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What is the first movie to show slicing through a candle to show sword prowess

The nearest I can find is The Mark of Zorro. It shows the villain (played by the wonderful Basil Rathbone) slicing through a candle with rage and then the hero

What is the origin of the dialogue "take me instead of her/him"?

In many Hollywood horror movies the last climactic scene features the dialogue "take me instead". For example, Dark Water (2005), The Exorcist and The Ring 2.

What year did they begin announcing that TV shows were "Filmed in front of a live studio audience"?

I was watching antenna TV and now I wonder: What year did they begin to make the point of announcing that specific TV shows were "Filmed in fr

What was the first movie to introduce "blue wire or red wire" bomb disposal?

I have seen Juggernaut (1974) recently. There is a scene in the end of the movie when the bomb disposal expert, Fallon has to choose one of the two wires (red o

Is The Cabin in the Woods inspired by Thirteen Ghosts?

While watching The Cabin in the Woods I thought the keeping of ghosts in a glass cabin was inspired by Thirteen Ghosts and even the opening closing sequence of

What was the first film to have a fight on top of a moving train?

The earliest I could locate was a Mexican film El Tren fantasma as described here. The General (1926) starring Buster Keaton was known for its action in a trai

What was the first tv show or movie to feature a character who travelled through time?

There have been many characters who have travelled through time but who was the first? Off the top of my head, I can only think of Ebenezer Scrooge and his 3 gh

What was the first film or television show that used computer generated credits?

I imagine, but do not know for sure, that in the early days of film and television, credits were filmed on a second reel and added to the production after the f

What is the earliest use of "You just/still don't get it do you?"

There is a funny montage of movie and TV clips on YouTube in which variations of the phrase "you don't get it, do you" are used. Sometime after I watched that

What was the first case of a celebrity playing a fictionalized version of her/himself?

James Van Der Beek in Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 is one of the more recent examples of celebrities playing a fictionalized version of themselves

Which was the first animated movie in hollywood? [closed]

Which was the first animated movie in Hollywood?

Which was first TV show with animation?

Which was first TV show with animation in USA? No real characters. All characters should be animated.

Which film or TV-Show was the first to use a '555-' phone number?

[Image from Toy Story 3] Using a fictional '555-' phone number is not uncommon in American films and television shows. Which film or television show was the

First occurrence of subliminal messages in film?

Subliminal messages in films isn't a new thing. They have taken many forms by flashing words for a single frame, using iconic images on props and product placem

First appearance of a weapon with the power of a nuclear bomb?

Atomic Bomb Predicted Before It's Time Written literature that predated the atomic bomb made references to man creating a weapon that could set the sky on fire

First occurence of Twin Actors/Actresses?

Several movies feature twin characters as Comedians/ Villains/ Hero/ Heroins. I want to know what is the first movie which first used twin characters in it? N

First use of on-screen text messages, like in Sherlock and House of Cards

The BBC's Sherlock (July 2010-) uses a novel visual trick to show the contents of an SMS message directly on the television screen, so we can all read it withou

Which movie holds the record for using the highest number of extras in a scene?

Often they make use of extras in a movie scene typically for depicting a crowd, a stadium filled with people, a rally, a procession etc. I want to know that in

Which is the first parody film?

I love the parody films like Meet the Spartans,Vampires Suck and Scary Movie film series. I want to know which is the first film made which is parody of other f

What is the origin of the "face behind a wall of equations" shot?

So, Hollywood really likes to make scientists and mathematicians write on Plexiglas (or mirrors, or windows, or other transparent or reflective surfaces). Presu