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Did Murli donate his eyes to Aakash?

Spoilers ahead- I recently watched the movie Andhadhun. The movie ends with director showing that Aakash can still see with his eyes. It made me confused abou

Ending of Sacred Games

Can someone explain the ending of Sacred Games (Season 1). Who is the character found tied in a hole? Is he dead or alive? And what is the significance of

Why did Thor not aim for the arm holding the gauntlet?

I think it's been enough time for this to not be a spoiler about Avengers: Infinity War. But still, So, at the end(ish) Thor takes his mighty axe and sla

What actually happened to Lukas?

I saw that Lukas starts the car at the end of The Bouncer. Well, it seems that he was alive that time but not sure about that. Can somebody explain?

How do I get a happy ending in Bandersnatch?

In Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, whatever I pick I end up with Stefan being in jail with one or multiple murders and his game failed, either due to his crimes or

Is there a canon story or ending to Bandersnatch?

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has a branching story and multiple endings before the credits roll. Is there a canon, final ending or certain set series of events i

Why does Nick say nothing to Mike except for "one shot"?

In the film The Deer Hunter, the effects of war on a group of small town men is shown in a very dark and depressing way. One of the characters, Nick, gets traum

Did Sawyer really fire Jill at the ending or was she joking?

I know this is not the most important question that you should have after watching the film Unsane (2018) but I just can't get it off my head. At the ending of

What does the ending of "The Favourite" mean?

I am trying to understand what happened at the end of "The Favourite": Emma Stone squeezes a rabbit with her foot, Olivia Colman asks her to rub her leg an

Was Plan B in Interstellar carried out?

In Interstellar, it was proposed that if Plan A of evacuating the humans on Earth does not work out, they would have to colonize a new planet using the frozen h

Were the survivors the originals or their tethered counterparts?

Ok, so while it is clearly explained in Jordan Peele's Us (2019) that Adelaide got switched with her tethered counterpart as a child, what about her children? W

What was the purpose of "sugar coating" the last episode of the second season of "The Good Doctor"?

The oldest trick in the book of a tv show director is to create cliffhangers: if the viewers will be anxious to know "what happens next", the show will live to

What is the secret ending of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch?

In Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, there are multiple endings and there suppose to be a secret ending, which was hinted by Netflix itself: But did we figure out

Confusion about the ending of 'Stree'

The movie Stree is a horror/comedy film about an Indian folklore where a village is haunted by a ghost of a murdered woman (stree) who abducts men in the middle

Who are all the people at the funeral?

In Avengers: Endgame near the end we attend Iron Man funeral but there were few faces I was not able to recognize. I do recognize the kid from Iron Man 3 and th

The ending of Silence

What is the significance of the cross in the main character's hand when he is cremated given that he chose to give up his faith? Though I understand the symboli

Is there any evidence what happened right after the end of Snatch?

At the end of the 2000 movie "Snatch," what happens next is left ambiguous. Avi boards a plane to London to go to Doug's place and purchase (or steal?) the di

Which story is true at end of the movie "Life of Pi"?

At the end of the movie Life of Pi, Pi tells us two stories. One with the tiger (unrealistic) and one without the tiger (realistic). I believe that he was meta

Explanation for the ending of John Wick 3

In the middle of John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum John is roaming the desert in search of the 'Elder one'. He then proceeds to make a deal with the 'Elder one'

What is the meaning of the ending of Goodfellas? [duplicate]

At the the end of Goodfellas Henry looks into the camera and "gets shot" by Joe Pesci. Why does he look to into the camera and "gets shot" by