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Why are characters double in a sequence?

In the first episode of Disenchantment (2018), during the wedding scene, right before Elfo interrupts the ceremony, there’s a look of the inside of the te

Did the creators manipulate the animation frame rate for specific visual effects?

Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a particularly richly animated film with an amazing variety of animation styles used to reflect the different universes its

Why is audio so often out of sync when the actors are filmed from behind?

I've noticed that in almost every TV show or movie I've ever seen, the audio does not sync up with the actor's jaw/mouth movements when the actor is being filme

How was the "Fly" episode directed?

With the advent of CGI, this may come off as foolish, but I really want to know how the episode "Fly" (S03E10) in Breaking Bad was directed, particularly regard

Were Morgan Freeman's scenes filmed separately and spliced in later?

In "Now You See Me 2", most (all?) of the scenes with Morgan Freeman look like they were filmed separately with standings playing the other actors. This is esp

Was the 2019 Lion King film made through motion capture?

In the movie The Jungle Book, Favreau utilized motion capture with certain actors, expressing a desire to avoid overusing the technology in order to prevent evo

Why do cars in movies set in earlier eras always look brand new?

Whenever I watch a movie or TV show set in an earlier era, all the cars look brand new. In fact, better than brand new; the paint is rich and deep, highly polis

How did they film dogs biting Berrada's henchmen without hurting anybody?

In John Wick: Parabellum, John and Sofia engage in a shootout on their way out of Casablanca Continental. During this entire scene, there are several times when

Why were movies shot on film shot at 24 frames per second?

Title says it all! Nowadays, everything is digital, frame rates vary and are displayed properly by media playback devices depending on need, requirement or des

Blood on the lens

I've noticed a trend recently where, in a particularly violent scene, blood will end up on the lens of the camera. It's not restricted to blood; it could be wat

Were the childhood scenes from IT Chapter Two filmed at the same time as the first film?

There are a number of flashback scenes in IT Chapter Two (2019) which show additional details about the events 27 years ago. As I watched the film I noticed jus

Was Broken Blossoms (1919) originally shown with tinted film?

Every copy I've found of Broken Blossoms, the silent film from 1919, has been tinted -- they appear to have been shot in black and white, but then various scene

Origin of movie opening crawl

What was the first movie to have an opening crawl? What was the first movie serial to summarize events in previous episodes with an opening crawl, the practice

What are the artistic reasons to shoot "Curb Your Enthusiasm" in a higher frame rate?

What are the artistic reasons to shoot "Curb Your Enthusiasm" in a higher frame rate? It gives me the impress I am watching an old show.

Is the dynamic range (audio) of some movies way too high?

As the title implies, I tend to think the dynamic range of movies is too high. I often find myself scrambling to change the volume after listening at a previ

How was the traffic scene filmed in the movie "Deep Impact"?

In the film Deep Impact there is a scene where they show people evacuating major cities with long highways full of traffic. How was this scene created?

How were the gravity scenes filmed in the movie “Deep Impact”?

In the film Deep Impact the scenes where all the astronauts are inside the messiah spaceship seemed fairly realistic with gravity e.g. they moved slowly and flo

How were Carrie Fisher's scenes filmed in The Rise of Skywalker?

Carrie Fisher, the actress who portrayed Leia Skywalker in the Star Wars films, had quite a few talking scenes in Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker even though

Does 35 to 70 mm blow up lose a part of the image?

The Wikipedia article on 70 mm film has a section about the process of converting 35 mm film to 70 mm, or "blow-up". Since 35 mm and 70 mm have different aspec

Why are superhero animated movies not made with the same level of graphics as pre-rendered videogame cutscenes?

I've played some superhero games like the Batman: Arkham series and I've noticed that the pre-rendered cutscenes (to be distinguished from real-time cutscenes)