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What is the first science fiction movie or TV show mentioning autonomous car?

With the autonomous car idea making huge leaps towards being part of our life, I wonder: where was it first mentioned in movies or a TV show? What is the earlie

First appearance of going to past (time-travel) to change the present

There have been quite a few movies where people go back in time to change the past so that the present is altered. On top of my head are Back to the future (2),

First in-helmet shots (like Iron Man)

(I am aware of this question, but the question didn't word its request properly and as a result didn't get the desired answer) In Iron Man (2008), a common sho

What was the earliest movie with a "conspiracy theorist's pegboard"?

This is about movies that include a character that has a wall or pegboard full of photos and notes, and strings connecting these. Sometimes the character with

When was the phrase "It's quiet, a little too quiet" first used?

"It's quiet, a little too quiet." We have all heard this famous line being used in many movies. What was the first movie to use this popular phrase?

What is the earliest instance of a film where none of the protagonists survive?

I was having a discussion about this with a colleague, who claimed that Evil Dead (1981) was the first film he knew of that had all the main characters die off.

First example of "super-wealthy steal younger bodies for immortality" plot?

What is the earliest film or show whose plot incorporated some process by which super-wealthy/powerful people achieve immortality by continually transferring th

What was the first movie depicting a bat wielding educational professional?

The tough education professional who wields a baseball bat to bring order to a troubled school has become something of a trope. I'm wondering what the first ap

First occurrence of a house built on a graveyard?

I was doing some research on an unrelated topic, and the movie Poltergeist (1982 version) appeared to be the first occurrence of a residence being haunted becau

First appearance of stopping an elevator to have a private discussion (Elevator Conference)

I watch NCIS for years, and was always sure the "elevator trick" (aka Elevator Conference) Gibbs is doing sometimes (stopping the elevator in the middle of its

Which was the first movie to conceal objects in a book?

Concealing objects in book is a popular trope among crime thriller and mystery genre. To mention a few: Neo hides cash and disks in a book in The Matrix A

First tv show or film to feature mainstream/consumer computers?

Computers have been around for a long time but when did mainstream digital computers really begin to appear in TV shows or films? I believe this is inline and

First color movie to use flickering and slamming door trope?

Horror movies often show flickering of lights and slamming doors to signify presence of supernatural, ghosts and etc. Which was the first color movie to use th

Addressing characters by [LastName-FirstName-LastName]

There is a trope in American visual media (movies, television) in which a main character meets aliens or indigenous peoples unfamiliar with the name conventions

What is the origin of the “double entendre” stock footage trope?

In Monty Python’s And Now For Something Completely Different, there is a “romantic interlude” sketch (I think it was in the TV series too) whe

Has there ever been a live-action movie that takes place entirely underwater?

Have there been any movies that take place entirely underwater? It looks like it is a rare kind of film that takes place entirely underwater because all the wa

When was "teal and orange" first used for night scenes?

Now we’ve all seen the trend for high contrast blue orange grading of movies. But when was the lightning scheme first brought in for shooting general nigh

First appearance of the realistic mask effect

What was the first movie to use the realistic mask effect - which appears to show a mask being removed that is indistinguishable from the actors face. Was it b

What is the first occurrence of the helicopter(s)-chasing-a-car trope?

The helicopter(s)-chasing-a-car (or chasing a motorbike or other ground vehicle) trope is by now fairly well established in both live-action and animated televi

When did the term wrangler start applying to things other than animals?

In movie credits, you will see wranglers of animals, such as horse wrangler, ant wrangler (Pi), tiger wrangler, etc. However, you will notice other things are