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Why is the bride's name bleeped in Kill Bill Vol 1?

In the movie Kill Bill Vol.1, whenever someone mentions the bride by her name Beatrix Kiddo Her name is censored with a beep. Is this explained somewhere

What is a "performance capture" animation movie?

The recent movie The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn is a performance capture animated movie. What is a "performance capture" movie and what is

Kill Bill colour changes to Black and White

In the movie Kill Bill, why does the colour keep shifting from standard colour to black and white? Is it to keep the gross levels down?

Kid's pictures in Clint Eastwood's True Crime (1999)

Around 0.02.24 ( into this movie there's a close-up of the picture just drawn by Gail Beechum (daughter visiting her father Frank on death row. It's ju

Is there a rating of the 3D-ness of a 3D movie?

If things aren't thrown in my face during a 3D movie, I feel somewhat disappointed. I also appreciate the use of 3D to enhance a wide-angle sh

Do contemporary cinemas really project at 25fps?

In a conversation with a UK film professional, I was told that in order to simplify technical stuff associated with projection, all modern fil

What is the first occurence of a sequence of short shots of the same length separated by fade ins/outs?

This technique is used in several movie trailers to give a feeling of stress, anxiety or urgency. It is also used in several movies (mostly thrillers, action or

What techniques are used by directors to make an actor cry?

I have always wondered what techniques directors use to get amateur actors, especially young ones, to cry. How can someone surrounded with so many film crew and

Subconsciously influencing the audience with embedded single frames

Is it considered a filming technique to get one-shot frames unnoticeably embedded in movies to subconsciously affect the viewers' mind?

How is 2D movie created from 3D?

There is a lot of 3D movies out there in these days, but they are also released in 2D (dvd, blu-ray, ...). I think, they are originally captured as 3D movies (w

What was the earliest mass-release movie that used Matrix-like "bullet time"?

One of the things that The Matrix was famous for was "bullet time" cinematography. I'm fairly sure that, while it was the first one to use the technique extens

Where did the "calmly eating noodles when bad guys walk in" scene first appear?

This scene happens in many martial arts movies: It usually starts with some hero wandering into a strange town; orders a bowl of noodles; then a couple of bad

How are older movies post-converted to 3D?

I went to see Hugo in 3D today, and beforehand there was a trailer for the upcoming re-release of Titanic in 3D. I must say, I was impressed. How much of the

Film where colour fades throughout to represent dying protagonist [closed]

Ok, I can usually find things using Google but no luck this time! This is a film from around mid-90s I think, but could be +/- 10 years. Mal

First Hollywood movie with "flashbacks within flashbacks within flashbacks"?

In Super (2010), I noticed the weird concept of flashbacks within flashbacks within flashbacks. Which was the first Hollywood movie with the same concept?

Why is director's name shown last in the title sequence?

Why is the director's name shown last in Title Sequence/Opening Credits rather than first? I've seen this fact not only in Hollywood, but also in Bollywood, Ko

Was this movie the first usage of screen projection?

"The Forbidden Planet" came out in 1956, and there is a particular visual effects shot in the movie that was ground breaking at the time. Projecting live action

What was the first movie to use a cross-cutting technique like The Hours?

The Hours is a very good cross-cutting film because throughout the film it jumps back and forth between three different stories in three different time periods.

Did Spider-Man filming halt so Tobey Maguire could bulk up?

Spider-Man 1 with Tobey Maguire tells the story of how Peter Parker acquired his abilities. Most of the time he is fully clothed. However, we are privy to a

Walking around someone who is moving in Slow Motion?

In the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" series musical episode, "Once More With Feeling", during the Giles and Buffy fight montage (Song: 'Standing in the Way') there