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How much of Jungle Book (2016) is CGI?

In Jungle Book, I could tell the boy was real and the animals were CGI, but the landscape and accessories I could not tell. For example, Mowgli handles various

How do they make bloodshot eyes in movies?

I have seen tons of make-up tutorials on cuts, bruises, bullet wounds etc., but could not find much information on how bloodshot eyes are made in movies.

Why blue background are used for special effects and What is difference between the blue and the green backgrounds? [duplicate]

In many movies and TV series blue background is being used for giving special effects or for some kind of animations. So what makes blue color

Can amputated limbs be portrayed without computer graphics?

When a character in the plot is supposed to lose their limb(s), how does that special effect get portrayed without the use of computer graphics? For example, R

What do they use for broken glass pieces in movies?

Most of action movies involve tremendous amounts of explosions and shattered glass. I remember watching Die Hard (1988) and the amount of broken glass made me w

Rear projection effect in The Hateful Eight

Do you think that the rear projection effect used in the movie The Hateful Eight during the ride to Red Rock was used just due to economical reasons or was mean

How is the "solid black eyes" effect done?

In several shows, there are characters who gain solid black eyes, usually to indicate that they have turned on sort of superhuman or supernatural ability. For i

Were Ellen Barkin's legs highlighted or enhanced?

In 1991's Switch, a tale of a murdered man resurrected as a woman, Ellen Barkin plays the main characters female persona. In this movie, she is incapable of wal

What is this dog really biting in The Thing?

In John Carpenter's The Thing (1982), when the infected dog is transforming and scaring the crap out of the other dogs, one of them jumps up and bites the chain

How was the pressure cooker blast filmed?

In Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961), there is a scene where a pressure cooker suddenly blasts in front of two lead actors. How was this pressure cooker blast fi

How did they shoot the Las Vegas scene in "Now You See Me"?

How did they shoot the Las Vegas MGM Grand scene in "Now You See Me" (2013)? At the beginning of the Las Vegas scene there is a very large auditorium with a ro

What was used to create the metal effect makeup in the Terminator robots?

In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 1 & 2 we can see Terminator robots walking with damages in their body parts. How do the make-up artists in

Why does Steven Spielberg use this type of effect in his films?

The following screenshot is taken from Bridge of Spies: Here, light is seen passing in front of a man's head. The same type of effect is also used in War of

How did they make Yogurt so short?

In the marvelous film "Space Balls" Director and Actor Mel Brooks played multiple characters. One of these characters was Yogurt, a poor man's Yoda. How did the

Basis of the CGI model of SS Botany Bay in ST:TOS "Space Seed" re-release

In the original release of the Star Trek TOS episode "Space Seed", shots depicting the exterior of the Botany Bay only ever show it in profile, never revealing

Camera technique where crowd moves fast around a stationary character?

This is very common scene in movies and TV shows where a character is shown standing stationary but all other characters' movement is shown in kinda fast forwar

Why does fake blood in older movies look so fake?

I've noticed that when showing blood in a number of older movies, the fake blood is always bright red. Why was this? I know special effects have obviously impro

Why do soap operas have the soap opera effect?

The soap opera effect occurs when frame interpolation is used. For example, if a movie is shot at 24 frames per second and then shown on a TV screen which is ca

What is the term for colour screen theme in movies?

The Matrix movie has a dark green tint in the whole series. Just like Matrix, every movie has a screen colour theme, like the Underworld movie was all a dark go

How are bullet impacts in concrete walls created?

Recently I watched Full Metal Jacket again, and during its city attack scene I noticed something that I've been wondering about for quite some time now: how are