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Why did Steve Rogers choose this character in Endgame?

In the end of Endgame, we see Cap giving the shield to Sam Wilson. So why didn't he give the shield to Bucky? Sam Wilson was already a great superhero without

Missing ending scene in 12 Angry Men?

I remember vividly having seen the 1957 film 12 Angry Men in the 1980's on TV (most probably the early 1980's). I remember many specific details of it, includin

Is the series suggesting that there were two attackers?

The Netflix series "Unbelievable" follows a story of Marie, who was charged with lying about being raped and the two detectives, who follow a case of a serial r

Who emits this vocalization near the end of Ad Astra?

Near the end of Ad Astra, Roy unclips the tether connecting him to his father, Clifford. This is followed by a shot of Clifford drifting away. After a few secon

What happened at the end of The Thing (1982)?

This is a spoiler. At the end of The Thing (1982), MacReady and Childs sit together. It is not clear if either or none of them is the Thing at this point. I as

Does Dark have an ending?

The Netflix-series Dark is perfectly set up so that the narrative can keep on changing. Without any spoilers: in the series our time-dimension has some unexpect

The final scene in Joker

Most interpretations I've found online, including a few on this site, seem to believe that the events of Joker are all imagined, and the only "real" scene is th

Capricorn One, what happened to the protagonists?

In the movie Capricorn One, we see that both the astronauts Willis and Walker are captured by NASA officials. I wonder, is there an in-universe explanation

Interpretation of the ending of World on a Wire (Welt am Draht)

(Question contains spoilers) In the film Welt am Draht (World on a Wire), somewhere in the first half of the film, Fritz Walfang enters the "one level down" si

Who dies in A Death In The Gunj?

A Death In The Gunj shows a family who's come down on holidays in a remote town in India. The opening scene of the movie is a shot of any implied dead body in

Does the ending of The Rise of Skywalker mean the Jedi prophecy was wrong?

In Star Wars, the Jedi prophecy reveals “A Chosen One shall come, born of no father, and through him will ultimate balance in the Force be restored”

How does humanity survive after half of the population returns?

In the Avengers the villain snaps his fingers and half the universe population disappears. Later, after several years have passed this half returns, effectively

Why did Kim Ki-taek not just leave the house?

In Parasite 2019 Kim Ki-taek gets out of the basement to get the food at night. Why can't he just get out of the house and be free?

Would the villain's testimony be usable in court?

In the movie Knives Out (2019), the villain is brought to justice by his testimony recorded secretly on the detective's phone. The Fifth Amendment protects peop

Why does Incredible Hulk TV series end up so abruptly? [closed]

This is about the 70s show. When you watch the last episode, something feels wrong, it doesn't look like an ending at all. Rather, something

What did the very last scene mean?

I just watched Are You Here (2013), and the very ending confused me. Ben (played by Zach Galifianakis) has met his new neighbor and runs into her in a store.

Did all the human hosts of the Mind Flayer die in Stranger Things 3?

At the end of Stranger Things season 3, did all those people that the Mind Flayer took as hosts - Heather, Tom, Mrs. Driscoll and others - die together with the

In the Homeland Series Finale, Did Yevgeny Gromov know what Carrie was doing?

In the last ever episode of the Showtime TV series, Homeland, the writers offer one last plot twist when it's revealed that Carrie Mattheson took Anna Pom

Is Clue the only film that aired true, multiple endings in theaters?

Clue (1985) famously had three, true (intentional) alternate endings that were included on the VHS and aired in theaters. It’s not uncommon for alternate

How did this character die?

In The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi, we can see towards the end how the titular character deals with the local yakuza gang. When he manages to kill most of the sol