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Has this "lyrics with song" style of scene ever been done?

In the movie Baby Driver, in the Coffee Run scene, some of the lyrics of the song are plastered in graffiti on the walls while the main character walks to the c

What is the first movie to use a VCR (or recording device) to trick an adversary?

I was watching "Columbo: Playback", and the murderer uses a video security system to cover up a murder. It got me thinking, what was the first movie to use vid

Origin of montages with incongruously happy music [closed]

I'm asking about montages of some criminal or depressing thing that have a happy song underneath them. The first show I remember seeing them o

Pencils in the ceiling

I've just watched a Castle episode (S07E12) and this (pencils in the ceiling) scene (at 06:05) made me feel nostalgic, and smile. I know another similar scen

When was the first adult film ever made?

I was curious if anyone happens to maybe know when the first adult porno video was made on record? I was wondering how that might come about and what was the id

Which show was the first to use concept art as the ending credits?

In Disney+'s The Mandalorian, each episode ends with concept arts during the ending song. I don't know if this is a new film technique or not, but I've seen in

What was the first Zombie movie?

It is widely accepted that the first modern zombie movie is George A Romero's brilliant, low budget, Night Of The Living Dead. But I'm sure zombies featured in

What is the earliest example of a 'gag reel'?

Having just watched a string of gag reels on youtube, I would like to know what the earliest examples of this extra material would be. I found one from 1946 on

When was the first action sequence involving a parachuteless jump out of a plane filmed?

The 1991 movie Point Break features a sequence where Special Agent Johnny Utah jumps out of a plane without a parachute and catches up to another person with a

Origin of the side-view surprise car crash shot?

The most common form of the surprise car crash shot has the camera inside a moving car, with the frame showing the driver or a passenger in profile and (past th

What was the first movie to use viruses as the basis for zombies?

So when you watch old zombie movies, like Night of the Living Dead, zombies tend to be a mysterious thing, they are just an unnatural event with no explanation.

Is Psycho really the very first film to show a flushing toilet?

A lot of people always claim this about the film, but I haven't found anything to 100% confirm it yet. Anyone know for sure?

What was the first movie to show "Google" on-screen?

Google was founded in 1998. So what was the first movie to show "Google" on-screen?

Who pioneered the use of Laughing Kookaburra birds to create the impression of a jungle setting?

I was sent a link to the first video below and it immediately sent me back to my childhood watching reruns of what were already old films on Sunday afternoon te

First use of super-slow zoom in horror films to create tension

Here I'm not talking specifically about a "dolly zoom", first introduced by cinematographer Irmin Roberts in Hitchcock's Vertigo, but about the agonizingly slow

What was the first TV series to show a toilet?

So over the weekend I was listening to my local NPR station to Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! and they were playing a true or false game about characters in the TV

Earliest version of a freelance assassin getting an assignment from a handler

Following a John Wick binge, I've realized how used to the idea of freelance assassins getting sent assignments or bounties from some sort of guild and/or perso

First movie set in a world with COVID-19?

In the middle of The Paramedic (2020), the radio news announced: "Friday, January 3, 2020... According to information from Chinese media, the cause could be a

Where did the "ordering someone to kill the dog" trope first come from?

In Dog Soldiers (2002), there is a scene at the beginning where a character is told to shoot and kill a dog to show his allegiance and loyalty to a commanding o

First movie with a "character on a cracking glass floor"-suspense scene

The other day, I re-watched "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" (1997) and I was amazed by the suspense scene in which Julianne Moore's character finds herself on a