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Final scene of Memento

I don't understand the final scene of memento (so the first one in events). Short description from wikipedia: After hearing Teddy's exposition, Leonard cons

At end of Not Fade Away (2012), is that Sunset Boulevard?

The end of writer-director David Chase's film Not Fade Away has the character Evelyn (Meg Guzulescu) dancing on an L.A.-area boulevard. I assume this is Sunset

Jacob's Ladder timeline explanation

Some days ago I saw a review on YouTube about the film Jacob's Ladder where they mention that at the ending on the film, when Jacob is riding the cab back at hi

Are (literal) cliff hangers still used as cliffhangers?

The first recorded cliffhanger (sudden dramatic plot changes at the end of an episode, with the intention of encouraging the audience to view the next episode)

How can separate multiple endings in Blue Bloods work?

The show Blue Bloods has four distinct characters it follows: Frank, the PC; Danny, the detective; Erin, the lawyer; and Jamie, the street cop. Each of these ch

Why do movie teams shoot alternate endings?

From this question, Which was the first movie with alternate ending? These alternate endings are a special type of deleted scene. In other cases, ideas that

Why is this character in a bubble?

In Blade Runner 2049, so why is Dr. Ana Stelline in a bubble? To clarify I'm not asking about her supposed weakness that has her in a bubble. I mean if she is

Gortimer Gibbon's Wife

In the ending of Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street "Gortimer vs. the End" an animation was shown of what becomes of the trio and their friends. At one p

Last scene of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

The dialogue of Willy Wonka in the last scene of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is not making any sense to me. Willy Wonka: But Charlie, don’t f

In Graduation (2016), what was Eliza's intention at the end?

In the Romanian film Graduation (2016), Eliza reveals in the final scene that she didn't cheat by marking her exam. Instead, she started crying when she ran out

What happened at the end of Shot Caller?

In the movie Shot Caller (2017), in one of the ending scenes, Money kills The Beast, but before he unlockes his own handcuffs. He uses a key but I do not get wh

Why is this character in a bubble?

In Blade Runner 2049, so why is Dr. Ana Stelline in a bubble? To clarify I'm not asking about her supposed weakness that has her in a bubble. I mean if she is

The end of the movie The Day Will Come

In the Danish drama Der kommer en dag/The day will come, why were the boys released from the orphanage in the end? Did the teacher adopt them?

What does the ending of The National Anthem mean?

In "The National Anthem" what do they try to depict at the end of the episode? We see that the prime minister is praised by the people, Princess Sussanah is al

How could the children know about the events at the end of The Last Jedi?

At the end of The Last Jedi: Some slave children on Canto Bight (presumably) are re-enacting the "battle" on Crait, using crude hand-made figures and vehicl

Is the house Meethi finds in the end, a "real" house or a psychological construct

In the movie 15 Park Avenue, the schizophrenic Meethi (Konkona Sen Sharma) searches for her house in Kolkata, in 15 Park Avenue, a locality that does not exist

Why did the villagers applaud when Anna punched Hanz?

From the point of view of the villagers, Hanz would have looked like a good leader in the absence of both Elsa and Anna (as appointed by Anna before she left).

Why did this still happen in the ending of USS Callister?

This post is about S04E01 of Black Mirror, titled USS Callister. Half way through the episode, it was established that the Christmas update patch was the worm

Why are there two fades to black at the end of Dunkirk?

At the end of Dunkirk, there are two fade to black / cut to black instances: Farrier's plane on fire, fade to black, Tommy on the train just finished reading t

Verónica (2017 Spanish film) ending explanation

In the movie Verónica (2017 Spanish film) there can be different explanations, She was crazy and imagined things. She was possessed by a ghost. She was