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What is the symbolism of Caleb's scars?

The scene at 0:18:07 from Alex Garland's Ex Machina, frames Caleb's back as he stands in front of the mirror. We get a good look at scars from the automob

Is there a reason why Nathan uses keycards to grant or limit access to the different rooms in the house?

In Ex Machina Nathan is a genius tech innovator. Does it make sense that he would use keycards to limit access to the different rooms of the house and his compu

Did the director intend this movie as a test for us?

While watching the movie Ex-machina, I for one was rooting for Ava to escape and go to the "human" world preferably with Caleb or at the very least as a friend

Why didn't Nathan encode an "override phrase" to disable Ava if necessary?

In the movie "Ex Machina" we reveal that Nathan has in fact created multiple AI robots before Ava, many which had started to express hostility towards him. We w

Why did the A.I. defy its creator in Ex Machina?

Why did the A.I. defy its creator? Was it how the creator programmed it to be like that in order to complete the "test"? Or is it already a common believe for

What is it with references to being quotable in Ex Machina?

I recently saw Ex Machina, not sure how much I'm supposed to read into it (and works of Alex Garland in general) but there are references to quotes and being qu

Why did Ava behave like that with Caleb?

In Ex Machina, Ava an advanced AI developed human consciousness. While Caleb thought that he was testing Ava through conversation, actual automated test was hap