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What was the first movie to have an animal protagonist?

I need to know for a project I'm working on at school, and google isn't helping me out. I was to know what was the first movie that actually revolve around an a

What is the first movie where an intelligent computer rebels against its creators?

There is a common trope in science fiction about the invention of an intelligent computer which then rebels against its makers. In cases like The Matrix it impr

What was the first movie where a recognizable newscaster played himself / herself?

Newscasters occasionally appear as themselves in movies, and recite fictitious news to move the movie's story along. For example, Matt Lauer has appeared as him

First appearance of the walk down a black hallway with evenly spaced circles of light?

What is the first film or television show to employ this trope: character walks away down a blackened hallway with overhead light fixtures creating evenly sp

First Best Actor Oscar for war movie

Who won the first best actor oscar while playing a part on a war movie?

What was the first 3D movie?

3D movies have become more common in 2016. Yet the idea of depth in pictures is not new. I came across Hitchcock's version of Dial M for Murder in 1954, and was

What's the first appearance of Becoming the Costume that happens on Halloween?

What's the first appearance of Becoming the Costume that happens on Halloween? Something turns people into whatever costume they are wearing.

What was the first martial arts movie where someone plucked out an eye?

In the Kill Bill movies, Pai Mei and The Bride each pluck out one of Elle's eyes. In Five Fingers of Death (1972), one of the characters has his eye plucked out

Is Touch of Evil (1958) the first movie to allow actors to drive vehicles?

Recently I watched the movie Touch of Evil (1958), in which Mike Vargus was really driving vehicles with a moving real background: Usually in classic movies,

What is the first movie where the voice of the receiving person can be heard in phone conversations?

In classic movies, they simply mute the receiving person's voice in phone conservation scenes. So what is the first movie where we hear the receiver's voice in

What is the origin of the Canadian Girlfriend trope?

Its a common occurrence in various stories that a character who wishes to impress their friends will claim to have a girlfriend living in Canada. Obviously thi

Was Kirk and Uhura's kiss in Star Trek really the first interracial kiss on TV?

It's been widely stated that the Star Trek episode "Plato's Stepchildren", airing on 22 November 1968, had "the very first televised interracial kiss", which wa

When was the first time subtitles were used for the original target audience?

Subtitles are traditionally (and, probably, most often) used for movies that were originally made for speakers of a different language--e.g., English-language s

What is the first cartoon/movie to use fake swearing?

What is the first cartoon or movie to use fake swearing? Like the popular cartoon Spongebob Squarepants' dolphin noises. I can only recall that one occurrence.

What's the first use of the "power walk"?

I'm curious how the "power walk" originated, where characters walk inline (or sometimes in a triangle with the middle furthest towards the camera) towards the c

Which movie first did the chase sequence/pane of glass gag?

There's a common gag/cliche/trope/whatever in chase sequences in movies/tv/cartoons where two people are carrying a window/mirror/pane of glass across a road th

First explicit mention of money in Star Trek

In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, we have this exchange: McCoy: It's a wonder these people ever made it out of the 20th Century. Kirk: They're still using mone

Who invented the "Run to the president" scene

In many movies you can find a scene where something big just happened and someone starts running to the president (or another important person) to report it. I

Which movie started the common practice of 2 sets of closing credits?

All movies have credits rolling at the end of the film. But some, many really, tend to have two sets of them. By that, I mean the first set tends to be very ani

What was the first trailer to use "in a world"?

In a world where it's a common joke that trailers contain the phrase "in a world"...and there are even lists of trailers that used the phrase seriously, as an a