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What 1980's movie was the first to have an official montage?

We all know that many of the 1980's movies were famous for their montages with cheesy music going on in the background and random clips of the main characters d

What was the first live-action movie to feature a talking animal?

What was the first live-action movie to feature a talking animal, and did the film predate the first live-action televised appearance of a talking animal?

Origin of the Mustache Twirling Villain

Whenever someone thinks about silent cinema the image of the laughing villain, twirling his mustache, and tying the hapless blonde beauty to the railroad, pops

What is the first occurence of a sequence of short shots of the same length separated by fade ins/outs?

This technique is used in several movie trailers to give a feeling of stress, anxiety or urgency. It is also used in several movies (mostly thrillers, action or

What was the earliest mass-release movie that used Matrix-like "bullet time"?

One of the things that The Matrix was famous for was "bullet time" cinematography. I'm fairly sure that, while it was the first one to use the technique extens

Where did the "calmly eating noodles when bad guys walk in" scene first appear?

This scene happens in many martial arts movies: It usually starts with some hero wandering into a strange town; orders a bowl of noodles; then a couple of bad

First movie with product placement?

We were watching The Goonies (1985) tonight and I noticed that in the initial scenes one of the characters is rather prominently holding a Pepsi in his hand.

What is the cinematic origin (first use) of a "Fortune teller will lose powers after intimacy" trope?

I happened to watch 2 movies in the same week ("Live and Let Die" and "Scorpion King") both of which had a common trope of a fortune teller virginal female who

First Hollywood (or at least made in USA) movie where Russian dialog was spoken by Russian speaking actor?

I was wondering what the first movie (made in USA) was where a character speaking Russian was played by an actor for whom Russian was a fluent (though not neces

Which film was the first to show us the face of God?

There have been a lot of greek myth Gods depicted in film. Which film was the first to show us the face of the Christian God Jehovah?

Which movie did top-to-bottom credits first?

One of the many notable things about modern film-noir Seven was its reverse credits (scrolling top to bottom, the opposite to the expected direction). I recen

First Hollywood movie with "flashbacks within flashbacks within flashbacks"?

In Super (2010), I noticed the weird concept of flashbacks within flashbacks within flashbacks. Which was the first Hollywood movie with the same concept?

What was the first film shot completely with a subjective point of view?

What was the first full-length feature film shot completely with a subjective point of view, that is, with a subjective camera where shots simulates what a char

Which was the first movie with alternate ending?

Was "The Game of Death(1978)" the first movie with alternate ending? In Game of Death, after Billy was attacking Dr. Land, he falls from the rooftop. The polic

What was the first crossover movie like The Avengers, using only movie franchises?

The Avengers is taking 4 separate movie franchises (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America) and combining them all into one huge movie with all the main char

What was the first movie to use a cross-cutting technique like The Hours?

The Hours is a very good cross-cutting film because throughout the film it jumps back and forth between three different stories in three different time periods.

What was the first movie released with a tagline?

I know taglines in movies are used for advertising purpose and to create a memorable phrase to make the audience remember the film for many years. I've seen num

What was the first instance of a movie reboot?

Apparently so called reboots are the new answer to Hollywood running out of original ideas. In the last years several franchises have been "rebooted" such as S

First movie that collaborated with fast-food outlets?

In 1984, the movie Gremlins teamed up with Hardees to sell a set of LPs that came along with the movie: Each week a different record would be sold, thus, eac

What is the first movie to show slicing through a candle to show sword prowess

The nearest I can find is The Mark of Zorro. It shows the villain (played by the wonderful Basil Rathbone) slicing through a candle with rage and then the hero