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Who is the masked German Sniper near the end of the movie?

Recently saw the movie Fury and near the end of the movie when Don "Wardaddy" Collier gets shot by the German sniper. The German sniper initially wears a doorag

Why did Fury (2014) end this way?

This movie is recently released and I'm sure some movie fanatics have seen it here. Warning: this question has spoilers. Fury is a 2014 American war film

What do the scars on Brad Pitt's back mean in Fury?

In Fury Brad Pitt had scars on his back, which seem to be from a whip. How did he get these scars when he was in the Army and what does it show?

Is Collier's line about the bible correct?

In Fury, Brad Pitt said: "You see, we can kill them (women), but we can't fuck them, 'cause it said so in the Bible." Did the Bible really said that?

What is the pink thing on the Sherman tank?

When the Fury tank enters the town, a pink object is visible on the tank. What is that?

What was Brad Pitt's character's motivation to not take cover in Fury?

Why did the Fury's commander (played by Pitt) continue to expose himself with the .50 cal on the turret when he knew there was a sniper out there? His gunner ha

Brad Pitt's weapon in Fury

In Fury, we see Brad Pitt wielding a German manufactured Stg-44 assault rifle-the first ever. My understanding was that they were only issued to some Waffen SS

Red and green laser cannons in "Fury"

As far as I can tell the movie "Fury" was not supposed to be sci-fi, but rather a realistic WWII movie. Despite this, it seems that the German troops were equi

Why didn't Germans simply set Fury on fire?

While watching Fury the other night, aside from stunning visuals and great acting I've noticed something rather peculiar. Considering Fury depicts the end of wa

Does the story take place across a single day or over a longer period?

In the movie Fury, there doesn't seem to be a point that the soldiers rest and sleep. Could I be imagining things or is that one long and hectic day? I am conce

English translation of SS officer’s line in Fury

What was this SS officer saying during this scene in Fury? There was no English subtitle for his line (around 1:41:38). I do not know German so I cannot transc