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What led to Firefly's cancellation?

Firefly is an awesome TV series, so much so that even after its cancellation it spawned a theatrical movie release. What was the ultimate cause of the cancellat

What are all of the Chinese phrases in Firefly/Serenity?

Throughout the 14th episode of Firefly and the following movie there are many Chinese phrases strewn about. What are all of the Chinese phrases in Firefly/Sere

Why did the Reavers attack other planets instead of each other?

In Firefly, we are introduced to the Reavers; humans who were claimed to have reached the edge of space and went mad from seeing the endlessness of it all. Cau

Did Inara Serra get her name from a Magic: the Gathering card?

I never picked up on this before, but as a Magic: the Gathering player, I saw that Inara's last name was Serra, and it immediately reminded me of Serra Angel, a

When does "Serenity" take place during the timeline?

The timeline page on wikia for Firefly seems to indicate that Serenity takes place sometime after the TV series, but having watched the TV series and the movie,

Do Breaking Bad and Firefly have the same intro music?

I know that the intro for Breaking Bad only has a few notes in it but they are remarkably similar to those in "The Ballad of Serenity" from Firefly. If it is th

What was the backstory to Shepherd Book on Firefly?

Firefly was cancelled before it ever was able to expand on the back stories of most of the characters, and the follow-up movie, Serenity, simply didn't have the

Firefly references on Castle

I have begun watching Castle (in rerun) and have a chuckle every time there is a Firefly reference made. Nathan Fillion always gives a little smirk/wink. Seas

Is Firefly/Serenity related to the game series Mass Effect

I've played through all 3 Mass Effect games and now I'm watching Firefly. I noticed that Jayne (the mercenary) wears a "Blue Sun" muscle shirt and in Mass Effec

How do the Reavers reproduce?

In the Firefly universe, there are a group of monstrous, man-eating madmen known as the Reavers. There are many myths spinning around their origin, one of the

Will there ever be a second season of Firefly even after such a long hiatus?

Will there ever be a second season of Firefly? Is it possible? Season 1 must be at least ten years old now. Are there any precedents where this kind of thing h

If Firefly's Mal Reynolds is a sergeant why does Zoe call him "Sir"?

Mal Reynolds was a sergeant at the time of the the Battle of Serenity Valley. Why does Zoe call him "Sir" (even during the battle) when any self respecting TV

Why the did the Alliance destroy the scuttled settler ship in Episode 3 of Firefly?

I just watched episode 3 of Firefly and during a conversation between the Alliance ship's Commander and Captain Mal, the Commander tells him that Serenity will

Language used in Firefly

In the Fox series, Firefly, crew on the ship usually uses the English language. Most of the time it's modern English(Usually with southern US accent), but somet

Why does Firefly include a scene with a missing yoke?

In the first episode of Firefly (Serenity), there's a scene where Serenity escapes from a pursuing Reaver ship. After they get away, there's a brief shot of Was

What was Shepherd Book's monastery joke about?

In Firefly Ep. 8: Out of Gas, Wash walks into the dining room in the middle of Shepherd Book telling a story about his life at the monastery: ZOE: That is n

Filming order for Firefly episodes?

In what order were the episodes of Firefly actually filmed? (not DVD order, and not TV airing order - but filming order) The Firefly DVD commentary indicates