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Did the creators manipulate the animation frame rate for specific visual effects?

Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a particularly richly animated film with an amazing variety of animation styles used to reflect the different universes its

Real or fake arcade machine in the Foot Clan scene?

I can't find a screen cap or video clip of this scene for this VERY specific question, so bear with me. I was hoping perhaps someone had seen a "making of" the

Why did they use CGI in this scene of "Hobbs & Shaw"?

At the end of Hobbs & Shaw in the scene with the downed helicopter in the rain, it seemed very obvious to me that Jason Statham's character was extremely CG

Is this bar slide trick shown on Cheers real or a visual effect?

In the Cheers episode "Endless Slumper" (S01E10)" there are a couple of scenes where Sam (Ted Danson) displays a bar slide trick where he is able to curve the g

Do actors use prosthetics in naked scene of non-porn movies? And why? [closed]

Watching (non-pornographic) movies that contains nudity, I noticed that sometimes the genitals of the actors or actresses look fake. For examp

How do special effects experts reproduce hidden objects that are covered up by green screen suits?

I was watching the SFX clips from Hollow Man (2000) and I noticed that in the scene where the invisible soldier washes his hands the faucet handle turns. In the

Is Yoda made using CGI in the original Star Wars or is it practical effects?

In the original Star Wars trilogy, was Yoda made using CGI available at that time or was he made using practical effects (like a puppet)?

Is lens flare shot organically, or added in post-production?

The Star Trek series and movies really love their lens flare. Does the organic picture actually taken by the camera have this lens flare in it? Or is it add

How was the three-breast effect done for the prostitute?

In the first Total Recall movie, the main cast visits a bar, and one of the patrons was a woman that had three breasts (instead of the usual two for non-injured

Are Top Gun 2 dogfights & airplane maneuvers real?

In the 2nd trailer of Top Gun 2, a plethora of swift airplane maneuvers and at least one dogfight take place. Are those scenes real, captured by a chase airplan

How was 1917 filmed as a continuous shot?

I just saw the new Sam Mendes film 1917 and was really impressed with the continuous shot approach, especially given the setting in the trenches of WW1. I've se

Was the location of the big showdown real or CG?

Was the location shown here in the finale of Sherlock Holmes, especially at 0:10 - 0:25, actually a real location? Or was it c

How did they get the entrapped testicles shot in Something About Mary?

In the 1998 comedy "There's Something About Mary" there is a scene in which the prom date gets his testicles entrapped in his zipper and this mess is briefly sh

Psycho (1960) Sandwich Scene [closed]

When most people think of Psycho they think of the shower scene. Admittedly it is one of the all scariest scenes in the history of movies. Tod

How do movies make explosions?

In just about every war film, there is always an explosion of some sort. What do film makers use to make an explosion that looks real and is completely harmles

Wounded Men in War Films

In a war film, sometimes a soldier will be thrown up into the air by an explosion, or a grenade will go off, and when it is over, they will be missing arms or l

Why is the dog in The Call of the Wild done with CGI?

In the new The Call of the Wild film, the dog is done with CGI which makes him look very cartoonish. I noticed throughout the film that other animals are also C

What is the name of this technique?

I saw this in two japanese movies (as I remember), and they were not from the same directors. First was Kagemusha, and the other one was Kwaidan. And they both

How do production crews film people running down corridors in Star Trek?

In Star Trek, especially the newer series, the camera follows Captain Kirk, Spock, Michael Burnham, etc. running down corridors, turning left or right, and flyi

Do actors get paid if their digital image is used in a movie?

These day we more often see actors in their younger ages. Do they get paid for that or can companies just model whatever they want with no need to pay to the mo