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Explanation of the ending of "A Quiet Place" [closed]

I have just watched the horror a Quiet Place. Not at all bad. But I have a question concerning the end of the movie. Can anybody explain to me

Ending of Thelma

In the movie Thelma (2017), if Thelma deeply (unconsciously) wants someone to disappear, something inside her can make that happen. In other words, she has the

Is Deadpool 2's after-credits scene canon or just a joke?

In the end of Deadpool 2, Deadpool receives the time machine of Cable, modified to be used multiple times. Then he actually saves Vanessa's life with it, among

Explanation of Bajo la Rosa

Recently I have watched Spanish thriller Bajo la Rosa. To tell the truth I do not understand the final twist. The kidnapper after releasing the young girl (th

What is the significance of the ending line of Brokeback Mountain?

The last words in Ang Lee's movie Brokeback Mountain (2005) are: Jack, I swear... said by the protagonist, Ennis del Mar. What is he going to swear?

Did Reynolds recognize what Alma was doing, and if so why does he go along with it?

According to the Wikipedia summary of Phantom Thread: Alma responds by making Reynolds a poisoned omelette. As he chews his first bite, she informs him that

Why is the last scene (right before and including the end credits) often worse quality in transfers of older films?

I've noticed it in both DVD and Blu-ray transfers of older movies (for example a few spaghetti westerns). Throughout the movie, the transfer quality is very goo

The ending of First Reformed

To me the ending of First Reformed (2017) was a bit strange. Why would Reverend Toller do things like strapping a wire around him, and attempting to drink washr

Ending of "The Man From Earth: Holocene"

I didn't understand ending of The Man From Earth: Holocene. Just after cave painting, we see a man from FBI talks about guy who is found dead, who looks like Jo

Did Mork and Mindy’s family ever go back to modern times?

I know that in the final season Mork and Mindy went back to prehistoric times. Now my question is did they ever come back to modern times?

Who put the blanket there in Marrowbone?

This question is about the movie "Marrowbone" (2017) (orig.: "El secreto de Marrowbone") by Sergio Sánchez. Almost at the end of the movie, the lawyer T

Are there two versions of The Notebook's ending? If so, why?

Last night, my partner and I watched The Notebook on (UK) Netflix. At the end of the film, Noah climbs into Allie's bed, where they hold hands and talk about m

Did Rohan also become a ghost at the end?

In the movie Vaastu Shastra, every dead person became a ghost. Has Rohan also become a ghost?

Last scene of the movie American Sniper

Is there any significance of the last scene in the movie American Sniper, when Taya (Chris Kyle's wife) stares at the person standing near the car for some time

What was Colonel Douglas Mortimer's relation to the woman shown in the photograph in his watch?

In Sergio Leone's For a Few Dollars More, is Colonel Douglas Mortimer (Lee Van Cleef's character) the brother of the girl killed by El Indio, or is he her dad,

Was there ever a car coming for Jackson?

Near the end of the 2018 version of A Star is Born, Ally says to Jackson that she will have a car come pick him up for her show. We then see Jackson getting in

Ending of Mirzapur

Can someone explain the ending of Mirzapur. Who is the character at the end scene cutting his hair taking an oath? Why is he relevant now?

Who was the lady mending the toy at the end?

I started watching the movie The Boy (2016). I noticed that at the ending of the movie someone is again mending the toy named Brahms. The toy boy (Brahms) was b

What happens in the end of netflix movie "DEATH NOTE"?

In the end, when light is in hospital in his bed, Ryuk laughs and says "You humans are so interesting" and then the movie ends? What does that mean?

Did Murli donate his eyes to Aakash?

Spoilers ahead- I recently watched the movie Andhadhun. The movie ends with director showing that Aakash can still see with his eyes. It made me confused abou