Why didn't Judge Dredd receive any aircraft backup after their 10-24 call?

After Ma-Ma's clan machine guns Peach Trees so bad that some bullets penetrate the concrete and exit the building, Dredd blows a hole in the wall so he and Rook

How come Kay doesn't know that a judge's gun is coded to their DNA?

When Kay tries to shoot Rookie Anderson in Dredd (2012), the gun self-destroys, because Judge guns are coded to their DNA. This fact should be well-known to Ma-