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Why are most scenes in a car recorded with chroma?

I'm aware of "How do they film scenes with the actors driving in a car?" in this site, but I'm more interested in the "why", not the "how". Is it illegal to ju

Hollyoaks Later filming style

Having watched Hollyoaks later this week I've noticed that it is filmed in a different style to regular Hollyoaks. Some colours seem washed out but others seem

What does the television-esque film style in the episode "I Am Anne Frank, Part II" represent?

In the second season episode of American Horror Story, "I Am Anne Frank, Part II", we're told that Anne Frank is actually Charlotte Brown, delusional and obsess

How far advanced are today's robots with respect to those shown in Real Steel?

Several high-tech robots are shown in the movie Real Steel. Robots that can follow voice commands and even having shadow recognition and voice recognition there

Is this mask really possible?

Sometimes we see a mask is used by an actor of a film by which he drastically changes his face. I was under the impression that only after plastic surgery one c

Is it a highly trained mouse?

The mouse used in Mousehunt, the mouse is shown extra ordinarily clever. Was that a real mouse used in that movie or another computer created bug? Whatever it i

Do the actors really go nude in the shooting of the movies?

I often wonder if actors really go nude for certain scenes in films. I am not talking about those movies where we can see the sexual body-parts or genitals of

The hobbit, how is it possible that 48 FPS is better than 24 FPS

I have a question about the movie the hobbit. People claim that the quality of the movie is way better because the movie is recorded and displayed in 48 fps. No

How do they film the mirror scenes in movies?

It always makes me wonder how do they place the cameras and crew members while filming a scene which is opposite to a reflecting object, such as mirror. Becaus

Why animation was used in several scenes of Revolver?

Revolver. Though, An amazing movie regarding EGO, EGO and EGO... At most times, the movie included actual animations of Andre, Liotta and several other charact

What kind of makeup is used to make Harvey Dent's horrifying face?

Every time I see The Dark Knight, I am surprised when looking at the makeup of Harvey Dent (Two Face). What kind of technology is used in such make ups and how

Are real guns used in movies?

For example, in "Matrix Reloaded", we see that the agents fire on the car driven by Morpheus. We see that the bullets penetrating the body of the car. If the g

How do they show a tooth-less mouth?

So today I was watching Grown-up again and saw the tooth of Lenny's daughter fell and we can see she had no teeth. Similarly, I remembered a scene with a missin

Why are there different audio levels for different languages?

I was watching the Star Trek Into Darkness trailers on Apple's trailer site. I watched the Announcement in English (US) and then the UK and AU versions and I no

What are the artistic reasons to shoot "Curb Your Enthusiasm" in a higher frame rate?

What are the artistic reasons to shoot "Curb Your Enthusiasm" in a higher frame rate? It gives me the impress I am watching an old show.

Props used in Hal Roach shorts

How did they make the cars fall apart, on cue, in those old comedy shorts from Hal Roach Studios? example: Blotto with Laurel and Hardy

How are stunts where vehicles are seriously damaged (such as explosions or crashes) filmed?

In many movies vehicles are apparently seriously damaged. How are these stunts filmed? Are these made animated? Does it costs more to shoot these types of shots

Do they really have sex in movies?

Many times in movies (especially Hollywood), actors and actresses are shown having intercourse (not talking about pornographic films). Do they really do this? O

How do they make horses fall down in war movies?

I have seen horses falling down many times in war movies while running. How do they make horses fall down in war movies? Are they highly trained to know fall do

Do they really drink or eat when shooting movies?

Many times in movies and TV shows characters are showed as eating or drinking activities (water, beverages, alcohol). If a shoot takes many retakes, then the ac