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Did Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman do the singing in Moulin Rouge?

In Moulin Rouge!, Was it the actors recording those songs, or vocal doubles?

Quality difference between HD video and 35mm film

I have noticed lately some of the older movies like Titanic being sold on Blu-rays in high definition (HD). As I understand, high definition implies high level

How did they film the motorcycle jump in Point Break (2015)?

The 2015 Point Break remake features a large number of spectacular stunts. Most of these stunts are claimed to be genuine and performed by highly skilled stuntm

Did Sean Gullette actually trepan himself in Pi (1998)?

In the final scene of Pi, we see the character depicted by Sean Gullette put a drill directly to a tumorous bulge on his head. There's a noticeable blood splatt

Why do punches sound like a "slap" in older movies?

Almost all of the of the older movies (from 25-40 years ago) that feature fighting scenes seem to have a very common depiction of a punch that sounds like a sla

Why are movie scenes shot with green background?

I remember reading that green colour makes the best contrast with colour of human skin so in post editing it is easier to remove it. Is that the only reason w

How did they film the camera following flying golf ball in Happy Gilmore?

At around 00:50 we can see the golf ball flying through the street and camera following it through air and through bushes until it hits window. How did they fi

How did they shoot the snow scenes in The Hunt?

How did they shoot the snow scenes in The Hunt? Did they use real snow, or is that a specific trick to fake it during the shooting?

How was the time-freezed scene in the Matrix with the woman in the red dress shot?

At around minute 57 to 59, Morpheus explains to Neo that every citizen in the Matrix can become an agent like agent Smith, while everything else around them is

What techniques are used to film the twins in Quantico?

In Quantico, there are a pair of recruited agents. Raina and Nimah Amin, both played majestically by actress Yasmine Al Massri. The two characters are shown sid

What kind of blood do they use in movies for bloody scenes?

I always wondered what kind of blood is used in movies. I thought it could be from animals or color or least possibly human blood which I am sure will not be le

Why do most space movies contain sound?

I do not understand why most space movies contain sound. For Example: The Martian (2015), Moon (2009) Armageddon (1998) etc. These movies contain sound in spac

Camera shot with close-up next to farther away standing person

While watching Final Destination 3 I noticed a very characteristic camera shot. At a scene where the main character, Wendy, sits in her room at the computer (wa

How was this scene in Jurassic World shot?

In Jurassic World, how did they shoot the scene in which Claire's assistant: dies by getting picked up by a flying Pteranodon, dropped in a giant water tan

How does the editing of lip-sync take place for non-native artists (especially in songs)?

I was going through this answer here, where @JasonCraig ends the answer with: Later a huge portion of issues are sorted in the editing table. So, I wanted

How are talking scenes in movies/shows filmed? [duplicate]

So, I've been curious about this (since taking a class dealing with filming and editing I've been taking more notice of good/bad shots and jus

What is the term for this kind of final scene?

For reference, my question comes after having viewed the latest episode of the HBO series Silicon Valley (Season 3, Episode 9 - "Daily Active Users"). The fina

How do they shoot helicopter/aeroplane blast/crash scenes?

Many action movies have a scene where they show a plane or helicopter blast/crash. Seeing as how planes are very costly and it includes various dangers, they wo

Why do almost all Woody Allen movies contain the same font style?

Why do almost all Woody Allen movies contain the same font style of opening and closing credits? I've watched Blue Jasmine, Match Point and Vicky Cristina Bar

How do films achieve the realistic depiction of the moon?

Many films set at night feature the shape of the moon rather prominently. Yet I can't really imagine that this is always the exact moon captured in the scene, b