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Climax of the film Encanto

Does Mirabel get special powers at the end of the film Encanto? How does everyone get their powers back even after the candle is gone. The candle is the source

Who are the soldiers Abuela & Pedro are fleeing?

In Encanto, the Madrigal family begin their magical adventure during an escape from soldiers during which Pedro is killed to allow Abuela Alma to escape. Who ar

For the gift to work do you need to stay there?

It seems that all the Madrigal family from Encanto stay in the same casita and do not emigrate to other towns. Is this because they're a closely connected famil

Were the songs in Encanto written with consideration of the Spanish versions?

After listening to a few songs from Encanto in English and Spanish, I realized that the melodies, words, and rhymes in the Spanish versions often seemed fit tog