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How was helicopter scene filmed in Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)?

Followup from Aviation.SE In Escape to Witch Mountain (1975), around 1h 19m, there is scene with helicopter (Hughes MD500) in inverted flight which lands upsid

How are 3D still shots or "time stop" effects created?

I am always amazed by 3D still shots in which the action freezes and a character is able to walk around and the people are frozen like statues. How do they do t

Is there any CGI used in Dunkirk?

Given what I know about Christopher Nolan as a filmmaker, I would expect a heavier emphasis on practical effects. However, even with movies like Fury Road, wher

What are the film techniques for broken and protruding bones?

I have seen in a James Bond movie where there is a volcano disaster and the guy being James Bond (or the same person maybe just different movie) that when he an

How did they make cars fall apart in old movies?

A staple of old Buster Keaton/Laurel and Hardy films is the car that falls completely apart, either when closing one of the doors or even when driving, like so:

What is the film technique for someone breaking into pieces?

In certain movies I have seen the antagonist's arms falling off, then their legs, then their bodies split in two and then their heads fall off when the camera a

How did they film the special forces helicopter crashes?

in White House Down, We see in the following youtube clip: That when special forces went to attack the White House, the capti

How is arterial blood spray filmed? [duplicate]

In Dead 7, Carrie and other movies, there have been some scenes where an artery has been severed and an open wound is visible causing an artie

What conditions and requirements are needed to film sex scenes safely?

I have seen numerous movies with sex scenes: Friends with Benefits is one, No Strings attached (insertion is not filmed here) and several others where the inte

How are tsunamis crashing through cities and wiping out actors filmed?

In the movie The Day After Tomorrow (2004), there is a city (much like a modern day city) and during a natural disaster; there is a Tsunami that crashed through

How do they film a volcano erupting in such a way as what the volcano did in Dante's Peak?

In Dante's Peak (1997), Harry is a volcanologist and also the protagonist of the movie. The movie is all about the volcano that Harry is investigating blowing

How did they film the walks between the Twin Towers in The Walk?

The movie The Walk based on the story of 24-year-old French high-wire artist Philippe Petit's walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on August 7

How to film this particular aspect in the film Freddy vs Jason of setting someone on fire?

I rewatched Freddy vs Jason and I am a bit on the curious side of things once again. In the following viedo about Jason's attack on the party out bush, the obe

How was the helicopter scene from Captain America: Civil War filmed?

In Captain America: Civil War (2016) there is one scene where Captain America prevents a helicopter from flying away with his bare hands. Here is that scene

How do the SAW movies achieve dismemberment on screen?

I’m wanting to create a similar effect, as a girl saws through her arm, and i’m curious how the SAW movies achieved this. I also wonder if there is

How do they cost effectively film the scenes where James Franco plays 2 roles?

In The Deuce James Franco plays both Vincent and Frank Martino. Sometimes this requires both brothers to be in the same scene. Usually in these cases only one o

Time freezes and actors and things can be viewed from different angles. What is this special effect called and how is it made? [duplicate]

The music video for Avicii’s “Lonely Together” shows an effect previously seen in movies like “The Matrix”.

Physiological changes in Klingons between Star Trek TNG and Star Trek Discovery

My question is extremely similar to this one. I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, thus I always took it for granted that Klingons look like this

How do they create the side-impact-crash "from inside the car" shots?

I've wondered about this for years. It's become quite popular to film car crashes from inside the vehicle that suffers the worst damage. These scenes are usua

Justice League 'Official Trailer' vs 'Heroes Trailer'

In the later Heroes Trailer for Justice League the color and settings are different from the first released Official Trailer. Why is it like that? Are offici