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Ending of Venus in Fur movie

What happened in Venus in Fur? Is the lady character the real goddess Venus?

What happens with Zach's disabled father? Where did he stay in the end?

In the film Shelter (2007), Zach's father is shown with some kind of disability but he was never shown again in the film. Even Wikipedia mentions his disabled f

Ending of "Under Suspicion"

I just watched Under Suspicion (1991) and I'm not sure I've understood the outcome of the movie. Is it that Tony and Stassio's first wife screwed up everyone, f

Why didn't Wilford use the back of the train just as a breeding camp?

In the end of Snowpiercer Wilford reveals that they use small children of the back for manual labour on the train. But if that is the only purpose of the people

What is the significance of the mute girl in The Seventh Seal?

The character credited as the 'Mute Girl', exclaims 'at last' (or words to that effect) as Death enters Block's castle. Is this an obvious reference to the inev

Can someone explain the ending of the movie "Bleed"

I understand that the town folk is basically a cult, that Sarah and Eric were born on the same day Ana Harris died, and that Ana Harris is the small red head gi

How was Suspicion (1941) supposed to end?

In Alfred Hitchcock's 1941 thriller Suspicion, starring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine, the ending is jarringly congenial, everything becoming all happy in a tota

Who was that guy in the final scene of Everybody Hates Chris?

This character appears in the final scene of Everybody Hates Chris: The camera lingers on him for a while and Chris also watches him for a moment. Is he in

What was the significance of the ending in Kaafiron Ki Namaaz?

In Kaafiron Ki Namaaz, they raised so many controversial topics like homosexuality, anti-Gandhism, rape, Kashmir issue, media faking, religion, Ayodhya dispute,

So how did Will end up in the same room with her?

In the film Insomnia, towards the end Will Dormer (Al Pacino) narrates to the hotel owner Rachel Clement (Maura Tierney) how he fabricated evidence to help conv

Why did the love perfume change its properties in the end?

At the execution sequence in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille used his love perfume before a huge crowd and the scene turned into the

Did The Littlest Hobo ever find a happy home?

In the Canadian Television series "The Littlest Hobo" did the titular dog ever find a home? This CTV series which ran in the early 80s, follows a German Shep

Who is Saying "I love you too" in the end?

In the last episode of the 2nd season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "Born to Run", there was the last scene with electric sparking and we can hear

Movies with last second twists

The twist ending is such a trope that it has become almost laughable - and impossible to pull off with credibility; but there is another subtler kind of twist

What happens at the end of Uppi 2?

Why does the movie Uppi 2 end abruptly? What is the conclusion from the movie? Or does it just show to not to worry about anything i.e even the movie, which is

The ending of The Wailing (2016)

I saw The Wailing yesterday, a film by Na Hong-jin and the ending was very confusing to me. Who really was the girl in white? Why did the shaman have the pho

What was the conclusion of Batman: The Killing Joke

In the end of Batman: The Killing Joke the Joker cracks a joke and the Batman laughs along with the Joker. What was the conclusion of that scene or what w

Tintin movie...what happened next?

I just watched The Adventures of Tintin (2011), what a movie! Is there another clip/movie/anything that saws what happens next? I mean, Tintin says to the capt

Why does Max do this at the end of Pi?

At the end of Pi, Max takes a deep breath. Then we hear the motor again. Max lifts up his arm. He's holding a drill. He places the bit against the math sectio

Why did George do that in the end?

In the movie Of Mice and Men (1992), after Lennie and George escaped from the farm, why did George shoot Lennie?